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GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Update

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We have a GI Joe HasLab Skystriker update courtesy of Emily and Lenny from the Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream to close out Yo Joe June 2022

UPDATE 01/28/2023: Toy Habits In Hand Review

We at Toy Habits have received our GI Joe HasLAb Skystiker in Hand and we have out together a MASSIVE review from top to bottom of the entire Skystriker set from the Combat Jet, to the O-Ring figures, to all of the assessories! Head over to our EPIC review HERE: HasLab Skystriker and GI Joe O-Ring Figures Review – (

HasLab Skystriker and GI Joe O-Ring Figures In Hand Review

UPDATE 12/31/2022: Skystriker in hand images

Happy New Year everyone! We are going to start 2023 off with a bang as the GI Joe HASLAB Skystriker is getting closer to being in our hands! Thanks to Mike Wright for posting photos of his GI Joe HASLAB Skystriker that he opened thru an eBay auction. The photos show even more detail of the complete packaging including instructions, sticker sheets, flight stand, and all the card back packages of the exclusive Skystriker HASLAB O-Ring figures.

It looks like all the items are nicely packed with the Sky Stricker box on top and then all the unlocks included underneath. The accessories and flight stand are packaged separately from the plane. Them all the figure card backs are separate as well.

Here we get to see a thing of beauty, the Skystriker all set up and out of it’s package!

You can see that the shipper box is 25x16x11 inches or so, so that will be a huge package when it arrives!

The exclusive figure card backs are just gorgeous and boy I am glad I ordered 2 sets, as I definitely need to keep a set of these carded! As you can see there are several never before made figures which have all new illustrations! The rear of the card backs include exclusive cross sell for just the HASLAB figures and complete file cards! And for those of you hoping Hasbro would through in Ketchup and Mustard flight crew figures, unfortunately they didn’t. Maybe they will produce them separately one day!

Below we get to see all the figures close up both front of the card backs and rear, thanks again to Mike Wright on Facebook!

Here’s a wonderful close up of the Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander figure, and you can tell that these are on a much-upgraded card back with beautiful color illustrations! The image of Coco on his file card and front illustration include the Mickey Mouse graphic of the Cobra logo, how cool is that??

We also get close up photos of all those incredible decals that come included with the Skystriker! If you recall, there was a Cobra Hack where Cobra took over the HASLAB campaign, and that included addition Cobra themed decals for your Skystriker!

Here we can see instructions to the Skystriker and Flight stand. Also, it looks like we are getting a cardboard partial runway for a cool diorama display piece!

Here are some of the accessories that come packed with the Skystriker!

Thanks again to Mike Wright for posting these incredible photos to Facebook! We can’t wait to get our GI Joe HASLAB Skystriker in hand in just a few short weeks!!

UPDATE 12/27/2022: Skystriker shipping and cardback photos

Thanks to Bobby B @beesbattlegrounds) • Instagram photos and videos, we got to take a look at the shipping package for the Skystriker HASLAB, complete with the multiple cardback packages of the exclusive Skystriker HASLAB O-Ring figures.

You can see that the Skystriker box is packaged in that beautiful vintage style packaging with unique HASLAB version artwork that includes both ACE and FAIL SAFE on the front of the box. The exclusive figures are then packaged very carefully underneath.

Below we get to see all of the card back packages for both the GI Joe team and the Cobra Team! With brand new artwork for each of the characters, the GI Joe team did an amazing job on these new packages! On the GI Joe Team, we see Night Force Rip Cord, Ace Pilot, Pilot Scarlett, and the new Fail-Safe figure. And the Cobras consist of a Cobra Pit Crew member Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander, and the Cobra Pilot!

They are shipping out to collector’s shortly after January 12, 2023, so in just a couple of weeks, collectors will have these in hand!! This is so exciting, and we can’t wait to get these!

UPDATE 12/13/2022: Skystriker shipping Jan 2023

Be sure to check your email inbox, as today Hasbro sent out emails that the HASLAB GI Joe Sky Striker will be shipping out sometime after Jan 12, 2023. They ask that you check to make sure your shipping address is correct prior to Jan 12, 2023, so that implies, that the Skystrikers will be shipping soon after that date! Well, it won’t be a Skystriker Christmas, but we are sure going to be getting it earlier than the Spring 2023 as previously anticipated!

Per Hasbro:


The time is ALMOST here!! Our teams are prepping to start shipping the G.I. Joe Skystriker to all of you. Before we do that, we want to make sure we have the correct shipping address listed on your order and give you a chance to make any necessary changes before it heads your way. You have until the end of the day on Thursday, January 12, 2023 to update your shipping address through Hasbro Pulse. Incorrect shipping information could impact the receipt of your item. Don’t let it happen to you! To update your information, login to your Hasbro Pulse account (or create one if you checked out as a guest using the email used to place the order!) to find your G.I. Joe Skystriker order and make sure your shipping address is correct. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thanks for being a fan!  -Hasbro Pulse 

Haslab SKystriker shipping soon

UPDATE 11/30/2022: Skystriker shipping early??

Thanks to John McNewman posting on Facebook, looks like some lucky fans are receiving their Haslab Skystrikers early! These weren’t scheduled to ship out until Spring 2023, so will it be a Skystriker Christmas? The package looks amazing with the classic GI Joe artwork style showing the Sky Striker flying with both Ace piloting and Fail-Safe copiloting the plane! We also get that classic GI Joe burst explosion in the background!

You can see these photos are legit, as we got photos of the shipper box! It is labeled ” GIJ HASLAB 3.75 INCH SKYSTRIKER” It is product number F3145 and contains 1 piece in the box.

UPDATE 10/17/2022: Today we got more photos of the upcoming GI JoeSky Striker Haslab!

I don’t know about you all, but when the GI Joe Skystriker Haslab project came out, I couldn’t be more excited, to the point that I backed 2 of these suckers!! And now we are getting closer to the release in Spring 2023! It’s super exciting to see how this project is progressing and today on social media, new images of the Haslab Skystriker and carded figures were seen. Thanks to John Hengeveld for sharing these images on Facebook. We are not sure however where they originated so thank you to who ever took these! We got more photos of the upcoming GI Joe Sky Striker Haslab and the new include O-Ring Figures both loose and on their card backs! The new illustrated artwork on the card backs blends seamlessly with the vintage style of GI Joe O-Ring figures of the past complete with Gi Joe logo, blast explosion, and white piping around the card backs!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker figrues on cardbacks

Here we get to see the Skystriker in all it’s glory, taking off over the bevy of new flight crew equipment and a whole host of new o-ring figures!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker

First up is the long awaited Supreme Leader himself, Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander! Now we already have gotten a Cobra Commander from the Coco Duke Retro 2 pack, but this is an homage to the rare Mickey Mouse version that is super rare and long sought after! Coco’s artwork on this package is beautiful and reflects that rare Mickey Mouse Cobra design on his illustration!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander on card
GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander

Here we have the Cobra Pilot. He is very reminiscent of the Cobra Trooper and Officer but does have some unique sculpts on his chest and new paint apps to his shin guards that make him look different enough to make him a very cool unique figure!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Cobra Pilot on card
GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Cobra Pilot

Next up is the long awaited brand new character, Cobra Ground Crew member. He looks amazing! This one is truly exciting as he has never been made before and he will look amazing guiding that Cobra Takeover Skystriker down the runway! He comes complete with aviator flags to take control of your beloved Snake Pit! His artwork is spectacular as he is illustrated guiding the Cobra Striker down the runway!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Cobra Snake Pit Crew Member on card
GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Cobra Snake Pit Crew Member

Next up is our Counter Intelligence Pilot Scarlett looking amazing in her blue pilot outfit! This one again is a never before made character! Scarlett comes complete with a clear helmet and her crossbow. Her brand new cardback illustration is stunning showing her getting ready to pilot the Skystriker across the skys!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Pilot Scarlett on card
GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Pilot Scarlett

Finally, we get to see the most anticipated Joe figure of the lineup, Night Force Rip Cord sporting his black outfit and a brand-new card back illustration! An homage to the vintage Rip Cord artwork, this one feature Rip Cord in his Night Force look parachuting down onto Cobra! This card back even includes the additional Night Force subline logo!

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Nightforce Ripcord on card
GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Nightforce Ripcord

Lastly we get a look at the newest GI Joe crew member, co-pilot to Ace, Wayne Ruthel, code name Wayne Ruthel-Fail Safe. Fail Safe looks amazing, with his very classis GI Joe army green outfit and googles sitting on his helmet. He is also wearing a flight vest and comes with a side arm.

GI Joe Haslab Skystriker Wayne Ruthel
GI Joe Haslab Sky Striker Project Fail Safe file card
G.I. Joe Haslab Sky Striker Project Fail Safe file card

Thicker Cardstock and Return of the White Border

Since the release of the GI Joe Retro Collection, the figure cardbacks have been plagued with substandard cardstock that is flimsy and easily bendable, which was not great news for mint on card collectors. The biggest draw for the Walmart Retro Collection, the O-Ring Hasbro Pulse exclusives, and the GI Joe Classified Series retro cardback line was the card itself. With the flimsy cardstock that was used since its inception, collectors have gone MAD taking to Instagram to post their trashed and thrashed cardbacks. If you weren’t looking carefully at the Hasbro Pulse booth at SDCC 2022, you might have missed the return of the white border to the O-Ring figures that are part of the HasLab Skystriker! With the additional thickness of the cardbacks, they are sure to survive the trip from the factory to your door. If you recall, the Snake Eyes / Storm Shadow O-Ring 2-pack did not fair well during shipping as those cards warped in the shipper box.

GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Figure Unlocks
GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Figure Unlocks

In addition to the reveal of the highly anticipated GI Joe Classified Series HISS Tank, Emily and Lenny also gave fans an update on the HasLab Skystriker with an EP1 reveal that shown off more amazing detail to the classic F-14 we all know and love from the 80’s.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Update
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Update

Skystriker Front Nose Cameras

During the live stream, Emily and Lenny went over some more details on the Skystriker, including some up close shots of the nose cameras, which nest right underneath the nose of plane, which was not present on the original Skystriker from 80’s. You can also see the details on the front of the plane, including the intake fans for the engines and the two front mounted rockets.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Nose Camera
Nose Camera
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Front Profile
Front Profile

Rotating Display Stand Mount

One of the cooler features of the display stand was its ability to rotate so you can achieve the desired result on your display shelf. There are many angles you can display the Skystriker, including banking in all sorts of directions with the wings out or the wings retracted. No matter how you orient the Skystriker, it is going to look AMAZING on your shelf!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 1
Rotating Display Stand
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 2
Rotating Display Stand Bank

Extra Storage

One of the hassles with having a piece with so many accessories is where do you put them all? Well, Hasbro thought of a solution where you can stow your extra doodads inside the display stand. We like this solution as you can keep everything together for easy access!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand Storage
Rotating Display Stand Storage
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 3
Rotating Display Stand Angle Up

Cockpit Detail

As Lenny was trying to get the ejection seat from inside the cockpit, we got a sneak peak into the details on the display, which are minimal and do not light up like the newly revealed Classified Series HasLab HISS Tank but you will probably be displaying this piece with the cockpit canopy down.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Cockpit Detail
Cockpit Detail
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Open Cockpit
Open Cockpit

Ejection Seat and Parachute

The Skystriker comes with two removable ejection seats complete with fabric parachutes, which is great as they are less prone to tearing than the original foil parachute that came with the Skystriker in the 80’s. The parachute has the classic Skystriker eagle logo on it.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Seat with Parachute
Seat with Parachute
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Parachute

Ammo Cart

Lenny also showed off the ammo cart and it comes apart in two pieces. This cart was still in gray sculpted form but it looks cool nonetheless!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart 1
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart 2
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart Two Pieces

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