Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Update Yo Joe June 2022
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GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Update from Yo Joe June 2022

We have a GI Joe HasLab Skystriker update courtesy of Emily and Lenny from the Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream to close out Yo Joe June 2022

In addition to the reveal of the highly anticipated GI Joe Classified Series HISS Tank, Emily and Lenny also gave fans an update on the HasLab Skystriker with an EP1 reveal that shown off more amazing detail to the classic F-14 we all know and love from the 80’s.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Update
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Update

Skystriker Front Nose Cameras

During the live stream, Emily and Lenny went over some more details on the Skystriker, including some up close shots of the nose cameras, which nest right underneath the nose of plane, which was not present on the original Skystriker from 80’s. You can also see the details on the front of the plane, including the intake fans for the engines and the two front mounted rockets.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Nose Camera
Nose Camera
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Front Profile
Front Profile

Rotating Display Stand Mount

One of the cooler features of the display stand was its ability to rotate so you can achieve the desired result on your display shelf. There are many angles you can display the Skystriker, including banking in all sorts of directions with the wings out or the wings retracted. No matter how you orient the Skystriker, it is going to look AMAZING on your shelf!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 1
Rotating Display Stand
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 2
Rotating Display Stand Bank

Extra Storage

One of the hassles with having a piece with so many accessories is where do you put them all? Well, Hasbro thought of a solution where you can stow your extra doodads inside the display stand. We like this solution as you can keep everything together for easy access!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand Storage
Rotating Display Stand Storage
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Rotating Display Stand 3
Rotating Display Stand Angle Up

Cockpit Detail

As Lenny was trying to get the ejection seat from inside the cockpit, we got a sneak peak into the details on the display, which are minimal and do not light up like the newly revealed Classified Series HasLab HISS Tank but you will probably be displaying this piece with the cockpit canopy down.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Cockpit Detail
Cockpit Detail
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Open Cockpit
Open Cockpit

Ejection Seat and Parachute

The Skystriker comes with two removable ejection seats complete with fabric parachutes, which is great as they are less prone to tearing than the original foil parachute that came with the Skystriker in the 80’s. The parachute has the classic Skystriker eagle logo on it.

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Seat with Parachute
Seat with Parachute
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Parachute

Ammo Cart

Lenny also showed off the ammo cart and it comes apart in two pieces. This cart was still in gray sculpted form but it looks cool nonetheless!

Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart 1
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart 2
Skystriker GI Joe HasLab Ammo Cart Two Pieces

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