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Man-At-Arms Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Target Exclusive

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It looks like the upcoming Man-At-Arms Deluxe Revelation MOTU figure will be an exclusive to a certain big store with a big red bullseye, according to information from a Netherlands toy site. According to a toy website in the Netherlands called TBHStore.NL, there is a listing for the Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Man-At-Arms figure with some interesting fine print at the bottom. This site has this figure listed as a Target exclusive so at least we know where to find it when he comes out. There has been no official release date for the figure yet but knowing you can get it from Target is just another piece of the puzzle. When we get wind of the release date we will surely let you know!

March 30, 2023 UDPDATE: Set Date

On a recon mission to Target, we discovered that the set date for the Man-At-Arms Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation figure. According to internal Target databases, the set date for the figure is April 16, 2023.


UPDATE 03/24/2023: Man At Arms starting to show up in stock on

So thanks to a tip off from our great friend Mega Jay Retro, we were able to purchase a Man-At-Arms Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Target Exclusive figure today! He instantly sold out, as I guess we were in the right place at the right time! But that bring hope that Man At Arms will be popping in and out of stock up in the Target app for sale! So be sure to check this link often to see if you can nab one for yourself too! We also now have a ship date as our order says it will arrive March 30th! Again, thanks to our friend Mega Jay, he has an awesome You Tube Channel so be sure to check it out here: Mega Jay Retro – YouTube

Revelation Man At Arms Deluxe Masterverse Target purchase

Here is the Target Link for Man At Arms Deluxe:

Revelation Man At Arms Deluxe Masterverse Target link Man-At-Arms Masterverse Product Page

Man-At-Arms Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Target Exclusive 2

January 8, 2022: Man-At-Arms Deluxe Revelation Figure on Target

Like we reported earlier in the week, the Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Man-At-Arms is confirmed to be a Target exclusive for the time being. Here is a link to the listing:

Man-at-arms Masterverse Masters of the Universe Revelation Deluxe Figure

Man-At-Arms Deluxe Revelation Figure

Special thanks to Planet Eternia, Pixel Dan, yo_tengo_el_poder, and Planet Eternia for bringing the coverage of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary Press & Influencer Day reveals! Influencers like Planet Eternia and Pixel Dan were onsite and got to participate live in the event and they got to tour Mattel’s facilities! How cool is that! They got a sneak peak into what is coming out for Masters of the Universe this year and in to 2023 so let’s take a look! What a way to end the final MOTUesday then with a boat load of amazing reveals, so let’s dive in!

Man-At-Arms Masterverse Revelation Deluxe Figure

Man At Arms gets a second version of him made, this time he is older and wiser. This version of Man At Arms comes from later on in the Revelation series when there is the great war, and he comes without his helmet! This version is an older, and more battle worn and will be a deluxe figure. He includes his large lazer canon, MAA Armor, a soft goods cape, an alternate helmeted head and alternate hands. You can switch from his civilian clothing to his battle army outfit.

Official Images

Target has put up the Deluxe Man-At-Arms on their website and we can get a closer look at the Masterverse Revelation Man-At-Arms deluxe figure to tide us over until it is released!

Man-at-arms Masterverse Revelation Deluxe Weapons and Accessories

Man-at-arms Masterverse Revelation Deluxe No Armor
Man-at-arms Masterverse Revelation Deluxe Armor

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