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Masters of the Universe Man At Arms Revelation Deluxe In Hand Review

We are bringing you this amazing in hand review of the Target exclusive Masters of the Universe Man At Arms Revelation Deluxe for this In Hand Review. Affiliate links in post. See Disclosure Policy.

Man At Arms Deluxe is finally starting to slowly pop up on the Target system for sale, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on him! This is an incredibly cool new Masterverse deluxe figure! Man At Arms gets a second version of him made, this time he is older and wiser. This version of Man At Arms comes from later on in the Revelation series when there is the great war, and he comes without his helmet! This version is an older, and more battle worn and will be a deluxe figure. He includes his large laser canon, MAA Armor, a soft goods cape, an alternate helmeted head and alternate hands. You can switch from his civilian clothing to his battle army outfit.



Box and Packout

It’s fantastic to see Man-At-Arms and his packout and this figure is worthy of the deluxe moniker! He comes with his traditional orange armor, an extra helmeted head sculpt, some extra hands and his ginormous weapons! The art on the back and side of the box is amazing and it show Man-At-Arms firing his huge shoulder mounted laser canon! The side of the box features Man-At-Arms in both his traditional form and his outcast look!


Here we can see the side art that has two images of Man At Arms in both his older battle worn look and in his battle gear.


Here we can see the array of accessories that Deluxe Man at Arms comes packaged with and it’s an incredible amount of accessories!


Figure Details

In Man-At-Arms outcast look, he has a simple green outfit that consists of a shirt, that has some cool texturing to it and it looks like it has been sewn or pieced together with scraps of fabric. The head sculpt captures his look from the Masters of the Universe Revelation episode, The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia. He comes with an orange plastic scarf, a utility belt that is removable, a plastic skirt across his waist, and his pants look like they are tucked into his boots. He also includes a wrapped soft goods clock that has a very nice soft and fuzzy texture. It hangs nicely and allows for some variation in how you display him.


This version of Man At Arms comes with 2 alternate heads. This version is the older and wiser version which looks more battle worn, and he has longer hair. He also has little bit of grey in his bread. Here we can see close ups of his chest and waist, where you can see the amazing detail that is sculpted in his clothing! There is a ton of texture and his outfit looks like its been sewn or pieced together with scraps of fabric.


He is also wearing a black belt with a nice pouch hanging off the right hand side.


His pants are a light green color and he has a shin guard on his left shin. His boots are dark green with light green wraps.


Suited up details

MAA’s suited up look where he is carrying the large laser canon is amazing! The orange chest armor is a new piece and kudos to Mattel for not simply reusing the first version of his armor. It has some painted accents that bring out the detail in the armor and it goes all the way down to the waist. The back of the armor is rather plain but has a nice defining line to the back. The oversized shin armor is apropos for MAA and the colors tie in with his armor overall! They appear to fit very snug over his boots and they look amazing!


Here we get to see the younger Man At Arms in his battle gear and helmet. His helmet design is true to his classic look in its light blue color, with some nice lighter blue and gold accents. His chest armor is amazingly detailed and is its classic orange color but with darker orange accents. The sides of his armor have that black furry liner sculpted on either side of the arm areas that is reminiscent of the Lords of Power version of Man At Arms.


The right side of his armor has a gun armature that clips on. On his left arm, you get an additional piece of shoulder armor, that is black with large silver rivets sticking out of it! He also comes with an arm cannon that slides onto his left arm as well. It has some nice red accents where the laser blast would shoot out of from the front and side.



Here we can see his shin armor which is ornage and black, and strap on by two straps on the side



Man At Arms Accessories include:

  • Chest Armor
  • Shoulder armor
  • Shin Amor
  • Alternate Hands
  • Alternate helmeted head
  • Large Laser Cannon gun
  • small arm laser cannon

Photographed below is his arm laser cannon and large laser lasercannon gun.


Photographed below is his chest armor, shoulder armor and shin armor.


Below you can see a comparison of both head sculpts.


Revelation Animated Series

This version of Man-At-Arms was from the Masters of the Universe Revelation episode, The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia! According to the Wiki Grayskull: “Teela is surprised when the one pilgrim who fought back turns out to be her adoptive father, [Dunan]. Although glad to see her again, he refuses to help forge the two halves of the Sword of Power, reminding them that he is forbidden to weld anything by Royal decree. He then reveals that the exchanged water he collected is not for himself, but for a sick friend he is looking after in his wooden cabin: Orko. Also present is Roboto, who, having been created by Duncan, sees himself as a brother of sorts to Teela. Duncan refuses to join Teela’s quest, but Orko begs to be allowed to join them on one last adventure. Roboto, possessing all of his creator’s memories, offers his services, and unlike Duncan, is willing to reforge the sword. When Duncan picks up his old helmet (which he had been using as a fruit bowl) and says he’ll follow allong, Teela changes her mind. With Roboto to do the forging, Man-At-Arms could better spend his time protecting the Sorceress at Castle Grayskull.”


Where to Buy

Here is the Target Link for Man At Arms Deluxe:

Revelation Man At Arms Deluxe Masterverse Target link

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