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Moat Monster MOTU Origins Official Box Art Reveal

Following the official reveal of the Eternia Playset and King Grayskull official box art reveals comes the reveal of the Moat Monster! Moaty captured everyone hearts when Mattel revealed the creature as an unlock goal for the MOTU Origins Eternia crowdfund project and this was the first box we saw that had the Powers of Grayskull branding on it. Roy Juarez revealed the official box and announced on his Instagram page, “MOATY APPROVED ☑️”

Moat Monster box

The Moat Monster box features the Powers of Grayslull branding and you can see little Moaty in the nice window display!


Moat Monster Box In Hand Images and History

We get a sneak peak at the packaging for the Moat Monster, thanks to anonymous source via Mr. Home Arcade, that comes with the Mattel Creations Eternia Playset! The Moat Monster, or as collector’s have affectionally dubbed the creature, Moaty, has captured the hearts and minds of MOTU fans all across the world. Considered a “grail piece” for Masters of the Universe collectors, the vintage Eternia Playset was one of the few produced pieces that was supposed to kick off the Powers of Grayskull line in 1987. Only a handful off figures and creatures made it out the starting gate in 1987, with most of them being released in the European markets. After the colossal dip in sales from 1986 to 1987, Mattel decided to cancel the line. Seeing the Moat Monster box more than gives us hope that Mattel will be leaning into Powers of Grayskull line to finish what they started some 37 years ago. Before we show you the boxed images of the Moat Monster, we answer the who is the moat monster question! Let’s start at the beginning…

The Making of the Moat Monster (Mattel, 1985)

This Masters of the Universe pre-production artwork shows a near final Eternia playset on a piece of white paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches. The image is a photocopy which is hand colored with marker featuring blue and pink shading. The blue was meant to be an overspray across the front of the tower to accentuate the details. The lettering on the page is marked “Premium Playset” and bears John Hollis’ name which is dated 6/19/85. The original drawing as well as coloring were done by John. You can see the spot for the moat beside the lions hands in this near-final copy of the Eternia Playset, laying the groundwork for the Moaty.


Moat Creature Rough Concepts (Mattel, 1985)

This Masters of the Universe pre-production sheet contains several concept drawings of the Moat Creatures from the Eternia playset. The Sting Ray from the sketches made it in and we think that the sketch in the upper left of the sheet eventually was created into the Moat Monster that was sculpted as part of the Eternia playset.


Moat Monster from the Vintage Playset

The Eternia Playset was ahead of it’s time with 3 gigantic structures with a monorail weaving them all together. What castle would be without a moat? The Moat Monster creature is an homage to the to the vintage playset as this creature was sculpted into the moat in the vintage set! You can make out the giant claws, large eyes and teeth, and his tail.

Moat Monster Vintage MOTU Eternia Playset

Moat Monster Stretch Goal

The internet was a twitter with calls to unliock Moatly, once Eternia reached 8000 backers. Since this goal was achieved, fans can receive this exclusive Moat Monster which is fully articulated! This Moat Monster is an homage to a similar creature that was originally a hidden easter egg carved into the vintage Eternia playset show above.

Eternia Playset Mattel Creations Moat Monster 1

The Moat Monster is in a baby blue color scheme with razor sharp teeth and big beady eyes!

Eternia Playset Mattel Creations Moat Monster 1
Eternia Playset Mattel Creations Moat Monster

Moat Monster Box 2024 Eternia Playset

Not only do we get to see the Moat Monster in box, we get to see the beautiful artwork that keeps the Moat Monster safe. The glorious Powers of Grayskull logo on the front of the box is what we have been waiting for to, dare we say, confirm that the Powers of Grayskull will be continued in 2024. Presented in a gorgeous window display box, the Moat Monster’s box art has Eternia in the background and along with some playful red dragons. Little do the red dragons know that Moaty is ready to pounce!


The side panels of the box show Moaty submerged with his bulgy eyes poking out from the waters. There is also a scene of Moaty scaling the ground outside of the moat. Why you ask? Because Moat Monsters want to have fun!


The top of the boxes features an illustration of Moaty in action as he is swimming to shore as he gets ready to crawl on the ground.


The bottom of the box is black with the usual fine print but the total package looks outstanding and we can’t wait to get our hands on him!


If you want to view a video of the images, you can view them here:

Powers of Grayskull History and Eternia Box Art Tease

The Powers of Grayskull

As we mentioned above, the Powers of Grayskull was a short lived off shoot of the Masters of the Universe line in the late 1980’s. Set to take place in the pre-historic land of Preternia, only a couple dinosaurs were made and of course our famous two giants Megator and Tytus.

According to the lore, the Powers of Grayskull are a set of magical abilities that grants immense strength, wisdom, and protection against dark forces to the bearer. These powers were first imbued in Castle Grayskull, which served as a center of power for good forces in the universe. The guardian of the castle, Sorceress, possessed the powers and could bestow them on the chosen champions. The powers of Grayskull include strength, agility, wisdom, telekinesis, teleportation, and the ability to communicate with animals. The primary power is the Power of Grayskull, which can grant the wielder incredible strength and enhance their fighting skills. The powers of Grayskull are often sought by the villains of the universe, such as Skeletor, who wants to use them for his evil purposes. However, the powers can only be used for good, and only a worthy champion who possesses a pure heart and courage can wield them.


The packaging of the three dinosaur toys that did see release before the line’s discontinuation bore the following text:

“Travel back in time through a secret time portal–and discover the ORIGIN of THE POWERS OF GRAYSKULL! Learn how He-Man became so strong! And explore the magical world of Preternia–home of HE-RO, the Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe! Monstrous dinosaurs and fierce giants–both good and evil–struggle for control of this strange & hostile land! The dinosaurs in the time of Grayskull–Tyrantisaurus RexBionatops and Turbodactyl–each possess a fantastic mechanical power! Can HE-RO master all the good magic of the Ancient Wizards, and protect future Eternia from forever falling in the claws of evil? Look For HE-RO and The Powers of Grayskull coming your way in 1987!”

He-Ro | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

The largest Masters of the Universe playsets to ever be made and one of the second largest playsets to come out of the 1980’s second only to the G.I. Joe U.S.S Flagg. Those 3 grand towers connected by that awesome monorail we all wish we had as kids! Was Mattel hinting at something when they debuted Eterina in all its glory in one of the main scenes on the Netflix Revelation cartoon? Presented to the audience as Preternia, it looked like something straight out of Eden, with flowing green grasses, beautiful trees, and majestic mountains in the background that lead to the Acropolis… yes that mystical location of Eternia!

Preternia Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix
Preternia as seen on the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix Show

Used as the ultimate battle ground, Eternia was featured in prominent MOTU artwork posters like the vintage one shown below for Mattel to proudly display the vast universe of products available for kids to spend their not so hard earned allowance on, or beg their parents to buy them for their for birthday or Christmas!

Masters of the Universe Eternia Poster Art crocco net
Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Poster Art

In the 1986 mini comic; the Ultimate Battle Ground, Eternia arose on the land that used to separate Castle Grayskull from Snake Mountain. The Sorceress explained that eons ago, before Castle Grayskull, there stood Grayskull Tower, symbol of goodness. But then there stood another tower, a tower of evil known as Viper Tower. And between these two towers was Central Tower, which held the power of both good and evil, but all 3 towers were forever connected. The towers were buried by the ancients to keep them from falling into the hands of King Hiss, only to return from deep within Eternia, and so begins this epic battle for the towers!

MOTU mini comic the Ultimate Battle Ground

The Mattel Eternia playset debuted in 1986, with its 3 large towers connected by a monorail system. The Central tower, was the largest of the 3 measuring over 30″, representing the power of good and evil. It had 4 floors inside, a command console, red laser cannon, and a working elevator to take you to the top. The base had stickers on it to represent a moat with some amazing artwork. The main entrance of the Central Tower was shaped like the face of a lion with working arms and claws that could reach out and grab unsuspecting visitors. The working mouth on the lion opened and closed the drawbridge feature.

Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Playset box front
Masters of the Universe Vintage
Eternia Playset box front
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Playset box rear
Masters of the Universe Vintage
Eternia Playset box rear
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The other two towers were representations of Grayskull Tower and Viper Tower. Grayskull Tower was made of the same green colored craggily stone looking plastic as Castle Grayskull, forming a tall turret. It had a long winding staircase leading to a dungeon below. Viper Tower on the other hand had a cool red snake wrapping around it and a neat landing platform perched on a rock. All connected by a freaking real working monorail!!! It came with countless accessories and provided hours and hours of fun for kids of all ages! I mean this thing was screamy cool all over the place! If you owned one of these as a kid, you were king of the neighborhood!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Playset figures
Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Playset
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Vintage Eternia Playset lions claws
Vintage Eternia Playset Lion’s Claws close up
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Vinatge Eternia Playset interior
Vintage Eternia Playset interior view
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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