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Grayskull Ramp MOTU Origins Eternia Playset Add On

As the Eternia Playset is hitting collector’s shelves (errr tables), the amazing homage to the original vintage playset is kicking off a spinoff line that never had a chance in 1987! As the Powers of Grayskull begins with the amazing Eternia Playset, collector’s are sorting all of the parts and pieces and assembling this glorious piece of history. With all of the pieces accounted for, there is one accessory that is conspicuously missing from the monstrous playset. Always thinking about the MOTU fans and collector’s, Yerco has designed the 3D blueprint for the Castle Ramp, which brings this crucial missing MOTU Origins Eternia Playset piece to everyone for FREE! This is a free bridge model for the not only the Eternia MOTU Origins playset, but also a longer model for those who lost their vintage bridge. For those who own either the vintage playset or the new one, you can complete your Eternia playset.

MOTU Origins Eternia

Yerco, the 3D blueprint extraordinaire, is always looking to enhance the MOTU universe with vehicles, playsets, and smaller add on pieces so you can world build to your hearts desire. Yerco poses this one simple question: “Have you noticed something missing from the new Eternia Playset? That’s right, it seems a crucial piece has been overlooked – the connector bridge between the Grayskull Tower and the Central Tower.”


You might be wondering about this mysterious piece of MOTU history so to understand the significance of the Castle Ramp, we have to look back at MOTU history at the vintage Eternia Playset.


Vintage Eternia Playset

Looking at the vintage Eternia playset, you can clearly see a bridge or ramp connecting the Central Tower to Grayskull Tower. The ramp appears to be blue in the catalogs shots but the piece was actually brown in the produced set.


In the Eternia Playset instructions, you can see the “Castle Ramp”


The grand vision would concept the vintage Eternia playset with Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain.


Grayskull and Snake Mountain Ramps Concepts

Could this have been overlooked by the Mattel team as they were designing the gigantic structure? Possibly! Eternia comes with the Snake Bridge but did they forget the most important bridge of them all. If you recall, the vintage Eternia playset also came with a bridge that not only connects the Central Tower to the Grayskull Tower, but it also connects the Castle Grayskull! As Mattel was showing concepts for the MOTU Origins Eternia Playset, they created updated connector pieces that never made it into final production.


Castle Ramp Add On

As Yerco states on his Cults3D page,

“🏰✨ Attention, Masters of the Universe Origins enthusiasts! Have you noticed something missing from the new Eternia Playset? That’s right, it seems a crucial piece has been overlooked – the connector bridge between the Grayskull Tower and the central tower.

But fear not! I present to you the missing bridge, completely free of charge. 👑

This bridge, compatible with both vintage and Origins sets, was brought to life with the assistance of Ryan Charlie. He flagged the issue and collaborated during the printing and testing phase with his vintage and Origins Eternia. A huge shoutout to my friend, Ryan – your help was invaluable.

A word of caution: The Grayskull Origins Tower (2024) is taller than the vintage version, so they are not interchangeable. Pay heed to this detail as you enhance your Eternia Playset experience. 🌟💪

Feel free to download and elevate your playset to new heights!

Yerco’s Cults3D page

Yerco is such a giving person and wants everyone to enjoy his creations. He is offering this 3D printed file for FREE to pay homage to the vintage Eternia Playset by creating the missing piece from the Mattel Creations exclusive verison.


You can see the digital renders and how the ramp pieces connect together. The render is made in the same color brown as was seen in the vintage Eternia playset but scaled to fit the 2024 MOTU Origins Eternia playset.


You can also see how the parts connect together they are embossed with the words “Eternia Origins 2024″ and Eternia Vintage 1987.”


About Yerco

Yerco has a passion for MOTU and it comes through in his designs. He has the fans in mind when he creates 3D blueprints. He is the amazingly talented 3D artist who creates the wonderful pieces of MOTU history. In fact, he has created several 3D blueprints ranging from smaller form factor pieces, like Hordak’s Throne from the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series, to larger larger pieces like the Filmation Attak Trak (v1 and v2), the Small Trak, and the Horde Command Crawler. He’s also make gigantic blueprints for the Mattel concept Doom Tower,  Eternos Palace, and more recently, Gigantisaur.

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