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Eternia Playset MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive In Hand Images

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Checkout these amazing Eternia Playset MOTU Origins In Hand Images courtesy of the Geek The F Out YouTube channel

Revealed at SDCC 2022, the MOTU Origins Eternia playset was a Mattel Creations exclusive crowdfund, which gave collectors a chance to own one of the grails of the MOTU vintage line, and now we are starting to get some incredible in hand images! As collectors are starting to receive their epic Mattel Creations MOTU Origins Eternia playsets, our friends at Geek The F Out on YouTube , was incredibly gracious to send us photos of the unassembled Eternia Playset! Michael and I have yet to receive our shipping notices for Eternia, so we will have to cover this amazing playset with fellow collectors like Lucha Johnny and Silverkayyy helping out with their incredible in hand images. The playset comes with so many parts, pieces and stickers that it will be a little while until we can finally start seeing some assembled images from collectors! But in the meantime, we will enjoy the incredible in hand images from Geek The F Out on YouTube !

Also check out their amazing Eternia Playset Live Unboxing video on YouTube (and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and also follow them on Instagram)

February 6, 2024 Update: Fully Assembled Eternia Playset Images

Taking more than a couple hours to assemble, collectors are starting to post some pics and videos! the following photos and video come from preterniadotcom!

Describing Eternia as massive is an understatement and it towers (pun intended) over the MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain, which are huge playsets in their own right.


Although Eternia was developed to scale with the MOTU Origins line, you can see that a MOTU Classics figure can fit nicely inside the central Tower with plenty of room to spare.


Monday February 5, 2024: Eternia Unboxing Shots via Geek The F Out

There are a ton of pieces that make up the massive Eternia Playset! There are 3 separate towers each with their own accessories! Let’s take a look at all of the peices!

Grayskull Tower

Eternia is packed really nicely with care in the brown style shipper boxes with some amazing box art! Each tower comes packed in it’s own brown shipper box with black line sketches on it. Below we can see a sketch of Grayskull Tower with the dungeon grate door below. You can see the unboxed Grayskull Tower in it’s signature green craggily rock. It has a dungeon at it’s base with a large grate door that has a real chain and ball mace to lift it. Then from there steps lead up past a couple window openings, up to the top of the famous turret.


Johnny took photos of Grayskull tower from all four sides, So you can see at the base, there is another window that looks into the dungeon cell. You will also notice a few notches on the tower, which is where the clips to hold the track attaches.


At the back of the dungeon cell, there is a skull and cross bones at the top of the opening, and a back door that hinges down. The top section of the cell has a trap door for you to drop unsuspecting evil warriors!


Here we can see what that trap door at the top of the dungeon cell looks like. The pieces shown below are the gray clips to hold parts of the monorail track.


Central Tower

The most exciting tower of the three has got to be the Central Tower! Central Tower also comes in it’s own box, with a black line sketch of the tower all decked out, complete with flags, and a monorail going by! With it’s epic Lion’s head design, and lion’s claws that grasp unsuspecting enemies, this new MOTU Origins version of Central Tower came out incredible! My favorite part of the Lion’s head design has got to be the translucent yellow eyes! They look just stunning, and as Geek The F Out showed on their Eternia Playset Unboxing video, you can shine a light thru the eyes and it shines thru!


Viper Tower

Viper Tower is the third tower that comes with the Eternia Playset. This tower is epic because it comes with a freakin’ awesome red Viper Snake that has an attack action feature that jets forward and opens and closes it’s mouth. This box also contains the golden colored clips for the monorail track, and a hook to hand off the track.


We get to see Viper tower from all four sides, and you can see how the red snake wraps around the brown mountain peak. The snake has a gold colar on it that you can then hang the real metal chains from. There are also several notches in the tower from where to connect the gold colored track clips to.


Here is Viper Tower from the lest and right sides, and you get a great view of the incredible snake head!


Additional Accessories

The playset comes with a ton of pieces. Additional pieces include the main base where the Central Tower sides, the famous gargoyes to perch on the front entry, various track clips, and interior pieces for the various space in the interior side of the playset. You can see the cool moat and drawbridge at the front of the moat, where Moaty can hang out! There is also Horde trooper suit of armor!


The additional accessories are illustrated on it’s shipper box and include track pieces, 3 flags, a ton of weapons, real chains for Viper Tower, and a ladder.


There is yet another box that contains the various different type of monorail vehicles to ride on the tracks! Yes there looks to be 4 different types of motorized vehicles to attach to the track!


The set comes with a classic monorail vehicle in gray, and an additional one that looks more cell like in purple. There are two ones that look like the figures attach to as large laser canons. I believe the may attach to the monorail vehicles.


Here is a view of the two different monorails from the top and side.


Below is the large laser like device that a figure can ride on , then attach to the monorail vehcile.


Instructions and Stickers

The Eternia playset comes with 2 huge sheets of stickers, an instruction booklet and a mini comic. You can read all about the mini comic in our Eternia Playset MOTU Origins Mini Comic Teases Queen Grayskull article, so be sure to check it out!


The instruction manual is huge, and we can see it would take some time to assemble this ginormous playset!


There are two sticker sheets full of very bright and colorful stickers that will look incredible on the playset! I’m sure everyone who has purchase an Eternia playset it probably getting major anxiety right now just thinking about having to put all these stickers on!


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