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MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection, Fan Favorite, and Masterverse Wave 12 Preorder

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A Masters of the Universe Wave 12 and the Cartoon Collection Wave 3 preorder are up for sale on Entertainment Earth

You have to keep a vigilant eye on Entertainment Earth’s Drop Zone and thanks to Toy Habits Crew member Rob2023 for the heads up that there has been a Masters of the Universe drop added! This drop flew under the radar and was recently added to Entertainment Earth’s Drop Zone. We initially thought this would be a preorder for the Fan Channel exclusives Reptilax and Vypor or New Eternia Snout Spout but it turned out to figures from the Masterverse Wave 12 assortment and the Cartoon Collection Wave 3 assortment. We can now confirm that the Masterverse Wave 12 assortment (4 figures) dropped as well as the Cartoon Collection Skeletor and Zodac Fan Favorite wave.


Entertainment Earth’s Drop Zone teased the figure drop!


Battle Armor He-Man

The box for Battle Armor He-Man is stunning as you can see him raising his axe and commanding the Eternian guards into battle! You can also see Castle Grayskull in the background and some cool lighting effects and a ghost beside his Axe. Speaking of which, he is packed in his battle armor with this trusty Axe packed beside him.


Since Battle Armor He-Man is in the Masters of the Universe Revolution display, we got a glimpse of what his character will look like for the upcoming series at SDCC 2023. He-Man looks awesome clad in his battle armor and his axe has some very nice blue paint detail on him!


You can also take the armor off and have yet another regular version of The Most Powerful Man in the Universe! The head sculpt are getting better and better and this version of He-Man’s head is a winner!


This was the first official image we saw of Battle Armor He-Man and you can see all of the weapons and accessories he comes with!


New Eternia Tri-Klops

Tri-Klops comes packed in the new Masterverse window display box with the New Eternia branding. His classic sword with the green crossguard is packed snugly beside him as his showpiece. On the box art, you can see Tri-Klops commanding some blue creatures on their way to battle.


This is our second version of Tri-Klops in the Masterverse line and he features a dark green paint app on his armor and the sash over his armor pays homage to his mini comic look! Yes folks, we get a larger version of Tri-Klops in his jelly bean sash! He looks amazing posed with his swords in hand!


One of the cool aspects of the figure is that you can see how the swords stow in the slits on his back armor! we also get a peak at his red eye, which was not shown before these official images.


This was the first official image we saw of New Eternia Tr-Klops and you can see all of the weapons and accessories he comes with!


New Eternia Mekaneck

New Eternia Mekaneck has to be the coolest figure in the wave!


This is the first time we are seeing Mekaneck in the Masterverse line and he looks outstanding! He is heads and shoulders of the rest (pun intended).


He comes with a giant articulated neck piece, a shield, and his trusty mace! A new edition for Mekaneck is the shield and he looks amazing holding it! Like we prototyped based on the description of the figure, his neck extension can plug right into his Mace for a very cool telescoping feature!


This was the first official image we saw of New Eternia Meckaneck and you can see all of the weapons and accessories he comes with!


King Keldor

Check out our in hand review of King Keldor here:

King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-2

King Keldor looks mighty regal as his color scheme for the figure is deep purples, golds and dark blues. The fluffy soft goods came looks amazing! He has a removable crown too!

King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-3
King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-4

With respect to the packout for the figure, he comes with a soft goods cape that is fluffy around the collar, a crown, and an extra head sculpt and a set of closed fisted hands.

King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-1

With the cape off, we get to the deep burgundy color, which compliments the entire look of the figure. Whether dressed up or down, the figure will make a fantastic addition to the Masterverse series

King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-5
King-Keldor-Masterverse Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Figure-6

Cartoon Collection Wave 3

Trap Jaw Official Images

Trap Jaw is packed with his hook hand on his right arm! It would be cool if Mattel packed Trap Jaw with a different attachment, like how they packed Mini Comic Man-E-Faces with different faces.


Here we can see Trap Jaw in different poses and it looks like he only one attachment that can fit on his belt at the time. This is great because Trap Jaw didn’t carry any attachments on his belt in the Filmation cartoon so it looks like he is getting an upgrade!


Trap Jaw looks great as he sports his Laser Cannon and we can see him holding Eternium, which is the most powerful substance on the planet Eternia. Just a little piece can act as a source of energy for the city of Eternos for a long time. It’s almost impossible to find and in one of the episodes, if Trap Jaw eats Eternium, he can become as strong as He-Man, if not stronger, but the substance is poisonous for other beings.


Trap Jaw Filmation Catoon

Trap Jaw’s cybernetic enhancements have given him an array of interchangeable attachments and weapons. He has a mechanical jaw that can clamp down on objects with great force, hence his name. Additionally, his arm can be replaced with different tools, such as a claw, hook, or laser blaster, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Trap Jaw Filmation

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