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Mondo Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Panel Reveals

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Power Con is deep underway, and on this last day of the con, Mondo had their Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Panel Reveals! There were some incredible new charcaters reveled and we want to give a huge shout out and thanks to Mega Jay Retro for providing these exclusive photos! There were some mind blowing reveals as the MOTU 1/6 scale figure line continues to grow! They had a MOTU Retro Style Scare Glow, Night Mare which is Scare Glow’s ride, Teels, Orko, Evil Lyn with Screeech, Disco Skeletor, Spiderman the Animated Series and a Symbiote Spiderman the Animated Series! So let’s dive in to these Execulsive photos that our great friend Mega Jay Retro was so incredible kind enough to send to us! Also if you haven’t already checked out Mega Jay Retro – YouTube amazing You Tube channel, but sure to like, share and subscribe to support our incredible friend!

Retro MOTU Scare Glow

Here we can see the amazing looking Retro MOTU Scare Glow, which will be a freakin 15″ jumbo Size figure that is an incredible homage to his vintage 1980’s vintage counterpart! He will be a soft vinyl figure which is really cool that Mondo is getting into that! He will have a transluscent glow in the dark skeleton body inside the translucent vinyl body! This is a must have for any MOTU Fan!

Here we can see some digital renders of how the vinyl figure is put together.


Nyte-Mare is Scare Glow’s new ride and I am sure he is going to be huge considering Scare Glow is 15″ tall! Nyte-Mare is an all new Animal in the MOTU cannon, so it is incredible to see Mondo diving into this! He looks to also have a translucent Skeleton like body with removeable purple armor!

2023 Power Con Mondo Booth Reveals Nite Mare w armor 1
Source: Mega Jay Retro


Teela is also coming to the line and it is great to get another female character to accompany Mondo’s latest release of She-Ra! She was also revealed back at Mondo Masters of the Universe Design Con 2022 Reveals.


Orko will also be joining the line and it will be amazing to see how they handle his outfit and whether it will be soft goods or a flexible plastic. He was also revealed back at Mondo Masters of the Universe Design Con 2022 Reveals. Orko will come with a soft goods robe and a ton of extra accessories. Looks like you get a full Filmation Orko and Dree Elle figures as well! And they have even included an unmasked Orko head!

Evil Lyn & Screeech

Next up we had a classic looking Filmation Inspired Evil Lyn and Screeech!

2023 Power Con Mondo Booth Reveals Evil Lyn & Screech 1
Source: Mega Jay Retro

Disco Skeletor

Then we got a Disco Skeletor which looks to be a repaint of a previously released version.

2023 Power Con Mondo Booth Reveals Disco Skeletor 3
Source: Mega Jay Retro

2023 Power Con Mondo Booth Reveals Disco Skeletor 2
Source: Mega Jay Retro

Sky Sled

Finally we end our MOTU reveals with a freakin Sky Sled! This looks to be spectacular with some incredible details. This will be fully sculpted and painted, no stickers! It will also come with multiple blast effects!

2023 Power Con Mondo Booth Reveals Sky SLed 1
Source: Mega Jay Retro

Spiderman The Animated Series

Last but not least we got 2 Spiderman the Animated Series reveals, one with regular Spiderman and the second with a Symbiote Spiderman! Regular Spiderman comes with 6 alternate hands, and 3 alternate heads- One Peter Parker, one unmasking and one Green Goblin. Plus he includes a photo of Mary Jane and several web effects!

2023 Power Con Booth Images

Power Con is on, and we have all the latest from the Mondo Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Booth for you with some incredible Images! Thanks to all of those attending Power Con this year for sharing your photos for us to enjoy! Mondo had some of their favorites on display and some newer characters as well.

Flocked Panthor

One of the Standout items on display was a Flocked Panthor! Of course they had the previously shown Panthor with the new upcoming Skeletor riding him, but they also had on display a Flocked Panthor, which is incredibly exciting! Flocked Panthor will be a limited edition and available Nov 2023!

Filmation Trap Jaw Power Con Exclusive

Filmation Trap Jaw was first revealed at SDCC 2023. They now brought him to the Power Con event and he will have a limited number available for purchase!Mondo already has a version of Trap Jaw they revealed back in March of 2023 so this Filmation version is like the Power Con 2021 exclusive Filmation Hordak that looked freakin insane!!! The Filmation version of Trap Jaw pays homage to his cartoon appearance and yes, he comes a with fuzzy fluffy red loin cloth!

Beast Man

Beast Man was first revealed at this year’s Las Vegas Funkoholics collectibles show, and he is an absolutely stunning figure! This has got to be the best figure in the Mondo Masters of the Universe Line thus far! Below is a photograph by Chris Eaton as Beast Man was on display at the Mondo Booth at Power Con.

Other MOTU Favorites on display

Also on diplay were past favorites like She-Ra, Hordak, Scareglow, Mer-Man and Faker!

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