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Mutated Mer-Man MOTU Origins Turtles of Grayskull Package Reveal

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This morning Roy Juarez delighted us with the full 360 package reveal for the upcoming Mutated Mer-Man MOTU Origins Turtles of Grayskull Deluxe figure! We get some incredible artwork featuring Mutated Mer-Man against the four Turtle brothers in an incredible aquatic battle scene! So let’s dive in and take a look at this Mutated Mer-Man MOTU Origins Turtles of Grayskull Package Reveal!

Here we get an incredible 360 of the stunning box art for Mutated Mer-Man!

Mutated Mer-Man Package

The front of the package features the Mutated Mer-Man figure in a large window display so you can see his new tail accessory along with his trident and a green sword. The front of the package features illustrations of Mutated Mer-Man in both his mer tail form and his regualr form with legs. The package comes in the same purple and green color scheme with mutagen covered pipes. The back of the package features Mutated Mer-Man against the four Turtle brothers in an incredible aquatic battle scene! Ypu can see what looks like He-Man’s power sword stuck in a rock amongst the crashing waves!


Here we get a look at the sides of the package where you can see Mutated Mer-Man illustrated in both his tail forms! These feature the two ways you can display Mer-Man, attack from the sea with his tail or from land with his legs!


Mer-Man In-Box Image

Special thank to The Whole Shebang for posting in-box images of the upcoming Walmart exclusive deluxe Turtles of Grayskull Mer-Man. Recently revealed at MOTU March Madness 2024 event, official images were shown but not the box so it is great to see our scaley friend in his package. He is dubbed the Mutated Mindless Leviathan and he is one of the stand out figures in the Turtles of Grayskull line hands down! We also came aross some of the official images of Mer-Man, which you can view below.

Mer-Man looks amazing in-box and the colors of the box compliment his paint app so well! We can see that he is packed with his trident on the left side of of the box and his sword on the right side of the box. We can also see extra illustrations of Mer-Man in his mutated for and his regular form. This figure is such a great use of the Lady Slither tail that was made for the MOTU Origins line, which is packed on him in the box.


Mutated Mer-Man

The standout figure in the line is Mer-Man! The translucent plastic and the color scheme are truly a site to see! We also have an extra detailed close up image of Mer-Man where you can almost see through the figure’s plastic, which is a very cool effect!


The mutated translucent plastic design of Mer-Man is outstanding!


The figure is very versatile as you can give him a look with legs and and he comes with a sword and a trident!


Reusing Lady Slither’s tail, you can turn him into his mutated form!


Mutated Mer-Man Turtles of Grayskull & How to Find on Walmart

Over the last few days, we’ve been publishing links to Walmart product pages that are geofenced. For example, Mutated Mer-Man (seen below) and other listings like MOTU Origins Reptilax and Vypor. Thanks to Rip the Beard Guy for doing some recon at his local Walmart in East Tennessee! His eagle eye spotted the new tag for the Turtles of Grayskull deluxe Walmart exclusive Mer-Man. The little tags are gold for collector’s because it allows a Walmart employee to simply scan the barcode on the price tag and their PDA’s should bring up the Mutated Mer-Man. We also have the Walmart listing linked below so we can recap how to locate the figure either in store or online! We’ve also been getting reports from around the country that Walmarts are doing their huge product resets and Rip said that the associate he asked said that they should be getting Mutated Mer-Man soon. This goes without saying but it SHOULD NOT be this difficult to find toys! Walmart needs to advance a century technically and get with the times!

Method 1: In-Store Bar Code

Rip was amazing to send us the in-store price tag, which has the barcode! You can either scan it up with app and use the store locater to see if it is in stock at your local store. You can also use the bar code to have a Walmart Associate scan it up on their PDA and it will check stock status not only in your store, but surrounding areas!


You can also use the Walmart app to scan the barcode in store but if you ask an associate to do it, they are able to pull up more information, such as the release date, stock status, and stock status at other stores. Happy hunitng!


Method 2: Walmart Listing

Mer-Man is only available by region right now and the link to the listing is geofenced and the actual product page will only scan up if you live in certain areas of the United States. If you are in a zip code that does not have Mutated Mer-Man in stock, you will get a page not found error but bookmark the listing as it will scan up when the figure is in stock at your local store.

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