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Iron Grenadiers BAT, Iron Grenadiers, and Alpine GI Joe Classified Series Discovered on Walmart

Back on November 29, 2023, there was a rumored Iron Grenadier BAT, Iron Grenadier, and Alpine figures coming to the GI Joe Classified Series line. The figures have been matched up to previously discovered code names, which matched up Elroy (Alpine), Judy (Iron Grenadier BAT, and Betty (Iron Grenadier), which matched up to named GI Joe Classified Series figures. We were successful at pulling up the listings for Alpine and the Iron Grenadier BAT but there is a catch. The listings are geofenced by zip code (see explanation on how to access the listings below). As Chaz stated in his Instagram post:

Alpine and Iron Grenadier BAT listings are showing up on the Walmart website.

Listings were posted by Mitch Long on Facebook. These codewords were previously matched by @thefullforcepodcast (Chris), who confirmed that this will be the next regular 4 figure wave as follows:

Iron Grenadier BAT
Iron Grenadier
“BAM BAM” (yet to be revealed)

Look for these to be revealed during Yo Joe June, with preorders, and with an October/November release date!

Yo Joe!


Alpine(Codename: Elroy) on Walmart

We’ve located the GI Joe Classified Series Alpine listing on Walmart but the listings are geofenced by zip code. Geofencing allows businesses like Walmart to target specific geographic areas and deliver personalized, location-based content or offers to their target audience. This can help increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, drive online traffic to websites or mobile apps, and ultimately boost sales and conversions. To pull up the listing, we used the zip code 84123 and set your store to the Taylorsville Supercenter Store (see image on the left). We ran the same query again and now it is coming up as an error (see image on right).


Iron Grenadier BAT (Codename Judy) on Walmart

We ran the same query for the Iron Grenadier BAT listing on Walmart and it behaved the same way as Apine’s listing.


Iron Grenadier BAT and Viper

Donning the classic black, red, and gold paint app are two mainstay repaints and army builders for the GI Joe Classified Series! The Joe Team is treating the BAT and the Viper like Snake Eyes and repainting them every chance they get! With the Classified Series diving into the Iron Grenadiers faction, we are likely to see a repaint of the BAT in the classic Iron Grenadiers rank and file colors. The reds and gold are all in the right places and the faction logo looks amazing on the BAT’s chest plate. The gold paint apps are on point and bring out some of the detail that might get lost on an all black uniform. The Viper has the faction logo on the left shoulder and the pops of red bring the uniform to life.


Here is a short video showing off the details of the Iron Grenadiers BAT

Iron Grenadiers Super BAT

The Super BAT is a mashup of a BAT from the GI Joe Classified Series and the Masters of the Universe Revelation Trap Jaw figures which is a match made in heaven! Utilizing the entire Trap Jaw buck, this custom brings a flavor of the BAT would bring a smile to Destro’s face! Reusing the only the head of the GI Joe Classified Series BAT, the Trap Jaw figure, with its laser cannon, claw, and hook attachments is the perfect figure to provide a strong base for the Iron Grenadier’s Super BAT. With using the Trap Jaw figure, the Super BAT takes on more of a human looking feel to it while weaving in a nice robotic blend to the aesthetic of the figure.


The arm attachments go really well on the figure and I’ve always thought that Trap Jaw was the MOTU version of the BAT so it’s amazing to see this blend of figures and paint app!


The gold tones are in the right places and look amazing on the laser cannon, claw, and hook! The Iron Grenadiers symbol is in the perfect place and the red tones bring out the details in the left shoulder, wrist gauntlets and thigh pads.


The Iron Grenadiers represent the first of a new generation of private armies. When most men in that type of company tend to be satisfied by simply being paid for their services, Destro does one better by making them active participants for his growing arms business. Not content to be merely hired infantry, these men are encouraged to come up with devious ways to convince the clients that their sales and services are needed. If successful in the transaction, their commission is a percentage of gross sales.


Iron Grenadiers were first released carded as part of the 1988 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

File Card Bio: The Iron Grenadiers are handpicked from Destro’s personal bodyguards. They are the spearhead of Destro’s incursions into new territory. The Iron Grenadiers, acting as agents, provocateurs, saboteurs or outright terrorists, impel an unsuspecting country towards chaos and turmoil, thereby creating new markets for Destro’s weapons where none existed before. Their pay is a percentage of gross sales.

“Imagine the slickest used car salesman you’ve ever met. Now imagine that he’s also the trickiest accountant in the world. Got that? Try to picture what he would be like if that guy was also a highly trained commando with expertise in explosives, small arms and hand-to-hand combat. Top it off with the fact that no other mercenary group in the world wants them because of their history of turning on their superiors. That’s what an Iron Grenadier is…”

Source: 3DJoes

Iron Grenadiers GI Joe Classified Series Concept

Stronox Customs has created a perfect GI Joe Classified Series scale Iron Grenadiers figure and this is likely what a figure would look like! I love the real chair that was used to hang the sword sheath from the belt and the overall aesthetic of the figure.

Iron Grenadiers Chronicles

If you want to check out possible future figures and vehicles, check out our Iron Grenadiers Chronicles article below:


A new name only reveal dropped at the GI Joe Classified Series panel during New York Comic Con 2023, and that was Alpine! Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the Roel nailed the render for his head sculpt! We don’t see many Joes with baseball caps and I am imagining that this hat could be removable. He is also rendered with a realistic rope across his chest, very similar to the Shipwreck was made in the Classified Series. The coloring on his is a little darker than the vintage figure but it’s a great look nonetheless! Below is an incredible custom render done by a very talented individual Roel Robles! If you want to check out more of his work, take a look at our Future GI Joe Classified Series Figure Concepts article.

Source: Roel Robles

We also have an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH of Alpine to give us a better idea of what the actual figure will look like.

GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 2
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 3
Source: YoJoeARAH

Alpine is pictured with his classic gear and YoJoe ARAH did a great job capturing his likeness from his 1985 vintage figure.

GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 5
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 6
Source: YoJoeARAH

Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the fun factor was all of climbing gear he came with. Alpine came with a tan mountain pack, a black GR8-88 grappling launch line, a black Barretta SMG-12 submachine gun, a black climbing axe, and two black grappling hooks connected by black string.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

His bio reads’ “From the middle of the flat dusty Snake River Plain where Alpine was born he could see the mountains on the horizon in almost every direction like a physical barrier between him and the world he wanted. He took up mountain climbing during college and continued as a recreational climber during his brief tenure as an accountant for a large publishing firm. The G.I. Joe team gave Alpine the most hazardous of all conditions: With COBRA shooting at him! Graduated Ranger School, Fort Benning. Qualified Expert: M-16, M-14, M-60, M1911A1. The quote on his file card reads, “Every time Alpine scales a sheer cliff face piton by piton, overcoming granite and gravity with muscle and persistance, he is symbolically climbing out of the quagmire of his past. That’s why we send him up first on vertical assaults. He doesn’t take to being knocked down too easily.”

Source: 3DJoes

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