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Mutated Ram Man Turtles of Grayskull Card Art Teases He-Man, Skeletor, and Slime Pit

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Continuing with our Turtles of Grayskull Wave 2 card art reveals, thanks to socalmotucollector on Instagram, we get an early look at the Mutated Ram Man card art. If you missed the the Turtles of Grayskull Wave 1 figures dropping for in stock purchasing on January 1, 2024 and Wave 2 preorders, maybe getting a glimpse at the super cool card art and teases might tempt you into the line. We know that Skeletor will be part of the Turltes of Grayskull Wave 3 figure assortment and he is teased with a full body shot on the back of the card. He-Man is also teased as he (and Moss Man) have been captured by Krang. The other cool aspect about this card art is that the Shredder Slime Pit is teased for the second time!


Mutated Ram Man Card Art

As we previously saw on the Wave 1 Mutated He_Man cardback, larger than life is a Shredder themed Slime Pit tease! Not only does Ram Man’s card back tease the Slime Pit, but we can also see Megator Krang holding He-Man captive and Skeletor looking on in excitement. As you will notice both Skeletor and He-Man are in their normal forms and not Turtlized.


Slime Pit Tease #2

Vintage MOTU Slime Pit

The Slime pit itself has already been teased to us on the spectacular artwork that housed the amazing 2021 Power-Con Horde 4 pack, as we covered in our article What MOTU Vehicles and Playsets are Next in the Origins Line? If Slime Pit He-man is being Teased in this mini comic, and we have already seen the Slime Pit in a major piece of packaging artwork, you start to put the pieces together and it looks like a forgone conclusion right?!

According to the Wiki Grayskull

The Slime Pit is the name of two different Masters of the Universe locations. The original Slime Pit was released with the original Mattel storyline, with the other coinciding with the MYP/Four Horsemen MOTU series in 2003. Both locations were made as playsets for the toylines and both playsets came with sticky green slime for play value. The original Slime Pit belongs to the Evil Horde, it is a dinosaur skull-shaped device and a claw, which Hordak uses to trap Eternian Warriors inside it. The dinosaur head then tips forward to coat its unfortunate victim with slime. In the In the MOTU universe, the effect of the slime transforms everyone covered by it into a lumbering, mindless slime-monster, stripped of their own free will, and instead carrying out Hordak’s evil bidding.

Slime Pit | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

The Slime Pit playset was released in 1986 and jumped on that 1980’s slime craze band wagon, like so many other toys back then! It was the Lair of the Evil Horde to torture their unsuspecting victims. It was a fairly simple playset; a dinosaur claw would come out of a pit and hold your figure in place to lay wait for the oncoming slime that fed from a dinosaur skull above.

Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box rear
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box rear
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage playset
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage in use
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage playset
in use

Source: Men At Customs

Mattel had also sold separate containers of Horde branded slime, so that you could constantly keep your slime pit well stocked.

Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Slime
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Slime Package
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The Slime Pit has only been pictured once in MOTU Origins artwork. As see below, it was prominently displayed on the exterior of the Masters of the Universe Origins 2021 Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack.

Masters of the Universe Origins Horde 4 Pack Horde Slime Pit Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins 2021 Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack Horde Slime Pit Artwork

Shredder’s Slime Pit

Here we can see the full artwork with Mutated He-Man and Shredder in the background and it looks like a Shredder Slime pit tease!!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork

You can see the Slime Pit is Technodrome Shredder inspired with a huge Shredder mask on it!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 2
Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 3

This is a great close up of Shredder below! Can’t wait to see what his figure looks like!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 4
Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 5


This is the second time Skeletor has been teased on Turtles of Grayskull card art and features an epic battle scene between Beast Man and Moss Man in front of Castle Grayskull. This clash of beasts is especially meaningful as Moss Man was a repaint (and flock) using the Beast Man Masters of the Universe vintage figure. This is also our first glimpse of how Moss Man is digitally rendered as an illustration on a card back and he looks awesome! You can also see Skeletor’s large boney melon overlooks the battle! We are taking this as our first tease of Skeletor coming to the Turtles of Grayskull line but we already know from a source that he will be part of the Wave 3 figure assortment.


Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3 Figure Assortment

The new Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT Crossover figures have fans super excited as we get getting new information this incredible new subline! As we saw in the Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins Mini Comic Teases article, several new characters were being teased to be coming to the line. According to an anonymous source, Wave 3 of the new Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins figures will consists of:

  • Michaelangelo
  • Teela
  • Skeletor
  • Casey Jones

Since we only have the names of these figures in Wave 3, we will look at either teases thus far or what their character looks. As soon as more information is available or images revealed, we will be sure to update you!


Skeletor is a must have for any MOTU Origins line. Of course we have to have the evil warriors leader himself in this figure line. The question here is how are they going to Turtlize him?

On Pages 9 and 10 fo the Mini Comic that came with Donatello, we get to see Skeletor at Snake Mountain. He was illustrated sitting on his bone throne and was joined by none other than Shredder in Horde armor and a Megator inspired Krang! But Skeletor is illustrated in his normal look, there is nothing TMNT about him, so this does not let us know what they might do to him to Turtlize him. But it will be fun to find out!

Source: The Man Child
Source: The Man Child

I wonder what version of Skeletor’s face will we get in this line? Will it be the one with the articulated jaw like what came with Screech or will it be more like the vintage inspired version, or Cartoon Collection face sculpt?



This is the first time we are seeing He-Man teased on card art and if he is anything like Skeletor, they will not have a turtle’ized look to them. He will mostly look very simialr to his Masters of the Universe Origins first release.

He-Man Vintage Masters of the Universe Origins Figure

Mutated Ram Man

Mutated Ram Man is a throw back right to animal inspired TMNT mutants like Bebop and Rocksteady!


As you can see Mutated Ram Man is a mutated ram with Ram Man armor! He has Ram horns on his head, and a goat goatee on his chin! He is made of a translucent purple plastic and he even has furry ram like feet!


He comes with Ram Man’s signature Origins axes and has shoulder armor with spikes! He is also wearing the classic Ram Man chest armor and his belt buckle has a ram sculpted on it.


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