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Snake Face Deluxe MOTU Origins Packaging Reveal + Extendar and Mini Comic Prince Adam Teases

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The Snake Face deluxe MOTU Origins packaging and card art reveal was today, which included teases for Extendar and Mini Comic Prince Adam

We have known Snake Face was coming to the line from all the way back in March 2022 thanks to the Snake Men MOTU Origins leak from canaldosrosmineiros and now we finally get to see the packaging reveal for this deluxe figure. Thanks to Roy Juarez, MOTU illustrator extraordinaire for posting images of the card art! With these reveals we also get to see a special someone, Extendar, who is making his 2nd appearance on MOTU card art! Also teased is mini comic Prince Adam, which he have not seen in the line as a single carded standard release yet!

Snake Face Packaging

Snake Face was recently revealed with official images on Monday, March 20, 2022 and he looks AH-mazing! With the card art, we get to see the pack out, how it is arranged, and the fun card art teases they have included with this one!


Roy wrote: It’s Packaging time! Here’s a special look at the gruesome packaging and artwork we did for Snake Face, the Most Gruesome of the Snake Men Warriors.

Snake Face’s evil enchanted gaze turns his enemies into stone statues.

Stay tuned! Dragon Blaster Skeletor packaging reveal at

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez@fetch.franciscoetchart
Roy Design @katanarama333
Story @joshuaskywriter
Copywriter @yesreallyrob

One aspect that is confirmed with this card art reveal is that the Snake action feature that was present on the vintage figure is retained!


Snake Face Card Art

Once again, Roy and team knocked it out of the park as we see Squeeeze, King Hiss, and Snake Face battling the recently turned to stone Mini Comic Prince Adam and Extendar!


Snake Face Official Images

Snake Face turned out amazing! By the official images below you can see that he comes with 2 alternate heads to recreate the snake popping effect. Also instead of the shoulder snakes, it looks like they wrap around his head. Snake Face has some nice green overspray paint on his shoulders that add some nice detail.

MOTU Origins Snake Face official image
MOTU Origins Snake Face official image 3

MOTU Origins Snake Face official image 4
MOTU Origins Snake Face official image 5

MOTU Origins Snake Face official image 2

We covered the teases for Snake Face in More Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023! – ( and MOTU Origins Wave 11 Rise of the Snake Men Card Art Teases ( Unveiled during the CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS live stream last year, they revealed the first of the Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023 and they were totally right! They had also revealed the additional Snake Men – King Hiss, Snake Face and Sssqueeze were also coming to Origins later in 2023! Please note, that this new wave of Snake Men have not yet been confirmed by Mattel nor any official images released, but our friends at @canaldosrosmineiros were right about the first wave of Snake Men, She-Ra and Beast Man Masterverse teases, so there is a really good chance we get these Snake Men  figures!

Masters of the Universe Vintage Snake Face front MOC
Vintage Snake Face front card back
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Geared Up
Vintage Snake Face Figure Geared Up

Where to Buy:

You can Preorder all the Wave 14 Deluxe figures at :

Talon Fighter and Point Dread
Snake Face
Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Extendar Tease

We first saw Extendar on Kobra Khan’s card back art! These are some spectacular character teases! With two appearances, it is more likely we see Extendar coming to the line soon and we can’t wait!

MOTU Origins Kobra Khan Card Art
MOTU Origins Kobra Khan Card Art
Source: Canal Dos Rosmineiros and Manuel_eduardo_caritas


Extendar was also a very unique figure and looked nothing like previous figures that were released in the line. Taking on more of a knight appearance, this figure came out very late in the line and was not featured in the cartoon but he does have a mini comic backstoryAccording to the Wiki Grayskull:

Occasionally referred to in comics as the ‘Tower of Power’, Extendar was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1986, at a stage when the toy line was breaking away from its roots in pure fantasy, and introducing more robotic and mechanical characters. Given that the accompanying cartoon series had been cancelled by the time his toy reached the market, he never appears in animated form. However, he features prominently in various comics and storybooks, and is introduced in the Mattel mini-comic “The Warrior Machine”. This comic showcases him as a friend of Prince Adam who is an ordinary knight, but yearns for special powers of his own after witnessing the skills of the Horde warrior Dragstor. Hordak subsequently grants his wish and subjects him to scientific experiments which turn him into a mechanical cyborg warrior with the power of extension. Invincible at full height, he is set upon He-Man, but manages to throw off Hordak’s curse and join the Heroic Warriors. Subsequent mini-comics portray him as one of the most powerful members of his ranks.


Extendar’s gimmick was pretty cool! He could grow larger by pulling on his neck, arms, and legs.

Extendar Masters of the Universe 1986
Extendar Vintage MOTU Figure on Card

Mini Comic Prince Adam Tease

Mini Comic Prince Adam kicked off the line back at Comic Con 2019 as an exclusive set packed with He-Man! We also saw a regular version of Prince Adam packed with the Sky Sled so it’s amazing to see the potential standard release of the Mini Comic Prince Adam coming to the Origins line!


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