New Leaked MOTU Origins and Masterverse List Surfaces
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New MOTU Origins and Masterverse Leaks Surfaces

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A newly leaked list of Masters of the Universe Origins and Masterverse figures has surfaces and it appears part of the list is an April Fools joke but most of the list references leaks we have already gotten from our Toy Habits source and our trusted friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS!

Similar looking to an image of a previously leaked list, a new image has surfaced of a list of upcoming Mastervese and MOTU Origins figures. The interesting part of this list is that the names on the list confirm what our friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS shared with us of upcoming Masterverse and Origins figures several weeks ago. Also, at appears to be an April Fools prank as Gwildor and Spector’s product ID’s are 1422 (April 1, 2022). With regards to other leaked figures on the list, we’ve covered these stories in the following previous articles where we revealed and helped break the news of the Sorceress Evil-Lyn, Roboto, Stratos, and Frosta coming to the Masterverse line AND the impending arrival of Kobra Khan and the rest of the Snake Men.

MOTU Leaked list 1
Previous Leaked List
MOTU Leaked list 2
Most Recent Leaked List

This new list includes the following figures:

  • Masterverse Anniversary He-Man
  • Masterverse Anniversary Skeletor
  • Masterverse Evil Lyn 2
  • Masterverse Frosta
  • Masterverse Roboto
  • Masterverse Stratos
  • MOTU Origins Kobra Khan
  • MOTU Origins Gwildor (speculation of an Aprils Fools joke)
  • MOTU Origins Spector (speculation of an Aprils Fools joke)

NEW Masterverse Figures

40th Anniversary He-Man

Harkening back to the 1982 Vintage version, Mattel unveiled Masterverse Anniversary Edition He-Man a couple weeks ago. Celebrating 40 years of MOTU, the most powerful man in the Universe returns in truly glorious fashion with this Masterverse rendition of the 1982 vintage He-Man! This previous reveal was very exciting because it opened the door for the possibility for more vintage style Masterverse figures! And now we know we are on our way to more vintage style Masterverse figures with the Anniversary Skeletor which is next on the list!

Masters of the Universe Masterverse Anniversary He-Man in package
Mattel unveils 40th Anniversary He-Man Package view

40th Anniversary Skeletor

Without any officially released images, we can only guess at what the new Anniversary Skeletor will look like. But from what we got with Anniversary He-Man, I think we know what we can expect. We are using a custom Skeletor from Hunter Knight Customs to help visualize what this figure could look like! I’m sure it will be a homage to the 1982 vintage figure, while offering 30 points of articulation and that added Masterverse detail we are all accustomed to by now.

Custom 40th Anniversary Skeletor Concept

As previously discussed in our article First Look: Masterverse Revelation & Pop Figure REVEALS, our friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS revealed thru their Instagram page that possible upcoming Masterverse Revelation and Pop figures could be the following below: Evil Lyn as Sorcerss, Roboto, Stratos and Frosta! The leaked list above now helps to confirm this leak from CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS!

Masterverse Evil Lyn Sorceress Roboto Stratos Frosta Teased

Evil Lyn 2 (as The Sorceress)

Evil Lyn as listed on the leaked list above it believed to be the Evil Lyn as Sorceress version. Straight from the Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation cartoon, Evil Lyn takes over the Sorceress’ powers and becomes the new ‘Sorceress. Can’t wait to see what this version of Evil Lyn will look like as her outfit might consist of a soft goods cape, fur collar and bat head dress.

Sorceress Evil-Lyn Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix
Sorceress Evil-Lyn Revelation Teased Figure


Frosta would be the second Princess of Power figure to come to the Masterverse line. Since last month’s announcement of She-Ra, getting Frosta in the line makes total sense. In a previous article, a trusted source confirmed that Frosta would be part of the next Masters of the Universe Masterverse line figure assortment for Wave 6. You can read more about that in our artcile: Breaking News – Masters of the Universe Masterverse Wave 6 CONFIRMED. Frosta was a part of the Great Rebellion from the Filmation She-Ra Princess of Power Line.

Frosta She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation Appearance
Frosta She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation Appearance
Frosta MOTU Masterverse Teased Figure
Masterverse Frosta


Roboto is a classic MOTU character. But this version of Roboto is believed to the as he appears on the Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation cartoon. He was seen in the cartoon during a battle scene with Andra and Beast Man. It will be interesting to see how they translate the cartoon style into Masterverse Revelation Roboto. Will he have a transparent chest and working gears? Can’t wait to find out!

Roboto Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix
Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Revelation: Roboto
Roboto MOTU Masterverse Teased Figure
Masterverse Roboto


Stratos again another classic and tried and true MOTU character! Stratos also appeared briefly in the Netflix Masters of the Universe Revelation cartoon in a massive battle scene, flying in next to Buzz Off and the rest of the Bird People of Avion in a battle to save Eternia! Stratos is a character that has appeared in previous MOTU lines and it will be exciting to see how he translates into the Masterverse Revelation version!

Stratos Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix
Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Revelation: Stratos
Stratos MOTU Masterverse Teased Figure
MOTU Classics Stratos

NEW MOTU Origins Figures

Kobra Khan

Kobra Khan again was another character that our firend discussed in our previous articles Kobra Kahn & MOTU Origins Snake Men Coming in 2023 and Snake Men coming to MOTU Origins in 2023! Our friends at @canaldosrosmineiros revealed to us that Kobra Khan was coming to the MOTU Origins line in 2023! Kobra Khan released by Mattel in 1984, was actually originally considered a member of the Evil Warriors as he often made apperances as one of Skeletor’s henchmen on the 1980’s Filmation cartoon. He was later considered one of the Snake Men following their introduction to the line in 1986. When Kobra Khan was released, he consisted of some shared parts, but his head and torso were a completely new design as it allowed kids to lift off the head and fill the torso with water. By then replacing the head and pressing it down, Kobra Khan would release his “venom” spray feature misting out the water thru an opening in his mouth! It will be exciting to see if the new Origins version will include the “venom” spray action feature! Can’t wait to find out!

Kobra Khan Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure
Vintage Kobra Khan Masters of the Universe Figure
Masters of the Universe Origins Kobra Khan Teaser Image
Masters of the Universe Kobra Khan Illustrated image
Masters of the Universe Kobra Khan
vintage illustrated image
Source: Wiki Grayskull

April Fools or Future Figures?

Coincidentally today happens to be April Fools day so the next couple figures could be a prank but only time will tell! It is fun to speculate nonetheless so here they are:


Gwildor was introduced into the Masters of the Universe line after appearing in the 1987 live-action film Masters of the Universe. Gwildor is a member of the Thenurians, which are a dwarf-like race. He is a is a famous locksmith and inventor, and is notable mainly for his greatest creation: The Cosmic Key, a mechanical device with the ability to transport its holder to any place throughout space and time. This is great news for fans of the movie who were hoping to see movie figures made from the vintage line. Of course we don’t have the official images yet but the figure below represents the vintage Gwildor from 1987. We are sure other movie figures will follow like Blade, Saurod, and possibly movie version of He-Man (played by Dolph Lungren) and Skeletor (played by Frank Langella).

Masters of the Universe Gwildor

Spector (aka The Mighty Spector)

This figure truly came out of the left field and although Toy Habit’s had speculated that this figure could be coming down the line in one of wish list videos on our YouTube Channel, it was a pleasant surprise to see him on the list. The The Mighty Spector was the second character created from the Masters of the Universe Classics 30th Anniversary sub-line and was designed and created by then brand manager for Classics Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich.

The Mighty Spector Masters of the Universe Classics Figure

So where did this concept actually originate from? If you watch the Secrets of the Mighty Spector on Scott’s YouTube Channel, he talks about the origins and influences of this design. The Mighty Spector was a concept he submitted to the 1980’s Masters of the Universe create a character contest. As this figure was not selected as the winner, Scott was able to make it as part of the 30th Anniversary Classics line.

Alien Fisher Price Construx
Shared Parts Suggests Masters of the Universe Create a Characeter Contest
Ace of Spades

Some of his influences included the Alien from the Fisher Price Construx line, Batman with the yellow holster, the shared parts suggestions from the contest and the he always thought that the spade was cool and even as a kid so he incorporated that into the design. Scott’s vision was to make the character as if it appeared in the 80’s toy line, which brings us to this custom and what this figure might look like if the The Mighty Spector was made for the Origins line!

The Mighty Spector Custom Masters of the Universe Concept

What’s Next for MOTU?

With the reveals from the week of March 14th seared fresh into our minds, the (unofficial)confirmation of these figures is a great sign for MOTU Origins and Masterverse fans! First, this opens up the door for future Masters of the Universe Origins figures to be spun off from the Classics line AND the 1987 Movie line! If this is an April’s Fools joke it is very well executed so hats off to whoever did this!

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