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Power-Con 2022 Ticket Sales & Exclusives Update

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Power-Con 2022 ticket sales go up on April 9 2022! The former MOTU heavy con will now feature an expanded focus on other toy lines!

For the last decade, Power-Con has been the home of a yearly Masters of the Universe fan convention. In a move to expand to other toy lines, Power-Con is evolving along with a change of venue from Anaheim, California to Columbus Ohio. The former MOTU heavy con will now feature an expanded focus on other toy lines:

“Fans have loved the treatment Power-Con has given to other properties, and many have asked us to include more of their favorites. So we decided it was time to do exactly that. Including upstarts, independent studios, and some of the biggest names in toys, Power-Con will feature so much more than before.”

Power-Con Ticket sales are set to drop April 9, 2022, according to Power Con’s Official tweets so be sure to go the Power-Con website to secure your tickets.

Power Con 2022 Tickets On Sale April 9

MOTU Power Con 2022 Exclusives?

No Power Con 2022 Masters of the Universe Exclusives

If you’ve been keeping track of historical announcements regarding Power-Con exclusives, they typically get announced in the February and March months (sometimes as far out as April) but those months have come and gone! Also, Power-Con has published an update on Mattel’s presence and the lack of exclusives on their FAQ section of their website. This begs the question, where are the Power-Con Masters of the Universe exclusives or any exclusives for that matter? Sadly, according to Power-Con’s FAQ section, Mattel is going a different direction this year and will not be creating exclusives for the 2022 Power-Con event.

We don’t know if Mattel will offer an exclusive through the Mattel Creations website for the event and not branding the figures Power-Con exclusives. Mattel might have different plans all together as they are bowing out to be the primary focus of the Con as it’s moved out of their corporate headquarters backyard in El Segundo, California. With the move to Columbus, Ohio, was this to be expected? Maybe, but it is still a bummer as Toy Habits attended their first Power-Con in Southern, California last year and was looking forward to more as it’s in Michael and the Toy Sorceress’ proverbial backyard. If you want to take a trip down the Masters of the Universe Power-Con exclusive memory lane, check out our extensive article!

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