Masters of the Universe Power-Con History Retrospective
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Masters of the Universe Power-Con Anthology & Exclusives Retrospective

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The MOTU Power-Con exclusives have been a fun way to introduce figures to the line that would have normally not been made! Take a trip down memory lane by celebrating the Power-Con exclusives from the past!

The Masters of the Universe has been the primary focus for fans to celebrate the Evil and Heroic Warriors for over a decade. The primary focus of the Masters of the Universe has been the savior for fans clamoring to keep the property alive and well. Not only are Power-Con’s events geared towards what fans want to see, but it is run by fan volunteers who bring the very best to the table. Although they have included other properties before (Thundercats and TMNT), the MOTU Power-Con exclusives have been a fun way to introduce figures to the line that would have normally not been made. Let’s take a trip down memory lane by celebrating the Power-Con exclusives from the past!

2011 Power-Con / Thunder Con

Power Con Thunder Con 2011 Logo

Starting as a double convention featuring Maters of the Universe and Thunder Cats, the convention was primarily dedicated He-man and the Masters of the Universe with Thunder Con was the second part of this double-billing, dedicated to Thundercats. Thundercats did not have much a presence there, but Mattel certainly showed up to represent MOTU and even held a panel. Back then, we were in our 3rd year of the Masters of the Universe Classics line and you can see from the panel coverage it was the primary topic of the panel.

Power-Con 2011 Display Event Hall
Masters of the Universe Classics Mighty Spector Power Con 2011
Masters of the Universe Classics Stinkor Power Con 2011

News breakdown from the Mattel panel:

  • The Wind Raider has been pushed back and its price has increased to $45
  • Draego-Man will only come with Flame sword. No Shield. Needed to reduce costs.
  • Prices of figures will go up between $1 and $5 on “day of” sales. (wont affect sub)
  • Stinkor
    • Comes with two heads
    • Uses the Beast Man body instead of the Mer-Man body
    • Comes with shield and newly sculpted gun
  • Slushhead
    • Removable dome helmet that you can fill with water
  • Griffin
    • Beast Man’s steed from the 200x series
  • Snake Mountain action figure stands
    • All new sculpt. Different from Grayskull stands
  • The Mighty Spector
    • 30th Anniversary figure designed by Toyguru from a childhood sketch…
  • “Temple of Darkness” Sorceress
    • Based on Mini-Comic Temple of Darkness
    • Will be available at Mattel attended conventions in 2012 except for SDCC
    • Comes with stand for Orb that came with King Grayskull
    • Remaining stock will go up on in December 2012

2012 Power-Con / Thunder Con

Power-Con 2012 Logo

The second year of Power-Con featured a couple key panels for the Masters of the Universe. Given that this was the 4th year in to the Masters of the Universe Classics line, the Mattel panel featured the following:

Mattel / Matty Collector: Mattel returns to Power Con to bring you the latest info on your favorite toy line – Masters of the Universe Classics! Join brand manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich, members of the Mattel design team and special guests the Four Horsemen for an insightful look behind the scenes as well as upcoming reveals for the line. Presentation followed by an open forum Q & A. Can’t miss!Moderator: Scott Neitlich

Pixel Dan also hosted a Legends of toy Design panel:

Legends of Toy Design: Learn the secrets of the action figures from the minds behind the designs of the original Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, New Adventures of He-Man, 200X He-Man, and Masters of the Universe Classics toy lines.Featuring: Martin Arriola, Mark DiCamillo, Eric Scot Frydler, Eric Treadaway, Jim Preziosi, Eddy Mosqueda Moderator: Pixel Dan Eardley

Some cool prototypes were teased that year, including MOTU Classics Snake Face, Karatti, and Octavia

Power-Con 2012 MOTU Classics Prototypes

2013 Power-Con

Power-Con 2013 Logo

In 2013, Power-Con featured creators, artists, talents (the voice of Skeletor Alan Oppenheimer) and more. Power-Con grew in popularity since its inception in 2011, with fans coming from all over the globe to take part of this annual event and contributing to the show’s continued success. 2013 saw the addition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power-Con’s focus is on individual properties, maximized fan exposure to the creative background and history of these brands like no other fan convention.

The reveals at the 2013 Power-Con were pretty spectacular, featuring MOTU Classics Scorpia, Battle Lion, Blade, and the epic Castle Grayskull!

2013 Power Con Reveals MOTU Classics Scorpia

2014 Power-Con

Power Con 2014 Cancelled

In 2014, Power-Con was supposed to be set in New York city to celebrate the worlds of Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power! Unfortunately, this con was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales and the folks running the con set out this message:

We appreciate all the kind words and messages of support everyone has shared on behalf of Power-Con. Unfortunately, our goal for advanced sales was not reached which has resulted in cancellation of our 2014 event.

Refunds for tickets, vendor tables, and Goat Man preorders will begin to be issued this weekend and will be completed within 60 days of this announcement. You do not need to contact us to request your refund, it will be automatically processed within the 60 days. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the actual refund process, please contact us via our website.

We’re sorry we were not able to offer Goat Man at Power-Con. MattyCollector will be offering Goat Man at San Diego Comic-Con and later this year via their online store. Much like in previous years with the traveling exclusive, we suspect Goat Man will be fairly easy to obtain online.

The He-Man and She-Ra fan base is a passionate one. It has an amazing online community and we hope it will live on for decades to come. With each new year comes new opportunities for the MOTU and POP brands as well as for the fans. If a new form of entertainment arises for He-Man and She-Ra, such as a movie or cartoon, Power-Con will return and again strive to create the experience that was enjoyed by so many of you at Power-Con in the three previous years.

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Thank you to all the attendees, vendors, exhibitors, press, volunteers, and talent that have supported Power-Con for the last three years and we wish you a good journey!

2015 Power-Con

Power-Con 2015

We did not see Power-Con return in 2015, but the good poeple who run the con sent out this note on January 20, 2015:

While there are no current plans for a 2015 Power-Con, the convention staff is hard at work brainstorming options for a possible 2016 event.  The first three Power-Cons had an amazing showing of passionate fans from the properties of He-Man, She-Ra, ThunderCats, and Ninja Turtles, as well as enthusiastic appearances from many of the talented individuals who helped to bring these beloved properties to life. We truly appreciate the continued interest we have received from fans and exhibitors and hope to have more information available soon.

Going forward, Power-Con intends to focus solely on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power. As much as we love the other brands showcased at Power-Con in the past, our show is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers who plan this convention in their limited free time. As with past shows, we will strive to craft an amazing experience at future shows for He-Fans and She-Ravers.

2016 Power-Con

Power-Con 2016

Making a triumphant return, Power-Con was held fron June 4-5, 2016 in Torrence, CA at the Marriott Redondo Beach! This Power-Con saw the first Masters of the Universe exclusives with some fantastic figures that were available at the con:

2016 MOTU Classics Power-Con Exclusives
  • Camo Khan – $45
  • Beast Man (Red Minicomic Version) –  $45
  • Granamyr (Green Minicomic Version) – $100

To go back in time for those prices would be amazing! Right now, these figures fetch a pretty penny on eBay

2017 Power-Con


With Super7 taking over the reigns on the Masters of the Universe Classics line, we saw the best, in my opinion, Power-Con exclusives in history! They kicked off the reveals with this notice to fans in an official annoucement:

First up, created as Power-Con Exclusives, are the MOTU Classics 3-packs! Pack 1 features 8″ mini-comic variants of Stratos, Trap Jaw and Prince Adam while Pack 2 has 8″ figures of Terroar, Plasmar, and Lord Gr’asp. Both 3-packs were offered to Power-Con attendees to order as made-to-order / pre-order items. These figures are only available through Power-Con.

2017 MOTU Classics Exlcusive Trap Jaw Stratos Prince Adam
2017 Power Con Exlcusive Plasmar Terroar Lord Grasp

If you thought the 2016 Power-Con Exclusives were pricey, they do not hold a candle to the 2017 exclusives. If you were lucky enough to pick them up at the con, that was a win!

The reveals at Power-Con 2017 were a mix of MOTU Classics future releases including produced and prototype figures as Super7 was gearing up to launch their Filmation Retro and their Filmation Club Grayskull lines!

Hawk MOTU Classics Power-Con 2017 Reveal
Fang-Or MOTU Classics Prototype
Man-At-Arms Filmation Club Grayskull Power-Con 2017 Reveal
Hordak Filmation Club Grayskull Power-Con 2017 Reveal

2018 Power-Con

Power Con 2018

In 2018, we saw three Power-Con 2018 toy exclusive reveals, which included Chopper (AKA Jitsu), Spikor, and Uncle Montork & Dree Elle two-packs from the Club Grayskull Filmation series. Sculpted by the Four Horsemen and produced by Super7, these exclusives were a great addition to the Filmation Club Grayskull line.

Spikor Power Con 2018 Filmation Club Grayskull Exclusive
Uncle Montork and Dree Elle Power Con 2018 Filmation Club Grayskull Exclusive
Chopper Jitsu Power Con 2018 Filmation Club Grayskull Exclusive

That year, we saw a finished Fang-Or, Lodar, Quake and Hawk were also shown as well as Wrap Trap, Karg, Granita, and Dylamug. They also let on that the next wave was on the boat for both Classics and Filmation (sound eerily familiar) but I don’t think they were referencing the shipping delays or the figures being “stuck” on a boat in the port of Los Angeles.

Power Con 2018 Reveals Fang-Or Lodar Quake Hawk
Power Con 2018 Reveals Wrap Trap Karg Granita Dial A Mug

Snake Mountain was also discussed but was revealed earlier in the year. This seems so long ago but Snake Mountain was painted and sculpted and Super7 was trying to figure out how to ship it to fans, especially overseas.

Power Con 2018 Reveals Snake Mountain

2019 Power-Con

Power Con 2019 Logo

Power-Con 2019 took place August 18th – 19th in Anaheim, CA. There were three exclusives available this at the He-Man and She-Ra convention. A 3-Pack of Masters of the Universe Classics Figures, a single carded Masters of the Universe Classic Figure, and 12″ figure for She-Ra fans.

Power Con 2019 Exclusive Masters of the Universe Figures

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice 3-Pack: Slamurai and two Snake Troopers
This 3-pack completed the 1988 inspired Classics figures by the unreleased 1988 vintage concept wave. The price per set that year was $165.00, and surprisingly, it is still available at the Big Bad Toy Store. Here are the promo pics and also the final product from 2019:

Slamurai Snake Troopers Masters of the Unvierse Classics 2019 Power-Con Exclusive

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice Horde Zombie He-Man
Featuring translucent green skin, 2019 also featured a single carded He-Man variant! He came on the standard MOTUC blister packaging, with brand new character art and bio on the back and cost $55.00

Horde Zombie He-Man Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con 2019 Exclusive

12″ Starburst She-Ra
It had been 3 years since fans saw a 12″ She-Ra figure and 2019 brought the Starburst She-Ra figure, which came on a full-face blister with a removable card back that paid homage to the vintage She-Ra packaging. The cost for this figure was $50!

Starburst She-Ra Power-Con 2019 Exclusive

This was a particular special Power-Con as Mattel announced more figures from the Masters of the Universe Origins line. That year, the line was taking shape and the line up looked amazing taking into account previous reveals:

Masters of the Universe Origins Teases Power-Con 2019
  • He-Man
  • Skeletor
  • Battle Cat (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Teela
  • Beast Man
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Trap Jaw (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Evil-Lyn
  • Sky Sled (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Prince Adam (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Scare Glow (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Orko (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • Man-E-Faces (newly announced at Power-Con)
  • He-Man (SDCC minicomic version)
  • Prince Adam (SDCC minicomic version)

2020 Power-Con


Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Power-Con 2020 was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and they put out this press release:

Share the post “Power-Con postponed until 2021 – Online experience to be announced soon for 2020”

As the safety and well-being of fans is of the upmost importance, the team at Power-Con has decided to postpone our 2020 event. Power-Con will return September 11 & 12, 2021 to the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, California.

Everyone at Power-Con has remained optimistic that the 2020 event could continue as originally planned. However, in light of health advisories and a statement by the Governor of California that holding events in August remains unlikely, we have decided it is in the best interest of Attendees, Guests, and Exhibitors to push the event forward to next year. With all the exciting plans in motion for the Masters of the Universe, we know that the 2021 convention is going to be epic!

But that doesn’t mean 2020 has nothing to offer. In fact, we have something special in the works for He-Fans and She-Ravers. Working with Mattel, we will have some FREE online offerings for fans across the globe. We wish to continue to give back to the fans who have supported Power-Con for almost a decade, and give a taste of what Power-Con has to offer to fans who have yet to attend. Details will be coming soon!

Although the show was held remotely via Zoom, the exclusives and the reveals did not disappoint! Here is the rundown of Power Con 2020 Exlcusives:

Power-Con 2020 Exclusive Lords of Power 5-Pack

Exclusive #1: MOTU Origins “Lords of Power” 5-Pack – $200.00 each
This 5-pack of He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Beast Man, and Mer-Man recreates the prototype sculpts shown in the original promotional materials as highly articulated Masters of the Universe: Origins figures. This set comes housed in a premium, coffret-style collector case in the style of the original Masters of the Universe carrying cases, optimized for display with all-new, custom artwork and illustrations.

Power-Con 2020 Exclusive She-Ra

Exclusive #2: MOTU Origins She-Ra – $40.00 each
This 35th Anniversary Edition figure captures the retro look of the original toy, and features modern articulation for enhanced play and posability. The convention-exclusive packaging comes nestled inside a removable blister and unfolds to reveal multiple panels of custom artwork, as well as an exclusive comic that re-imagines She-Ra’s origin story. There were also a ton of Masters of the Universe Origins reveals and a 2020 also kicked off the Masterverse line reveal!


Revealed were another wave of MOTU Origins characters with Mer-Man, Roboto, Stratos, and Ninjor. Mattel did notify fans that the winner of their fan choice contest was Tri-Klops and pre-orders will go live at some point here. Deluxe Ram-Man was showcased as well with packaging, weapons, and how mini-comics will be included with the figures. We saw not one, but two Panthor’s revealed with a normal and a Walmart exclusive Flocked Panthor which was fully articulated and has a removable saddle.

Continuing with retailer exclusives, Target got a very sought after Masters of the Universe 2-pack with the Rise of Evil 2-Pack, which featured Keldor and Kronos. Introducing vehicles that year, Masters of the Universe fans saw the Land Shark vehicle revealed. Mattel also revealed the Deluxe MOTU figures with Battle Armor versions of He-Man, Skeleton, and Clamp Champ. All of these figures will were Walmart exclusives in 2022 but by 2021 other retailers will be getting the whole line including previous waves. Mattel also said that they goal was to get more Masters of the Universe figures into the hands of true collectors without hassle, but the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into that.


We also saw the Masters of the Universe Classics line end from a Power-Con exclusive perspective as we ushered in the Masterverse line, which was the biggest announcement and the return of a 7-inch Masters of the Universe figure. Mattel did show fans some silhouettes of the design and the packaging. One of the packaging designs even shows off the art of an upcoming Moss Man. The Masterverse series will feature 8 characters at the beginning with more coming in the future. The figures boast 30+ points of articulation and were set at the $19.99 price point.


2021 Power-Con

Power Con 2021

2021 saw the return of Power Con live and in person (sort of!). This was the first Power Con Toy Habits attended and it did not disappoint! First off, the Power-Con exclusives were abundant but very hard to get if you did not attend the con live. There were 3 fantastic sets offered, which included a Horde 4 pack, a Faker / Dupli-Cat set, and a Secrets of Grayskull set which will have Castle Grayskull themed accessories along with the figure.

MOTU Origins: Horde Multi-Pack
$150.00 each plus S/H
We got an infusion of the Horde landing in the Origins line with this MOTU Origins 4-Pack, that featured a Filmation stule blue-skinned Hordak, dark Grizzlor, a crimson Horde Trooper, and a shadow Horde Trooper.

MOTU_Origins_Evil_Horde_Power_Con_2021 2

MOTU Origins: Faker 2-Pack
$60.00 each plus S/H
We also saw this 2-Pack of “Leo” Faker and Dupli-Cat, his robotic feline mount.


MOTU Origins: “Secrets of Grayskull” Accessory Pack
$30.00 each plus S/H
Seemingly an omission by Mattel when the Origins Castle Grayskull landed, this pack more than made up for this and featured the castle’s humanoid robot, a 3D dungeon grate that includes a tentacle, and the Spirit of Castle Grayskull to complete your Grayskull display.


Since Toy Habits was live and in person, we published several videos of the reveals and the coverage of the con:

The Future of Power-Con

Who knows what the future holds for Mattel exclusives moving forward! We do know that Power-Con moved to Columbus, Ohio. Mattel is also opting out as the primary focus, which can be found on their Power-Con FAQ part of their website.

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