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Lady Slither’s Throne MOTU Origins Concept

The amazing yerco_ub stunned collector’s has he revealed his Lady Slither’s Throne MOTU Origins Concept! He recently released the digital blueprints for a Masterverse version of Hordak’s Throne and and he’s also created the blueprints for the Filmation Attak Trak (v1 and v2), the Small TrakHorde Command CrawlerDoom Tower,  Eternos Palace, Gigantisaur, Gwildor’s Forge, and Sharella’s weapon set. The inspiration for his latest creation, Lady Slither’s Throne, was taken from the Vypor Cardback art illustration. Roy released another update to the MOTU Origins Vypor illustration, which shows the full sketch! We can clearly see Eldor on his knees in front of Vypor. We also get a better look at the other new Snake Men in the scene, along with Lady Slither and her throne.


Lady Slither’s Throne

The Throne features an amazing snake motif, complete with snake fountains! As yerco, explains, “One of the most beautiful things in life is giving life. Some have children; others, ideas. Ideas that transcend mere memories to become feelings that surpass the mere notion of a concept, turning into events and disruptions that impact many. The Snakemen had a peculiar reputation: each time they appeared, the MotU lines would perish, as if foretelling an end. However, today is different; today, almost all have been reborn and more will soon emerge, along with many new stories and the lair they so richly deserve. For me, Lady Slither was that dragonfly in the sea, a tiny living creature amidst vastness, which marked the beginning of ongoing growth.Thank you very much, @axel.gimenez , for these new figures.”


The Throne is made up of several pieces you can 3D print and put together. This will make an amazing companion peice to the Snake Lair Crowdfund, which we expect to see at Comic Con 2024.


Looking at this from an angle, you can see the details of the snake fountains as they pour out snake venom from their mouths.


The Origins of Lady Slither

Axel Gimenez shared the inspiration for not only Lady Slither, but the Snake Lair itself! Lady Slither! Axel said on his Instagram post, “Ten years ago, while I was working on the art of the minicomic #5 of the Classics line, the first idea for the Snake Lair was to reuse the concept from the vintage line of the unproduced Treehouse playset, but I quickly discarded that option to make the design more related to the Snake Men. That is why the main aspect is the adaptation of that faction’s logo to the facade of the fortress.🐍”


Fang-Or Announcement Teases Lady Slither’s Lair

Along with the announcement of the Fang-Or, Mattel provide some very juicy details for us to chew and stew on. As Mattel (we think this might be Roy Juarez speaking) was describing the packaging and art direction for for Fang-Or, they said “When it’s revealed, you will see a direct connection to Preternia. We’ll focus on a lush swamp background, and in the middle of it you’ll be able to see Lady Slither’s Snake Lair…The artwork teases potential upcoming figure reveals and a very cool easter-egg I had to include in the cardback artwork. Fans will notice that the Snake Lair is surrounded by a moat and a creature. The moat pays homage to The Castle Moat playmate that Mark Taylor originally envisioned, and the sea creature is one of the creatures illustrated in The Castle Moat. This concept was held over from the MOTU Classics line but would make an amazing MOTU Origins playset!

Lady Slithers Lair MOTU Origins Concept

Turns out our unofficial Fan Vote predicted the winner as the Mattel team just announced the winner and it’s the Snake Lair. Coming Spring 2024 as the next Crowdfund project, Lady Slither and her crew will have a place to do their dirty deeds! No other mentions were made as to who took second place but stay tuned for more info!


Here is the announcement from Mattel:

October 11, 2023 UPDATE: Toy Habits Unofficial Fan Vote Results

Thank you to the nearly 3500 fans who voted in our Toy Habits Unofficial Fan Vote! If you still want to participate in our unofficial poll, or read more about it, you can go here: Masters of the Universe Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote Crowdfund.

Based on the nearly 3500 votes, we are calling the Attak Trak and Snake Lair the unofficial winners of Mattel’s Eternia’s Fan Vote!


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You can purchase the 3D blueprints , along with his other creations, on his Cults3D page! Yerco has designed creatures, playsets, and vehicles and is so passionate about his work that is shows in everything he pours his heart and time in!

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