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Prince Adam and Cringer MOTU Cartoon Collection In-Hand Images

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It was only back in March 2024 where we learned that a Cartoon Collection Prince Adam and Cringer 2-Pack with their unveiling during the MOTU March Madness 2024 MOTU event! Flash forward to today and we already have in-hand images courtesy of Mr. Home Arcade. This is also the first 2-pack for the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection and it’s great to be able to see in-box and out of box images for this cute pairing. This is also the first time we are seeing Cringer made into plastic since the Masters of the Universe Classics era and Mattel did not disappoint! Also, be sure to check out Mr. Home Arcade’s review on YouTube!



This is the first 2-pack we are seeing from the Cartoon Collection and we can see all the accessories it comes with in the window display.


One the sides of the box, we can see Imp and a little creature from the Whispering Woods!


On the back of the box we have the iconic scene where Prince Adam is raising his sword to summon the Powers of Grayskull with a cowering Cringer by his side.


Prince Adam

The Prince Adam figure came out nicely and you can remove his vest to give him a more stripped down look.


They nailed the color pink for Prince Adam’s vest in the Cartoon Collection version and, compared to the first release, the color looks so off in the version we got from the Sky Sled pack. He also comes with a silver power sword!



Prince Adam and Cringer look so cute together! This was a fantastic idea to release this as a 2-pack!


Here are the two heads that Cringer comes with and they did an amazing job capturing his likeness.


From the sides you can see the tiger stripe details and how Cringer’s tail is curved!


Cringer is also very well balanced as you can stand him on his hind legs and his front legs.


The articulation on Cringer is spectacular as you can put him in several different poses!


Here is the size comparison with the MOTU Origins Battle Cat and we hope that the Cartoon Collection version of Battle Cat will look just as great as Cringer!


No matter how you pose them, they both look great together!


Prince Adam and Cringer 2 Pack Cartoon Collection Official Images

We got a more detailed look at the upcoming Prince Adam and Cringer Cartoon collection figures! Cringer is fully articulated and is adorable!


MOTU Origins_ Prince Adam Cringer 2 Pack Cartoon Collection 6

Figure Teases

The Cartoon Collection box art is like playing a game of I Spy! We love a good tease (get your mind out of the gutter) but thanks to one of Toy Habits Crew member Danny Phillips’ keen eye and love of the Princess of Power, he’s spotted a Flutternia tease in butterfly form on Prince Adam and Cringer’s Cartoon Collection box art! We’ve known for a while that She-Ra and Bow are coming to the Cartoon collection plus Imp being teased for the second time, is further proof that Mattel is gearing up to drop some PoP figures on Collector’s for the 40th Anniversary. We are also beginning to think that there is more than meets the eye with the entire scene as the surroundings have some tie-ins with the Whispering Woods! Was that intentional? Does this mean that Mattel has a grander Princess of Power plan in the works? Only time will tell but the tease of Flutterina is quite interesting!

Whispering Woods

It seems like Mattel will be making a signififant investment in the Princess of Power, which is great news for collector’s! The scene where Prince Adam is taking a siesta using Cringer as his pillow, bears some striking similarity to the Whispering Woods, which is featured in the She-Ra and Prince of Power Filmation series. The Whispering Woods is the base of operations for the Great Rebellion on Etheria. It is a vast enchanted forest, bordered by the Kingdom of Bright Moon to the south, Mystacor to the west, Crimson Waste to the north-west, and the Singing River to the north-east. The forest has been concealed from Hordak and The Horde by an enchantment. The enchantment was put in place by the First Ones. Most of the members of the Rebellion live within the forest. Madame Razz’ home and the Twigget village. The majority of the flora in the forest appears to be pink bushes and purple trees. The enchantment placed on the woods allows the trees to move as if alive, a trick used in misdirecting any unwanted trespassers.


Flutterina Tease

Without the hi-rez images of Prince Adam and Cringer’s box art, the butterfly floating above Prince Adam’s head would have just looked like a part of the scene. The markings look exactly like Flutterina’s wings as she is in butterfly form, which was shown in the She-Ra and Princess of Power episode, A Lesson In Love.

Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-front art 2

Flutterina Filmation PoP

Flutterina’s origin story begins with the ‘Out of the Cocoon’ Filmation PoP cartoon episode. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Flutterina is a member of the Great Rebellion. Before becoming a freedom fighter, she was a poor servant girl known as ‘Small One’, working at Castle Condore in the Sand Valley on Etheria. After She-Ra brought her to the Crystal Castle, the girl previously known only as Small One was transformed into Flutterina via a magical cocoon.”


In episode, A Lesson In Love, you can see a butterfly with markings similar to Flutterina flying through and, suddenly, a bright flash consumes the screen!


Out of the flash emerges Flutterina so there is a president to see her in her butterfly form.


Filmation Appearances

Flutterina Trademark Usage

In a shocking twist of events, friend of Toy Habits @silverkayyy (also cohost of the Geek The F Out YouTube Channel) and Toy Habits Crew member Danny Phillips have made a shocking revelation. The Motherboard Masterverse Mattel Creations box has been hiding a list of what we think are future Masters of the Universe figures and vehicles. This list also could very well be a mix of lines from Masterverse and MOTU Origins and it’s crazy to think that these names are printed on the underside of the Motherboard Masterverse box. Flutternia was a name that was printed on this box.


The List contains the following:

Figure Names

  • Evilyn Morgan Powers
  • Flogg
  • Modulok
  • Queen Marlena
  • Maddame Razz
  • Dylamug
  • Flutterina
  • Entrapta
  • Desprara
  • Bow
  • Eldor
  • Heroic Masters of Weapons
  • Scorpia

Vehicle Names

  • Battle Ram Chariot
  • War Sled

Places in the Masters of the Universe

  • Despondos

Flutterina Vintage PoP Figure

Flutterina was released in 1985 as part of the Princess of PowerWave 2 figure assortment. Her card description said, “Beautiful lookout flies with fluttering wings!”

Flutterina Vintage She-Ra and the Princess of Power Card Front

Flutterina MOTU Classics Figure

Flutterina is a member of the Great Rebellion. Before becoming a freedom fighter, she was a poor servant girl known as ‘Small One’, working at Castle Condore in the Sand Valley on Etheria. After She-Ra brought her to the Crystal Castle, the girl previously known only as Small One was transformed into Flutterina via a magical cocoon. She could hover and fly, and possessed large, beautiful butterfly wings that were powerful enough to disperse enemies when she beat them at full power. In dire straits, she could transform her entire body into a butterfly to escape the Evil Horde; she could also control butterflies of all kinds, using them as messengers and spies. Flutternia was made into a figure with rooted hair for the vintage She-Ra and the Princess of Power line and she was also created as a figure for the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Source: Figure Fan Zero

Roy Juarez released the official video and Hi Res Art for the Prince Adam and Cringer MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection box! In all of the 360 degree coolness, this brings the first deluxe figure 2-pack to the line! Roy announced on his Instagram page, “We’re so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty. Pretty is a great word to describe this box and another word is breathtaking! Back in February 2024, we received word that Tri-Klops would be coming to the Cartoon Collection and if you blinked, you would have missed him teased on the box front of the box (along with Skeletor and Evil-Lyn)!

Prince Adam and Cringer Box Images

As this is our first look art the deluxe style packaging for the Cartoon Collection, it features Prince Adam and Cringer is the window display box with their extra heads and accessories on display! We finally got a look at the full official Hi Res art images!

Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-rear 2

According to Roy Juarez (@manuel_eduardo_caritas) • Instagram photos and videos:

A closer look at the wonderfully, wonderfully pretty artwork and packaging of the upcoming Prince Adam & Cringer 2-pack.

The usual suspects for Origins:
Graphic Design & Art Direction @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design @katanarama333
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam
Copywriter @yesreallyrob



The box art features amazing illustrations of Prince Adam and Cringer lounging by a waterfall with creatures and foliage around them.


Here we can see enlargements of the beautiful front package illustration.

Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-front art 3
Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-front art 2
Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-front art 1

Below you can see how this beautiful art wraps around the packaging.


The back of the box features an amazing homage to the Filmation cartoon as it shows Prince Adam raising the sword as he calls upon the power of Grayskull!

Prince-Adam-and-Cringer-Cartoon-Collection-Official Box-Reveal-rear art full

Tri-Klops Tease

Tri-Klops is teased on the front flap of the box, which means he’s definitely coming to the Cartoon collection!


A closer look at the Hi-Res art reveals a clear image of SKeletor, Evil Lyn and Triklops in the bushes!


Tri-Klops, Skeletor’s Evil Warrior that sees everything is coming to the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection! Tri-Klops was one of Skeletor’s bumbling idiot henchmen that appeared in 10 episodes of the Filmation cartoon. According to an anonymous source, Tri-Klops will be coming to the Cartoon Collection in 2024 and we will likely also see him revealed during MOTU March Madness 2024. While a source as revealed that he is coming to the line, we are speculating as to what episode they will be paying homage to and what Filmation accessory he will come packed with. Also, given that the Cartoon Collection is pairing a Heroic Warrior with an Evil Warrior in each wave, only time will tell which figure Tri-Klops will be paired with. So let’s take a look at Tri-Klops coming to the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection, what he might look like and what his potential episode specific accessory might be!

FIlmation Triklops Cartoon 6

Here we can see how they based Tri-Klops on He-Man’s body, just like the action figure!

FIlmation Triklops Cartoon 1

Vintage Toy Tri-Klops

Unlike Clawful, the vintage toy version of Tri-Klops was actually fairly close to the version that appeared on the Filmation Cartoon Series. Tri-Klops was depicked with 3 different shaped brown eyes on the cartoon series, one round, one square, and one rectangular. The toy version however had different color eyes, each slightly uniquely shaped, one green, one blue and one red eye. The blue eye was always my favorite for some reason! Below you can see what the 1984 Mattel version of tri-Klops looked like, which is actually from my personal collection, so his blue eye is upfront!

Tri-Klops Masters of the Universe 1983
Tri-Klops Masters of the Universe 1983

Filmation Tri-Klops Figure

Tri-Klops was released in 2017 by Super7, in it’s Club Grayskull line. This figure paid beautiful homage to his He-Man and Masters of the Universe Filmation appearance. He appeared just like he did in the cartoon series. By taking a look at this Super7 version, we have a very good idea of what the Tri-Klops MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figure might look like.

Tri Klops (Club Grayskull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics 2017 Wave 1

This highly articulated 7″ scale figure had the same POA as the rest of the MOTU Classics line and featured his cartoon look! He came included with his sword and a blaster.

Triklops Club Grayskull Super7 2
Club Grayskull Triklops Super7

Tri-Klops’ Filmation Appearances

Tri-Klops appeared in 10 episodes of the Filmation cartoon series. He was mostly a background character with a few appearances were he and Evil Lyn team’s up to cause havoc. The episodes that Tri-Klops appeared on included:

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Filmation)

Here we can see Tri-Klops as he appeared in several different episodes of the FIlmation cartoon series.

FIlmation Triklops Cartoon 3
FIlmation Triklops Cartoon 7

Where to Buy:

Preorders are currently live on Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!

Cartoon Collection Prince Adam Cringer 2 Pack

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