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New Hiya Toys GI Joe Croc Master

Hiya Toys keeps on releasing incredible GI Joe highly articulated 4″ figures! This time they reveal the highly detailed New Hiya Toys GI Joe Croc Master action figure! Loaded with weapons and accessories, this 4.1 inch version of Croc Master is like a mini GI Joe Classified version. This figure will cost a whomping $34.99 and is set to be released in Q1 of 2025. The new 4″ Hiya GI Joe figures are gorgeous, but one thing is the price point for these figures. This Croc Master figure is now the highest priced figure of all the GI Joe line of Hiya 4″ action figures. Yes he comes with an articulated pet alligator Fiona, but this is the same price as the GI Joe Classified Series figure. So is it worth the price for a much smaller figure? Let’s take a closer look to see if we can determine if he is worth the whomping price tag! Special thanks to G.I. ShArK and soda popinski for the heads up! If you want to read more about the previous releases see here:


According to Hiyatoys (@hiya_toys) • Instagram photos and videos:

Now, you can own this brand new Hiya Toys EXQUISITE MINI Series Croc Master & Fiona action figure.

Croc Master is Cobra’s reptile trainer. A former alligator wrestler with a pet alligator named Fiona, breeds alligators in large numbers on Cobra Island, intentionally training them to be hostile and rabid alligators, ready to attack at any time.

This brand new Croc Master action figure stands at 110mm in height. Based on the original appearance of the G.I.Joe, a green alligator skin shirt with perfectly integrated alligator eye belt and striking Cobra logo on chest, are all perfectly matched with the figure. Wearing a tight-fitting black hood and silver-coloured breathing mask, allow Croc Master to come and go freely in underwater combat.

In terms of accessories, Croc Master & Fiona comes with revolver, whip, hook, knife, spiked collar attached to chain and more, with fine details even in the 1/18 scale. With 19 joints, utilizes a design supporting extensive articulation, accompanied by 2x interchangeable hand parts, allowing to recreate a variety of poses. Additionally, his pet alligator named Fiona comes with sharp teeth and armed skin, feeling real intimidation from predator.
The figure also comes with a unique base, simulating a war-torn ground with scattered bullet shells and debris, allowing you to recreate an authentic battlefield atmosphere right in your own home!

Price: 34.99 USD
Release time: 2025Q1

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Hiyatoys (@hiya_toys) • Instagram photos and videos

The look of this figure is very reminiscent of the GI Joe Classified series version, from his face mask to his green alligator skin tank top to his alligator belt, to his alligator skin boots, the sculpting on this scale looks incredible! The face sculpt is extremely detailed for a 4″ figure as well. The texture on his tank top is done extremely well.


Additional Dio Shots


The load out is very nice for a 4″ scale figure. You get a pistol, his hook, a gator leash, a knife, a whip, a figure stand and 2 alternate additional hands.


It’s incredible that he includes his companion pet Fiona, and she is articulated at this scale!


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