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Princess of Power MOTU Masterverse Figures Coming in 2024

More Princess of Power Masterverse figures are coming in 2024! We’ll see Glimmer, Despara, Peekablue, and Bow added to the line!

An anonymouse source has tipped us off to expect more Princess of Power Mastersverse figures in 2024. With the Horde playing a central role in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series, it is safe to say that we might have some Princess of Power characters joining the Masterverse line. With the news that Leech and Emperor Hordak joining the Masterverse line in 2024 as part of the Wave 13 figure assortment, we are welcoming 3 ladies and one gentleman to the Princess of Power Masterverse subline. According to the anonymous source, Glimmer, Peekable, and Despara (the alter ego of She-Ra) are the ladies in the lineup. The “Special friend that helps She-Ra,” Bow, is also slotted to be coming to the Masterverse line in 2024. While we wait for Mattel to make the official reveal, lets learn more about these characters


Dark and deviant, she’s the evil alter ego of She-Ra, who is the alter-ego of Adora. Kidnapped as a baby and raised by Hordak, Adora fights for the Horde until twin brother He-Man reveals her true identity. Later, after the defeat of Hordak, the spirit of Horde Prime possesses her and the evil persona of Despara emerges once again. Despara is armed with two swords, battle staff, and an alternate evil head. Her figure was made for the MOTU Classics line and from what we’ve seen from Mattel lately, they are creating figures in the MOTU Origins line based on MOTU Classics figures. Fang-Or is a great example of a recent figure that was first made for the MOTU Classics line for the Origins line!


Despara Trademark Renewal

On August 22, 2023, Mattel filed to renew the trademark for Despara, which could mean one of two things! First, they could simply be renewing her trademark so that they do not lose the naming rights for the figure and, second, it could mean that a Despara release for the line is in the works!



Bow is renowned as the best archer in all of Etheria. Equipped with an array of trick arrows, he uses his skills of illusion and his fierce patriotism for Etheria to fight the Evil Horde. Bow is also Princess Adora’s right hand man and best friend. You will notice on the vintage PoP version, that Bow was missing his signature mustache, later corrected by including 2 different heads in the MOTU Classics version.

Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Bow filmation
Princess of Power Bow

The vintage action figure of Bow stands at approximately 5.5 inches tall and is made of plastic. He is dressed in bright and colorful attire, featuring a red jacket with gold accents, matching pants, and white boots. Bow’s most recognizable feature is his distinctive helmet, which has heart-shaped cutouts on either side of his face.

The action figure comes with various accessories, including a crossbow, three arrows, a quiver, and a sword. The crossbow can be placed in Bow’s hand, and the arrows can be stored in the quiver on his back. The sword can be attached to his waist for easy access during battles.

Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Bow Action Vintage
Princess of Power Bow Vintage Action Figure

Below you can see Bow and Arrow from the vintage 1980’s Mattel Toy line.

Bow Vintage Action figure carded
She-Ra Princess of Power Arrow & Bow vintage

We also have the second time that Bow was made into an action figure as part of the MOTU Classics line in 2011.

Bow Masters of the Universe Classics 2011


Glimmer is the Princess of Bright Moon, the very beautiful daughter of Queen Angella and King Micah. She was the original leader of the Great Rebellion of Etheria until Adora took over and helped to establish much of its support structure. One of the main characters when you think of the Great Rebellion, Glimmer has been made into action figure twice thus far, once for the vintage Princess of Power line of the 1980’s and next in the MOTU Classics line in the mid 2000’s. Let’s take a closer look below.

Glimmer Princess of Power cartoon 1
Princess of Power Glimmer Vintage Action Figure
Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Glimmer filmation
Princess of Power Glimmer as seen in the
Filmation cartoon

In an effort to bring girls into the action figure market, Mattel came up with the action doll in the Princess of Power line of the 1980’s. The vintage Glimmer Action Doll was released in 1984 by Mattel and came with a shimmery silver vest and skirt piece. She was dressed in pink and silver and had a jeweled pink staff. She had real rooted pink flowing hair that you could comb, and beautiful makeup on her face. She joined the rest of the rebellion in this new genre of action dolls.

Mattel Vintage Glimmer PoP
Princess of Power Glimmer Vintage Action Figure
Mattel Vintage Glimmer PoP Carded
Princess of Power Glimmer Vintage Action Figure

Glimmer was later released as part of the MOTU Classics line by Mattel in 2012. In this release, she resembled her look in the 1980’s Filmation cartoon series, She-Ra Princess of Power. After getting Frosta for the Masterverse line, I think we know what we can expect.

GLimmer MOTU Classics
Glimmer Masters of the Universe Classics 2014


Peekablue is a character of the She-Ra and the Princess of Power Filmation series. She is a member of the Great Rebellion and posses powers such as Clairvoyance, which her blue peacock feathers give her the ability of enhanced sight. With them, she is able to see into the far reaches of the universe.


Peekablue was released as a figure in the Masters of The Universe Classics line. Her MOTU Classics bio reads: “A magical princess of Etheria, Penelope has the power to see in all directions. Her fabulous peacock feathers fan out into a beautiful plumage which is the source of her powers and making her a master spy. She is so proud of them that she likes to strut around Etheria just to show them off. It is the eyes at the tips of these pretty plumes that give her the power of omnidirectional vision. This bird’s eye view of all Etheria lets her know when Catra and the Horde make mischief. After the Horde left Etheria, she joined She-Ra and the other members of the Great Rebellion on Eternia to continue to fight for freedom and peace. During the Second Ultimate Battleground she fought side by side with Man-E-Faces, eventually falling in love with him and choosing to stay on Eternia as a member of the Masters of the Universe.”


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