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Raphael Turtles of Grayskull In Hand Review

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Check out our in hand Raphael Turtles of Grayskull review from the Wave 2 TMNT MOTU Origins figure assortment

The Turtles of Graykull Wave 2 assortment is on fire and the way that the Masters of the Universe is integrating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle aspects into these figures is outstanding! Raphael combines the flair of TMNT with a nod to the MOTU Origins Ram Man with oversized armor and weapons into a unique mashup that will look amazing on your shelf! As of the penning and photoshoot of this post, Roy Juarez and the MOTU Team have yet to reveal the digital card art so we are happy to share it with you. We recently reviewed the wave 2 Mutated Ram Man so it’s cool to see what a heroic version of turtle battering ram could look like!


Raphael’s card back art work is stunning. You can see Raphael battling against Sla’ker with Snake Mountain in the background!


Not only do we get a tease of Sla’ker on this card back, but we can also see Shredder alongside Skeletor being teased yet again on the card back as well. Note that Skeletor, again, is in his normal MOTU look.


Figure Details

Clad in oversized armor, this heroic hard-headed sai specialist is a feast for the eyes! As nods to the Ram Man figure are apparent in the design, the addition of the turtlized aspects of the figure really shine through!


The top of Raph’s helmet is red with some turtle flair and there is even a space for the bandana to come through. The helmet looks battle worn with some scoring and the tiny rivets give it a metal appearance.


The same applies to his chest armor and the sculpting details are fantastic, which gives the armor a layered look! There is also a slot to place his shell shield on his back!


You can also remove the helmet and see Raph’s face as the design fits right into the MOTU Origins line! There is also some great detail in the armor under his chin!


The arms utilize the standard MOTU TMNT crossover buck and he has an extra piecee of shoulder armor on his left side.


You can also dress Raph down and remove all of the armor if you prefer that look or if you want to change up your display.


He also looks equally amazing with just his left piece of shoulder armor!


The shoulder armor is cast in red plastic and is one piece that fits under his peg that slots into his shoulder.


His turtle shell shield fits nice and snug on the back of his armor and the brown tone of the shield provides some nice color contrast on the figure.


Weapons and Accessories

Raphael comes packed with an oversized Sai and a very cool Sai Guantlet.


His oversized Sai is shy of being as tall as the figure and is a nice design, plus it can stow on his back!


The Sai is cast in a nice darker silver and it looks great in his hand!


The oversized Sai Guantlet has a super cool design and it looks like he is actually holding it with his right hand!


The Turtles trio just needs Michael Angelo to complete the quartet but they are a formidable foe and can easily fend off attacks from likes of Mouse-Jaw!


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