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2024 GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Lineup

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The Joe Team will be teeing up 9 GI Joe Classified Series 2024 Retro Cardback figures for 2024 with 6 out of the 9 known

Special thanks to Dan Who? Reviews (by way of Chaz The Guru) for asking the tough questions! In an interview with Emily and Lenny from the Joe Team, he confirmed that they have 9 GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback figures lined up for 2024. Given what we know from the full list of 2024 GI Joe pipeline name only reveals and the preorders that will shipping, it looks like 7 out of the 9 figures are known. Retro Duke, Retro Scarlett, and Retro Recondo, from the December 2023 GI Joe FanStream are part of this list of 9. Emily and Lenny confirmed that Cobra Commander will be coming with a regular Cobra symbol, which is great news for collector’s who missed out on the Hiss HasLab. We also have name only reveals that are carrying over to 2024 and it looks like the once fledgling Retro Cardback line is getting some love and attention now that Hasbro has kicked Walmart to the curb! We can’t wait to see what other 3 Retro name only reveals are so we’ll have to wait for a leak or an official announcement.

Retro Cobra Commander

We are using the Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander as a stand in for the regular version until we get some official images. The Toy Sorceress did an amazing review of him and we can’t wait to get the regular version in the line!


Given the HasLab HISS Cobra Commander came with the Mickey Mouse logo, this will be replaced by the regular Cobra logo!



The new Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander comes packaged in a retro card with a beautiful illustration of Cobra Commander on the front with the classic GI Joe burst explosion in the background. He comes packaged on a nice thick card back with white piping around the edges. The back of the card features a full file card and a large Cobra logo.


2024 Known Retro Cardback Figures

One day before the December 2023 GI Joe FanStream, the GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Duke and Scarlett (and Recondo) were leaked in the form of in-package images that surfaces on Facebook (via Full Force Podcast) and GI Shark on Instagram by way of Simon Riley (yes…it really takes a village). Duke and Scarlett were digital render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 and it’s great to see them on card!

Retro Scarlett

Her face sculpt is real and not over the top on the makeup! It has a slight blush and fair skinned with a smattering of freckles. She also has a an action pony tail that goes over the backpack


She comes with a bolt that you can load into her crossbow.


This is not the first time we’ve seen Scarlett but she apparently is going up for preorder!


Here is an image of Scarlett on card and the figure came out amazing! This has to be the best Scarlett figure we have seen to date and the Joe team is firing on all cylinders!




Retro Scarlett Digital Render Reveal

Next up we got Retro Scarlett which was a foregone conclusion once we got Glenda! Floating pony tails. She comes with a quiver that the arrows can fit into, She comes with arrows, swappable hands, 2 rifles, backpack and stand. The vintage one is shown below for your reference.

Retro Duke

They called Duke’s stature a beefy boy and they said that they kit bashed the figure together and made some new parts to capture his classics look! He comes with a visor, helmet, retro binoculars, backpack, grease gun, and his tactical shovel. He also has a stern look!


This is also not the first time we’ve seen Duke as he is going up for preorder too!


Below we can see the leaked image of Duke and how his packout is arranged on card.


Retro Duke Official Images



Retro Duke Digital Render Reveal

Since the beginning of the GI Joe Classified Series line, collectors have been clamoring for a Retro version of Duke! It’s so cool to see him on this super large retro card back. He is a bit more jacked, and comes in his classic look. He comes with a backpack, binoculars, swappable hands, gun, rifle and classic backpack. Vintage ones shown below for your reference.

Retro Recondo

Recondo is in his classics look with the tiger pattern cammo and he looks awesome!


This is the first time we are seeing the Retro Cardback Recondo and he looks stunning!


Retro Recondo Official Images



Retro Recondo Digital Render Reveal

Redeco of the Tiger Force version in his classic colors. He comes with the same accessories as the Tiger Force version and he will be on a retro card back and comes with a stand.

2024 Retro Cardback Name Only Reveals

Carrying over from the 2023 list of pipeline name only reveals are Retro Beachhead, Retro Eels, and Retro Snow Serpent!

Retro Beachhead

We got a version of Beach Head in the Cobra Island Target exclusive era, and that was pretty much like the vintage figure. Continuing their retro cardback series, they have another Beachhead version in the works! Thanks to @YoJoeARAH, we get to visualize what a retro Beachhead could look like!

GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 2
Source: YoJoeARAH

Retro Eel

Hot off the heals of the Classified Series general release, we are getting another army builder in the form a retro cardback Eel! We hope they stay true to how the weapons were designed!

GI Joe Vintage Cobra Eel

There is a talented 3D printer designer who created custom G.I. Joe Classified series style Eel backpack/speargun that has those vintage feels so we are expecting Hasbro to do this figure justice retro style and not just repack the first release and put it on a retro cardback.


Here is a close up the speargun and backpack and they look incredible!


Retro Snow Serpent

We also recently got a Snow Serpent in the Classified Series but a retro cardback version would be awesome! The vintage figure was so great and it will be awesome to see how the figure turns out as a retro cardback figure.

Source: 3DJoes

The Snow Serpent is an exciting name only reveal and we are using a custom concepts to show you what he may look like. This one is exciting because he comes packed with a ton of really cool accessories like the classic tennis racket snow shoes and missile.


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