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Skeletor MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Card Art Reveal Teases Aran and Oona

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Roy Juarez has released the digital card art for the upcoming Skeletor MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figure! This brand new line, revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2023, brings the characters we know and love from the Filmation Masters of the Universe cartoon to life in plastic form! Today, Roy revealed the card art that is featured on Skeletor’ss card back. What is also great about this new MOTU Origins sub-line is that we get a whole new array of card art teases! Speaking of which, the characters Aran and Oona are teased on the back of Skeletor’s card art from the Masks of Power cartoon episode. Aran and Oona are a young couple that Skeletor sends to the City of Ancients to retrieve the Masks of Power. Aran and Oona find the artifacts within the ruins and when they place the masks on their faces, they transform into Demos and Tyrella, two powerful magicians from Eternia‘s ancient past. It remains to be seen if the Cartoon Collection will be getting these new characters as figures but it is fun to think about the possibilities!

Digital Card Art Reveal

The new figures have incredible new packaging with a Filmation inspired card back! You can see the classic animated Castle Grayskull on the cardback that comes straight out of the opening sequence of the Filmation Cartoon! It also has a new “Cartoon Collection” sticker in the Filmation rainbow logo style. The back of the card back features new card art as well as a cross sell featuring the other Cartoon Collection figures in these first two waves. If you want to read more about waves 15 & 16, check out these two articles.

The great thing about these new card backs besides the cool cross sell and card art, they tell you what episode specific accessory the figure comes with as well as which Filmation cartoon episode it came from. Here you can see beautiful artwork inspired by the “The Masks of Power” cartoon episode! Skeletor comes with his havoc staff and the two masks of power as well. The cross-sell features He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor and Man At Arms.


Here you can see beautiful artwork featuring Skeletor looking into his crystal ball to see Aran and Oona obtaining the Masks of Power, as seen in “The Masks of Power” cartoon episode!




“The Masks of Power”

“The Masks of Power” is an episode from the classic animated series “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” produced by Filmation. It originally aired in 1983 as part of the show’s first season.

According to Masks of Power (Filmation episode) | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

AdamMan-At-Arms and Orko, while exploring, discover the long-lost City of the Ancients. Unknown to them, Skeletor is spying on them via a mechanical bird. While he is still plotting, a young man and woman, Aran and Oona, arrive at Snake Mountain with the urge to serve Skeletor. Seeing an opportunity, he sends them to retrieve the Masks of Power, said to lie within the City of the Ancients.

Masks of Power Filmation

Aran and Oona find the artifacts within the ruins; they place the masks on their faces, transforming them into Demos and Tyrella, two powerful magicians from Eternia‘s ancient past. He-Man battles Aroo, the enraged protector of the masks, whilst Demos and Tyrella head back to Snake Mountain.

He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Orko speak with the Sorceress, who tells them that Demos and Tyrella are after the Sword of the Ancients located deep under Snake Mountain.


Demos and Tyrella defeat a startled Skeletor easily, and He-Man is forced to rescue the villain. Racing to beat the two ancient sorcerers, a tremendous battle takes place beneath the mountain. The Sword of the Ancients is retrieved by He-Man and joined with his own Sword of Power. With the Sword of the Ancients forever beyond their reach, Demos and Tyrella vanish, and Aran and Oona return, having learnt the cost of their evil employment.

Masks of Power (Filmation episode) | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

“The Masks of Power” is considered a classic episode of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” due to its compelling storyline, moral themes, and dynamic action sequences. It exemplifies the overall tone and appeal of the show, which became a cultural phenomenon during the 1980s.

Masks of power 2

Skeletor Official Images

Skeletor looks like was ripped right from the cartoon and he comes with his Havoc Staff, Masks of Power, and his Power Sword.


The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them!


How freakin rad is this! Skeletor can don the Masks of Power!


Here is a close up of his head sculpt from SDCC and it looks amazing!!!

Cartoon Collection Preorders

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