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Snarfer’s Official Image Teases Another Super7 ThunderCats Ultimate Vehicle

Snarfer’s Ship Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates vehicle was teased in the official images of the figure as part of the Wave 10 assortment

Super7 does an amazing job weaving teases in their product rollout and this week, they have teased a deep cut vehicle. With the introduction of Snarfer, Snarf’s cousin, in the Wave 10 Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates line, comes a vehicle tease as this image lines up perfectly with a vehicle and how Snarfer was portrayed in the ThunderCats cartoon from the 1980’s. The world building that Super7 is doing with this line is incredible and with the additional of the Cat’s Lair, you can start to play out how these deep cut characters and vehicles go together in a more intentional way. For example, Mandora’s Electro-Charger was a great deep cut vehicle that begins to open up the door for more vehicles that were not made into toys in the vintage line. We wanted to send a special shout out to Toy Hunters Hollow for helping us connect the dots with this tease!


Snarfer’s Ship

There is not a lot that is known aside from the ship appearing in the ThunderCats cartoon from the 1980’s so here is where we can leverage the power of the community. I was chatting with good friend of Toy Habits, Toy Hunters Hollow, and he directed me to the ThunderCats wiki for images related to this tease. For example, we can see a similar image from the cartoon with Snarfer at the helm of a vehicle.


There is also a image of the actual vehicle, which looks to have a mouse-like appearance to it. Whether this was an actual tease remains to be seen but if Super7 is the company to bring this vehicle to the line, they are the ones to do it!


Who is Snarfer?

A fantastic resource we often go to is the ThunderCats Ho wiki so if you are not familiar with the character, read on:

“Snarfer is Snarf’s nephew and the youngest ThunderCat. When Thundera exploded, a very young Snarfer and 43 other Snarfs commandeered an old Mutant tanker and flew to an empty planet. They then claimed the planet as their own and dubbed it the Planet of Snarfs. He lived there happily until he was kidnapped by Ratar-O and Vultureman in the RatStar and then brought to Third Earth to be used as bait to lure the ThunderCats into Ratar-O’s trap. Fortunately the ThunderCats were able to defeat Ratar-O and send Snarfer back to the Planet of Snarfs in the Feliner. Later on, Snarfer returned to Third Earth to join the ThunderCats after the Tower of Omens was built. He usually stayed in the Tower with the three New ThunderCats Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra. Since then he has been with the ThunderCats and even returned with them to New Thundera when that planet was formed. Because of his young age and inexperience, Snarfer has a tendency to act without thinking and this sometimes can worsen his situation. Nevertheless, Snarfer is a decent mechanic and pilot, often helping to repair the various electronic equipment found in the Tower of Omens. He flies his spaceship to and from Third Earth and New Thundera regularly when running errands for the other ThunderCats. Snarfer often calls Snarf by his real name “Osbert”, much to the chagrin of the older Snarf. Like his uncle, Snarfer is also a graduate of “Snarf College”. And also like his uncle, Snarfer is immune to the effects of Thundrainium and the Mine Madness inducing gases of the Mad Bubbler. He always wears a strapped pouch around his body.”


Snarfer Wave 10 Official Images and Description

Snarfer, the younger and more adventurous nephew of Snarf is a fun addition to the Super7 Ultimates line, and a great way for Super7 to reuse the buck and tooling for Snarf. Armed with a cool helmet and some neat tool accessories, Snarfer will be a really cool new figure. But in my opinion, Snarfer along with Young Lion-O should have been priced at a lower price point then the other larger figures.


Snarfer comes with:

  • 3x Interchangeable Heads – 1x Neutral Head, 1x Worried Head, 1x Helmet Head
  • 7x Interchangeable Hands – 2x Open Hands, 2x Grip Hands, 1x Pointing Hand (left)
  • 1x Spray Bottle Hand (right)
  • 1x Handstand Hand (right)
  • 2x Interchangeable Tails – 1x Neutral Tail, 1x Gripping Tail
  • 1x Wrench
  • 1x Fruit
  • 1x Spray Bottle
  • 1x Set of Restraints

Snarfer Official Product Description

Snarf’s nephew, Snarfer, is not nearly as cautious as his worrisome uncle, but his tendency to not fully think things through can often get him into trouble! This highly articulated 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Snarfer features intricate sculpting and premium paint detail, as well as interchangeable heads & hands and multiple accessories, including spray bottle, wrench, and fruit. Despite his impetuous nature, he’s a good mechanic and decent pilot so adding the made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Snarfer to your collection hardly seems like a rash decision!

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