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Teela and Trap Jaw MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Carded Images

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Amazon has updated the listings for the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Teela and Trap Jaw. This completes all of the Cartoon Collection figures that were revealed at SDCC 2023 and the figures that went up for preorder! The first six figures for the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection are looking amazing!


Teela looks awesome on the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection card! She is packed with her shield and sword on display!


Teela looks stunning with her gold and white paint app! The figure buck looks awesome and her eyes and her hair are beautifully sculpted.


Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw is packed with his hook hand on his right arm! It would be cool if Mattel packed Trap Jaw with a different attachment, like how they packed Mini Comic Man-E-Faces with different faces.


Trap Jaw looks amazing and finally we get a cartoon accurate sculpt that includes all of this accessories. The look of Trap Jaw really looks like his cartoon counterpart!


Waves 1 and 2 Carded Images

With the fury of reveals and preorders for the MOTU Origins and Masterverse lines settling down from the day of (MOTUes)days earlier in the week, we can now focus on the finer details. We’ve discovered carded images of the inaugural MOTU Origins Wave 1 set of figures, which includes He-Man and Beast Man (arriving December2023/January 2024) and Skeletor & Man-At-Arms (arriving March 2024). We secured an early release of He-Man and Beast Man and we’ve reviewed them for your viewing pleasure and are very excited for the Release of Skeletor and Man-At-Arms. On the cardbacks for He-Man and Beast Man, we can see the cross sell of Man-at-Arms and Skeletor.



As we saw in the Mattel Booth at San Diego Comic Con 2023, the brand new cardbacks were revealed that feature a beautiful purple and blue sky background, with Castle Grayskull in the foreground.


This new sculpt of He-Man looks fabulous! You can see that they gave him an all new head sculpt from the previous release from the He-Man Anniversary 4 pack.


This new Cartoon Collection He-Man looks like he stepped right out of your CRT tv and into your living room, bringing to life the our heroic warrior! His cartoon inspired head sculpt, simplistic chest armor sculpt, and simplified waist and boots really help to give him an animated look.


He features the new MOTU Cartoon Collection buck that stands a little bit taller and lankier that the MOTU Origins figures that came before them. Also you will notice the new quads design on his legs, that make him look very ripped!


Cartoon Collection Reviews

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Beast Man

The orange color on Beast Man plays so well off of of the vibrant colors of the Cartoon Collection! We also saw Beast Man on display at SDCC 2023!


He comes with a hover ray that was featured in the episode Dragon Invasion. He comes with his whip as well. He has all new chest and shoulder armor. He stands more upright and is a little more slender than the v1 Beast Man.


This new Cartoon Collection Beast Man looks like he stepped right out of your CRT tv and into your living room, bringing to life the most loveable Evil Warrior’s henchman! His cartoon inspired head sculpt, simplistic chest armor sculpt, and simplified waist and boots really help to give him an animated look.


The Cartoon Collection Beast Man comes packed with his classic whip in red plastic. He also comes with the Hover Ray that was featured in the Filmation cartoon episode “The Dragon Invasion” In this episode, Beast Man uses the Hover Ray to lift a bunch of Dragon eggs into the hovercraft vehicle


Cartoon Collection Reviews

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The purple of Skeletor’s armor blends very nicely with the cardback and it was like he was meant to be! You can see how the accessoties are packed (or stuffed) inside the plastic, with the Havoc Staff peaking over Skeletor’s shoulder!


Skeletor looks like was ripped right from the cartoon and he comes with his Havoc Staff, Masks of Power, and his Power Sword.


The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them!


How freakin rad is this! Skeletor can don the Masks of Power!



Man-At-Arms was the most illusive of the figures to locate on preorder day but we eventually pinned him down on Amazon, which we are assuming is an exclusive given he is not on any other online toy website! We are not sure if Amazon has absolute exclusivity or if it will be timed, like some of the previous releases of MOTU Origins figures.


Man-At-Arms looks amazing and we are digging the thick mustache! His helmet and armor also look just like the Filmation cartoon!


MAA comes in his classic yellow chest, shoulder, and wrist armor and his very cool stasis ray and mace!


He looks great raising his mace and it’s great that he has amor on both of his arms!


Where to Buy

You can preorder the first two waves of Cartoon Collection figures at the following retailers:

Cartoon Collection He-Man
Cartoon Collection Beast Man
Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms
Cartoon Collection Skeletor
Cartoon Collection Teela
Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw

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