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Thundercats Ultimates Wave 8 Super7 Preorder

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Another wave of Thundercat preorders are on the loose thanks to Super7! Thundercats Ultimates Wave 8 Super7 Preorders are now live and we have full coverage here for you and where to preorder! We get some amazing new figures in this wave so let’s take a look at who is included! We finally get the first of the two Thunderkittens, Wilykit, Hachchiman the samurai, Captain Shiner, and our first Lunatak, Alluro!

This latest wave is full of Rankin and Bass, ThunderCats cartoon heavy hitters! We have all the product Information for you below and where you can order your ThunderCats Wave 8 figures below!

ThunderCats Ultimates Wilykit close up
ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Shiner close up
ThunderCats Ultimates Alluro close up


Finally we are getting one of the Thunder kittens in the Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Figures! This new version of Wilykit looks spectacular! She includes her signature hoverboard, a couple lassos, alternate hands and an alternate head sculpt. This is one I will definitely be picking up!

Wily Kit Product Description

Adventurous and determined to prove herself as a member of the ThunderCats, WilyKit frequently gets herself both into and out of troublesome situations! This 7-inch scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! WilyKit features multiple interchangeable heads & hands, hoverboard with flight stand, and two lassos. You’ll be just as eager to add this made-to-order WilyKit ULTIMATES! figure to your ThunderCats collection as she is to go on her next adventure! Ages 14 and up.

She comes with include:

  • 2x Interchangeable Heads
  • 5x Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Hoverboard
  • 1x Hoverboard Flight Stand
  • 1x Lasso
  • 1x Lasso (Stored)
ThunderCats Ultimates Wilykit 3

ThunderCats Ultimates Wilykit in package 2
ThunderCats Ultimates Wilykit 2

According to WilyKit | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

WilyKit is one of the youngest ThunderCats, and the twin sister of WilyKat, both of whom are often referred to collectively as the “ThunderKittens“. WilyKat and WilyKit are the mischievous duo who frequently get into trouble. WilyKit is more playful and carefree in nature than her cautious brother, though she is still just as cunning. The inquisitive and playful nature of the ThunderKittens often results in them either getting into difficulties or causing problems for the adult ThunderCats. The wily twins are always trying to prove that they are just as good and valuable as the adult Cats.

WilyKit | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom


Hachiman is a very cool Samurai character from the ThunderCats cartoon line. He was also part of the series 2 1986 vintage LJN action figures. This version of Hachiman is based on his appearance on the Rankin & Bass ThunderCats cartoon series. He is looking spectacular in his bright blue samurai outfit, and I just love his head sculpt! He comes with multiple swords, a swapable chest plate, interchangeable hands and 2 interchangeable heads.

Hachiman Product Description

A samurai hailing from the Planet of the Red Sun, Hachiman realizes he has been deceived by Mumm-Ra and becomes a loyal ally of the ThunderCats! This 7-inch scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Hatchiman figure features multiple interchangeable heads & hands, his Thunder-Cutter sword, scabbard, and swapple chest plate. There’s no code tying you to this made-to-order Hachiman ULTIMATES! Figure, but your ThunderCats collection won’t be complete without this great warrior! Ages 14 and up.

His accessories include:

  • 2x Interchangeable Heads
  • 7x Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Scabbard
  • 1x Thunder-Cutter Sword
  • 1x Thunder-Cutter Sword with Lightning Effect (with pointing hand)
  • 1x Swapple Chest Plate

According to Hachiman | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Hachiman is a samurai who featured in several episodes. He hails from the Planet of the Red Sun and was originally summoned to Third Earth by Mumm-Ra and tricked into fighting Lion-O. Mumm-Ra convinced the samurai that the Thundercats were evil and Hachiman, bound by the code of “Bushido”, took it upon himself to defeat Lion-O. However, after Hachiman and Lion-O met, he discovered that he had been played by Mumm-Ra and from that day one, he became a loyal friend and ally of the Thundercats. He also has a great uncle known as Nishida

Hachiman | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Captain Shiner

Captain Shiner is a very cool looking character, and was part of the Series 3 1987 vintage LJN action figures. This version of Captain Shiner is also based on his appearance on the ThunderCats cartoon series. He is looking spectacular in his purple jumpsuit. He comes with a covered sword of Omens, a set of crossed arms, a blaster, real chain shackles, interchangeable hands and 3 interchangeable heads.

Captain Shiner Product Desciption

Captain Shiner is a mercenary often hired by Mumm-Ra, but he did help the ThunderCats escape from a black hole that one time! This 7-inch scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Captain Shiner figure features multiple interchangeable heads and hands, a pair of crossed arms, the Sword of Omens, his blaster, and real-chain shackles. Add this made-to-order Captain Shriner ULTIMATES! Figure to your ThunderCats collection and the mercenary will be loyal to your cause! Ages 14 and up. Accessories include:

  • 3x Interchangeable Heads
  • 7x Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Crossed Arms
  • 1x Sword of Omens Obscured
  • 1x Shackles (Real Chain)
  • 1x Blaster
ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Shiner 3
ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Shiner in package 2
ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Shiner 2

According to Captain Shiner | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Captain Shiner is mercenary to the bone and will do anything for the right price. With a bulldog-like face, this sophisticated monocle-wearing alien is very intelligent. He has a calm demeanor and is neither inherently evil or good. He always charges a very high price for his services, but once he takes on a job he makes sure that he completes it. He commands a great deal of respect from his crew.

He is the captain of the massive, highly advanced, and heavily armed spaceship, the Vertus. The ship also has hyperspace travel abilities, allowing Shiner to travel from one end of the galaxy to the next in the blink of an eye.

In his first appearance on the show, Captain Shiner was hired by Mumm-Ra to send a false distress signal to lure Lion-O to his ship and then capture him. He then took the Sword of Omens from Lion-O and handed it to Mumm-Ra who threw it into a black hole. However, Lion-O and Snarf are freed by Panthro and they hijack the Vertus and fly right into the black hole to retrieve the sword. The black hole turns out to be a giant force field, controlled by an artificial intelligence known as NEPTUNE which imprisons the ThunderCats and Shiner as well.

Captain Shiner | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom


Alluro brings us the first Lunataks, and is the first time we are getting him in action figure form. He was never part of the vintage LJN toy line, so it will be cool to finally get him included in this line. Allurois also based on his appearance on the cartoon series and looks very animated, but very menacing. He comes with a psych club, 2 cool looking orbs, a paper map, an Egora Taliman, a treasure chest, interchangeable hands and 2 interchangeable heads.

Alluro Product Description

As the Lunataks’ twisted master of mind control, Alluro relies on his hypnotic abilities rather than physical confrontation, despite his formidable size. This 7-inch scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Alluro figure features interchangeable heads and hands, as well as a variety of accessories including his Psych Club, the Egora Talisman, and more. No hypnotic trickery is needed to see how this made-to-order Alluro ULTIMATES! figure would be a mind-blowing addition to your ThunderCats collection! Ages 14 and up.

He comes with the following accessories:

  • 2x Interchangeable Heads
  • 7x Interchangeable Hands
  • 1x Psych Club
  • 2x Orbs
  • 1x Paper Map
  • 1x Egora Talisman
  • 1x Chest
ThunderCats Ultimates Alluro 3

ThunderCats Ultimates Alluro in package 2
ThunderCats Ultimates Alluro 2

According to Alluro | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Alluro is one of the members of the evil Lunataks of the Moons of Plun-Darr. A towering figure with a sinister yet soft voice, Alluro is the Lunataks resident master of mind control, making him one of the most difficult foes that the ThunderCats have faced. Hailing from the Moons of Plun-Darr, Alluro was imprisoned in molten lava with the other Lunataks by Mumm-Ra. Later on he was freed by the Mutants under Mumm-Ra’s orders. He lives with the other Lunataks in their mobile fortress Sky-Tomb on DarkSide.

Alluro | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom

Where to Buy

You can pick up all of Wave 8 at the following retailers

Wily Kit Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Wily Kit
Hachiman Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Captian ShinerThundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8
Captain Shiner
Alluro Thundercats Super7 Ultimates Wave 8

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