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What if GI Joe Classified Series Did the Adventure Team?

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From Air, Land and Sea, the 60th Anniversary of GI Joe is coming up, and wouldn’t it be amazing if the team at Hasbro did an homage to the GI Joe Adventure team, flocked hair and all? Here at Toy Habits we report the news, but from time to time, we like to do Editorials when something incredible inspires us. Sometimes, we come across some very talented individuals who do incredible custom work, and today I discovered Angelo from GIJOEAT, who does some amazing GI Joe Adventure Team Classified customs! This inspired us to write this editorial, to ask the question What if Classified Did the GI Joe Adventure Team? With the recent release of the 60th Anniversary Action Solider and Action Sailor, and upcoming Action Pilot and Action Marine, we thought this would be the perfect time for Hasbro to do something special. How cool would it be if the team at Hasbro in an homage to the 60th Anniversary of GI Joe did a four pack that looked this this below? Would you be excited to buy something like this in special themed Retro Adventure Team packaging? I personally love the vintage GI Joe Adventure Team, and of course anything flocked, so if this was actually made by Hasbro, I would be over the moon!

Shown below is the incredible customs heads that Angelo from GIJOEAT did, and Rick Bradshaw used on his Classified figures, plus a Marvel Legends figure. Here we can see how the Air, Land and Sea Adventurers were represented using Classified Series figures. I really love how great the flocked bearded heads go with the Classified Series bucks! Also be sure to check out Angelo’s YouTube Channel at: GIJOEAT – YouTube, and if you are into GI Joe Adventure Team, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of his great videos!

Source: Rick Bradshaw

Angelo from GIJOEAT makes these incredible head packs for your 1/12 scale figures, packed in a beautiful custom box featuring the classic GI Joe Adventure Team logo.

Source: GIJOEAT (@buildadiorama2) • Instagram photos and videos

Some close ups of the amazing painted face detail and flocked hair and beards that Angelo from GIJOEAT does! You can see the variation in the faces, eyes, and eyebrows that give them each a distinct personality and look!

Shown below are custom 1/12 scale Classified figures that Angelo from GIJOEAT has done using the custom GI Joe Adventure team heads. These camo sets are incredible and look great together!

I also love what he has done with bucks like Hawk and Recondo using these GI Joe Adventure team heads.

Here we can see some more customs using Classified Tiger Force Duke, Falcon and Shipwreck bodies.

Source: GIJOEAT (@buildadiorama2) • Instagram photos and videos

More customs below using Stalker and Roadblock bucks. These look just amazing!

We want to give a huge thanks to Angelo from GIJOEAT and Rick Bradshaw for featuring their incredible work! Again this is just us at Toy Habits dreaming of an incredible project that we would love to see made someday! One can only hope, but in the meantime time, we have incredible customizers like Angelo and Rick to make these incredible figures!

1970’s Adventure Team

Hasbro also followed up on these in the 1970’s with the GI Joe Adventure Team. Based on Land, Sea and Air, Hasbro had rereleased them as a Walmart exclusive in 2006, and they included flocked hair and beards! This line has so much history and heritage in the GI Joe line, and it is so exciting to them coming back in yet another new iteration. I (The Toy Sorceress) was lucky enough to acquire the Land, Sea and Air Adventurers to my personal collection, so enjoy the photos below:

The Toy Sorceress’ GI Joe Adventure Team. Based on Land, Sea and Air in their outdoor adventures!

The Toy Sorceress’ GI Joe Adventure Team. Based on Land, Sea and Air on display and on their outdoor adventures!

6 figures were released in the Walmart 2006 line, and they are highly sought after collectors on the aftermarket today.


Be sure to check out Angelo’s YouTube Channel at: GIJOEAT – YouTube

GI Joe Adventure Team Classified Toy Sorceress’ Collection

I want to give a huge thanks to Angelo from GIJOEAT – YouTube for being kind enough to commission this stunning set of custom GI Joe Adventure Team Classified figures for my own personal collection! Angelo is super talented and such a nice guy, and spent hours carefully crafting this custom set of figures for my personal collection! Enjoy the photoshoot below! I just love how these Classified Series scale figures look displayed with my 12″ Adventure Team!

GIJOEAT – YouTube packaged these in a custom box that he personally made for my customs and it looks incredible!

Here you can see the front of the box with a gorgeous custom image of the figures he made for me. I had the body for the Pilot Adventurer in orange, so that is why there is only 3 photographed on the box and inside as well. He packed them in custom foam as well!

Some fun with the Adventure Team out in the wild! Pictured below is Sea Adventurer, Jungle Adventurer, Pilot Adventurer, and Land Adventurer!

Some closeups!

More closeups!

Just love how the four of these look posed together!

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