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Evil-Lyn MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Card Art Teases King Randor & Orko

The MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figures have been a joy to collect and the fun just keeps on rolling in! We got wind that Evil-Lyn was coming to the Cartoon Collection back in February 2024 and she was revealed as part of the MOTU March Madness 2024 event where she was officially revealed and put up for preorder! We’ve been biding our time for when we’d get to see her cardback to see who the next figures that might be coming to the Cartoon Collection and today is the day where King Randor and Orko is teased on the back of Evil-Lyn’s cardback art.

Roy Juarez just posted a small video of the Evil Lyn Packaging. You can watch it below:

As Seen On “The Shaping Staff”


Roy Juarez

King Randor Tease

The art on the back of Evil-Lyn’s card shows her using the shaping staff to mask Beast Man’s appearance as he transforms from King Randor. How freaky would that be to wake up staring at a person that looks just like you! The interesting aspect about this art is that they illustrate Evil-Lyn with her cape, which is conspicuously missing from her figure.


King Randor Cartoon Collection Concept

Eternal Customs provides a cool way to visualize what a King Randor Cartoon Collection figure could like with his digital renders.


King Randor MOTU Origins

This version of King Randor is a complete homage to the 1980’s version, with his red and gold shinny armor, gold arm bracers, crown, orange pants, and blue boots. Where Mattel diverged from the Vintage was that they decided to go with a plastic cape, rather than the soft goods cape of the original.

King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 1
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 3

From the rear image, you can tell the cape looks similar to that of the Origins Scare Glow and Keldor. King Randor may look like the Burger King, but I think he looks absolutely amazing.

King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Front 2
King Randor MOTU Origins Reveal Back

Orko Tease

Orko is a “Trollan”, a race of beings from the extradimensional world of Trolla. Like all Trollans, Orko appears to be a diminutive blue humanoid, capable of floating in midair, whose appearance is almost completely hidden beneath a robe, hat, and scarf. Little more than Orko’s hands, ears, and eyes are ever seen by the audience, as Trollan custom only rarely permits the revelation of one’s face. Orko’s face was designed in production drawings but never appeared in the series; when his clothing is removed, he is always obscured.


Evil-Lyn Official Images

Evil-Lyn looks like she is pulled right out of the Filmation cartoon as her outfit is painted in deep and light purples! She also comes with the Shaping Staff as her pack-in!


More official images of Cartoon Collection Evil Lyn!


We also came across another official image of Evil-Lyn.


Evil-Lyn Filmation’s Appearance

The only female member of the Evil Warriors, she is an evil witch who aids Skeletor as his second-in-command with her powers of darkness. Her Filmation appearance colors were dark purple with blue accents. Her helmet is colored in black to match her cape and there are purple and blue tie-ins that match her outfit.


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