Masterverse Teela Wave 4 Update
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Masterverse Teela Sightings & Wave 4 Update

Masterverse Wave 4 Teela has been extremely difficult to locate but it appears that she is slowly showing up in stores but Mer-Man, Viking He-Man, and Barbarian Skeletor are readily available

Three out of the 4 Masterverse Wave 4 figures are available to purchase (if you can catch them) leaving Teela version 2 missing in action so where or where could she be? With our ability to backchannel links to hard to find figures, we’ve surfaced listings for Wave Masterverse Wave 4 so that you can be prepared once these figures come in stock but something we don’t control is when these figures become available and Teela has been the mystifying one so far. We’ve heard great feedback from the community about their ability to find harder to track down figures via our MOTU Shop pages so check those often but Masterverse Teela has been eluding collectors aside from seller’s on eBay listing them at outrageous prices.

Masterverse Teela Wave 4 on eBay

Where is Teela?

To be frank, we have no clue or insider information on when Teela will be coming in stock or readily available, but we have been getting reports from the community that Viking He-Man, Barbarian Skeletor, and Mer-Man are in stock at online retailers like the Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth but Teela is nowhere to be found widely but we are starting to get reports that she is showing up at Target. The release date for her is said to be April of 2022 so hopefully this means she’ll be flooding the pegs.

Teela (ver 2) Masters of the Universe Masterverse Revelation Wave 4

Teela Sightings

Thanks to Mike from Instagram, he spotted Teela in a Target in Northern, California and was able to take advantage of the HUGE MOTU sale that is going on right now so he nabbed both Wave 4 Teela and Mer-Man for $13.59 each!

Masterverse Wave 4 Teela Sightings

Masterverse Wave 4

The rest of the the Masterverse Wave 4 figures are slowing showing up and we’ve successfully connected collectors with Barbarian Skeletor and Viking He-Man via Amazon and via our shop pages but we’ve had a hand in those figures being sold out BUT you can purchase them now on retailers like the Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth for a slight markup.

Masterverse Wave 4 Toy Habits Shop Page

Entertainment Earth Masterverse Wave 4 listings:

Big Bad Toy Store Masterverse Wave 4 listings:

Be sure to visit our shop page to keeps tabs on these figures on our Masterverse Shop page:

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