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Mon*Star and Transformation Chamber Throne Super7 SilverHawks Ultimates Review

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The Super7 SilverHawks Ultimates MonStar and Transformation Chamber Throne are two essential pieces to your collection!

The galactic mob boss Mon*Star might actually be scarier without his enhanced robotic armor, leaving no doubt he’s a fearsome foe for the SilverHawks and the inhabitants of the Limbo Galaxy! Mon*Star is a fictional character from the animated television series “SilverHawks.” The show first aired in 1986 and is a space-themed, science-fiction animated series created by Rankin/Bass Productions. Mon*Star is the main antagonist and leader of a group of intergalactic criminals known as the “Mob.” In the series, Mon*Star is a powerful and malevolent boss who leads the Mob in their attempts to conquer the galaxy. MonStar possesses a magical Moonstar, which grants him incredible power, but it also has a detrimental effect on him, turning him into a monstrous form when activated. The SilverHawks, a group of heroic space law enforcement agents, are tasked with stopping Mon*Star and his gang from carrying out their evil schemes.

Source: IMDB

This is a two-in-one review as it felt odd reviewing these separately as the Throne is a must have if you’ve purchased the Mon*Star figure! The other SilverHawks Ultimates reviews we have done are Steelwill and Quicksilver and before we get too far, we want to thank Entertainment Earth for providing this Super7 Silverhawks Ultimates Mon*Star and Transformation Chamber Throne for our in hand review.


Mon*Star Box and Packaging

Mon*Star comes in the Super7 Ultimates SilverHawks window display box and you can see the packout that comes with the figure! His bio is on the back of the box with an illustration of.a floating head.


His bio reads: “Mon*Star is the head of the Limbo Mob, and functions as the local criminal kingpin. He has been around Limbo for over 300 years. He has above normal strength, but when endowed within the light of Limbo’s Moon-star, Mon*Star’s body transforms and us entirely covered in robotic armor. His strength becomes many times greater than his normal state. He has jets on his elbows that he can use to fly through space well as fire red energy blasts. His most dangerous ability is the star-like blasts that come from what would normall be his eye pactch. He has a persona vendetta against Stargazer and all who align themselves with the SilverHawks.”


The slip cover for Mon*Star’s box is very reflected, like the other packaging in the Super7 SilverHawks Ultimates line!

Transformation Chamber Throne Box

When Mon*Star transforms into his mighty armored state he becomes truly frightful, but without the Transformation Chamber Throne to enable the metamorphosis, reciting the triggering incantation might just make him come across as another boastful despot with a penchant for alliteration. The Throne is features front and center in a beautiful window display box that has an image of Mon*Star in a fierce gaze looking at his left fist!


Mon*Star Figure Details

Super7 knocked Mon*Star out of the part and they continue to deliver the quality know from their Ultimates line!


From the right side and left side profiles, you can really see the details that Super7 poured into this figure! The colors are cast in a deep burgundy color with red’ish accents accents flowing through his muscles.


Mon*Star comes with 3 different head portraits giving him so much displayability, which is another thing that Super7 makes sure to deliver on! He comes with a normal looking headsculpt with an eyepatch covering his left eye. The hair sculpts also have a layered look to them and makes them feel alive.


The second portrait is an open mouth, more sinister look and the hair sculpt and paint app is very well done!


His third portrait is the coolest of the three and features an insane, crazy look for Mon*Star!


Mon*Star’s body has a ton of detail and you can see the definition of his abs, chest and lower back. He does feature a furry loin cloth, reminiscent of the Masterverse figures from the Masters of the Universe toy line.


Mon*Star’s are arms very subtly asymmetrical with the differences in the fur coming from his forearms. The long spikes on his shoulders look formidable and are quite pointy so be careful!


The furry loin cloth also has hints of red flowing through them, which blends in nicely to overall paint sculpt for the figure!


Mon*Star’s Accessories

Mon*Star comes with an impressive packout with tons of alternate hands, two additional head sculpts, and two versions of his trusty minion Sky-Shadow!


Sky-Shadow’s for is gargoyle’esque in appearance and, according to the ThunderCat’s Wiki, “Sky-Shadow is a effectively a dark version of Tally-Hawk. He can fly in and out of a planet’s atmosphere, and across the space of Limbo. He can send transmissions of what he sees back to the mob, though his signals appear to be like Mon*Star’s eye blasts. In combat, he attacks with red lasers from his eyes, opposed to the blue lasers of Tally-Hawk, and attacks with his jaws and the claws built into his wings, compared to the talons of Tally-Hawk.”


Sky-Shadow looks great on Mon*Star’s Transformation Throne to spice up the display!


Sky-Shadow also comes in his resting, mechanical form, which gives him a bat’like appearance.


Mon*Star’s Transformation Chamber Throne

All in all, if you have purchased Mon*Star, the must have accessory is his Transformation Chamber as he looks amazing sitting on his throne! Unlike the Super7 Ultimates ThunderCats figures, Mon*Star has no issues sitting as he looks very natural!


This throne is a very heavy piece of plastic that features from very ornate details! The front of the throne looks equally good from the front and the back!


The throne is cast in a way that resemblers stone and it does have some color variation which brings much of the details out!


The arms of the throne look like crackled stone and the the designs are very ornate and detailed!


The back of the throne features large tube like structures that provide a solid base for this centerpiece.


You will not be sorry if you spend the extra money for Mon*Star’s Throne as he looks amazing in it!


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