Masters of the Universe Wave 8 Available on Target Now
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MOTU Origins Wave 8 Target listings found!

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Find the latest MOTU Origins Wave 8 Figures on Target Clawful, Sun-Man, Horde Trooper & Anti-Eternia He-Man

Looks like the Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 8 is coming in and out of stock on, showing a delivery date of March 29, 2022.

Masters of the Universe Wave 8 In Stock
Masters of the Universe Wave 8 In Stock 2 has the entire wave of the latest Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 8 figures on their website, which include Clawful, Sun-Man, Horde Trooper & Anti-Eternia He-Man. version 2! Although these figures are not currently findable by searching directly on Target’s website, we were able to backchannel the listings. Here are the direct links to Target’s website so you can find them online or in store using the DPCI codes

Note: We do not make commission from these links! They are to help you find what you need:

Let’s take a closer look at each of the upcoming Wave 8 figures below.


Clawful is a perfect Homage to the Vinatge Clawful Figure! Every detail in this new version harken back to the Clawful we all know and love! With his bright red lobster like face, big white eyes, bushy eyebrows and huge teeth, the look on Clawfu’s face is priceless! Complete with his giant working claw hand, bright red armor and bright green mace staff, you will love this langostino!

MOTU Origins Clawful package
MOTU Origins Clawful
MOTU Origins Clawful with staff
MOTU Origins Clawful rear


Originally created by Yla Eason from Olmec Toys, Sun Man and the Rulers of the sun was born out of the idea that no matter what your skin color, anyone can be a Super Hero! Sun-Man comes with his signature sun shield, red staff and bright yellow wings! He is wearing red chest armor with a yellow sunburst insignia and red wrist bracers with yellow diamonds. Sun-Man is also wearing green shorts with a black and green belt and red boots with yellow stars. In perfect MOTU origins style, he closely reassembles his vintage counterpart as discussed in detail in our Day 1 Mattel Reveals article.

MOTU Origins Sun-Man Package
MOTU Origins Sun Man
MOTU Origins Sun Man geared up
MOTU Origins Sun Man rear

Horde Trooper

Previously released in both Red and Black versions as part of the 2021 Power-Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack, this classic Silver version of the Horde Trooper is a straight translation of the vinatge Horder Trooper you all remember! By pressing the red Horde logo on his chest, the Trooper falls open like he just got blasted as he often did on the Princess of Power Filmation cartoon! The Horde Trooper comes complete with his red staff and white crossbow.

MOTU Origins Horde Trooper package
MOTU Origins Horde Trooper
MOTU Origins Horde Trooper bow
MOTU Origins Horde Trooper back

Anti-Eternia He-Man

Anti-Eternia He-Man, He-man’s evil counterpart and master of Anti-Eternia, the hellish world in the Universe of Darkness. Known as the most evil man in the universe, Anti-Eternia He-man comes with a packed with a matching black power sword, black and red shield and black axe!

MOTU Origins Anti Eternia He-Man package
MOTU Origins Anti Eternia He-Man
MOTU Origins Anti Eternia He-Man axe up
MOTU Origins Anti Eternia He-Man rear

Also be sure to check out our article on Wave 9. A trusted source has confirmed that the next Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 9 assortment plus a Zoar & Teela Two Pack Exclusive! Of course, these assortments are always subject to change by Mattel, so please keep this in mind.

Breaking News – Masters of the Universe Origins WAVE 9 CONFIRMED!

Zoar & Teela Two Pack Exclusive Confirmed Masters of the Universe Origins Release

Also watch our YouTube Video on Wave 9 below:

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