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Night Force Tunnel Rat GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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Special thanks to BeesBattleGrounds for sending in hand images of Night Force Tunnel Rat GI Joe Classified Series figure! Night Force Tunnel Rat came hot off the heels of the first release but we are not complaining! Night Force Tunnel Rat was revealed ahead of the Friday the 13th (2023) Walmart Collector Con and it’s amazing to see in hand images so fast! The Night Force faction is one our favorites and BeesBattleGrounds did an amazing photoshoot complete with comparisons and some up close and personal details on the figure.

NF Tunnel Rat

We are so thrilled that BeesBattleGrounds shared these images of Night Force Tunnel Rat because the Night Force faction is one of our favorites and Tunnel Rat is one of the OG figures that was in the original vintage NF line! The previous Night Force figures that came before Tunnel Rat, like Wolf Spider, Big Ben, and Shooter were not in the original vintage line as Night Force figures to it is great to see Tunnel joining the ranks.


As the NF version is a repaint, there are a lot of differences to note as the Night Force version is devoid of paint apps on the face and arms, which was a great move by the Joe Team as it shows they were really thoughtful about figure figure design and aesthetic. Another difference you can see in the comparison below is the bandana has a camo design whereas the original version of Tunnel Rat as a black bandana! What is great about seeing both figures side by side, if you prefer the black bandana look, a simple head swap will fix this!


It’s also great to see side by side comparisons with other figures, like Big Ben, as you can see the Night Force faction logo and how he fits in with the other figures.


Looking at Wolf Spider, Shooter, Big Ben, and Tunnel Rat all together the Night Force faction is shaping up very nicely! We hope they go deep into Night Force we are all in for a treat and we know that NF Crazylegs and Rip Cord are joining that ranks as they were unlocks for the Dragonfly HasLab.


NF Tunnel Rat Preorder and Official Images

Fresh off the recent release of Tunnel Rat, the GI Joe team follows right up with an instant repaint in the form of Night Force Tunnel Rat! As we predicted, the leaked list from our friend G.I. ShArK, called for a Chekhov NF Redeco which turns out to be none other than Night Force Tunnel Rat!

GI Joe Classified Series Night Force Tunnel Rat
GI Joe Classified Series Night Force Tunnel Rat package rear

Thanks to gi_shark on Instagram for posting these official images!

Released in 1988, Night Force Tunnel Rat came packed with Psyche Out on a double figure card.

GI Joe Night Force Tunnel Rat is a member of the GI Joe team, a group of highly skilled soldiers dedicated to protecting the world from the forces of Cobra, an evil terrorist organization. Tunnel Rat’s real name is Nicky Lee, and he hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Tunnel Rat is known for his skill in underground operations and his expertise in demolitions and explosives. He is a compact and agile soldier who excels in navigating tight spaces, making him well-suited for tunnel exploration and combat. He often carries a backpack filled with various devices and cutting-edge tools to aid him in his missions.

Night Force Tunnel Rat is part of the Night Force sub-team, which is a specialized division of the GI Joe team known for their nighttime operations. As a member of Night Force, Tunnel Rat utilizes his skills to infiltrate enemy strongholds under cover of darkness. His ability to operate in low-light conditions makes him an invaluable asset in covert missions.

Tunnel Rat is known for his brash and outspoken personality. He is often portrayed as being a bit of a wise-cracker, using humor to lighten the mood during intense situations. Despite his sometimes irreverent attitude, Tunnel Rat is fiercely loyal to his teammates and will do whatever it takes to complete his mission.

In terms of appearances, Night Force Tunnel Rat is typically seen wearing a distinct black and gray camouflage uniform, perfect for blending into the darkness. He also wears a helmet and goggles to protect himself during combat.

Overall, GI Joe Night Force Tunnel Rat is a highly skilled soldier with an expertise in underground operations and demolitions. He is a crucial member of the GI Joe team and a fan-favorite character among G.I. Joe enthusiasts.

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