MOTU Origins Wave 9 Pig Head Hands On Review
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Pig Head MOTU Origins Hands On Review

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Pig-Head wicked enemy of Sun Man joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line as part of Wave 9! Olmec Toys launched their flagship character Sun-Man in 1985 with the idea that that no matter what your skin-color, you can still be a superhero. With that, the Rulers of the Sun line was born by its founder Yla Eason. Mattel has now partnered with Olmec toys to bring us the entire line of Rulers of the Sun the Master of the Universe Origins line! Below you can see Sun-Man and the rest of the Rulers of the Sun Pig Head, Digitino, Space Sumo and a second versions of Sun-Man with a more stylized head sculpt. To my surprise, Pig Head has really become my fav or the wave! We will dive in detail with this hands on review!

Rulers of the Sun Masters of the Unvierse Origins Figures

Pig-Head is the nemesis of the Rulers of the Sun gang. Where Skeletor is He-Man’s counter-part, so is Pig-Head to Sun-Man. Pig Head has an interesting green skin color, boar like tusks protruding from his mouth and a big pig-like snout for a nose. He wears a teal-colored helmet with pink horns, pink wrist bracers, teal colored chest, burgundy chest strap and matching burgundy belt with red accents. His shorts are interesting as they are of a light-yellow color but look like they have a scaly texture, unlike the loin cloths of the rest of the MOTU gang. He wears teal colored boots with pink furry tops. Pig-Head is wheedling a teal spiked mace and pink and teal colored shield. Pig-Head is a very interesting character in the Rulers of the Sun, as he is the only non-humanoid beast-like creature in the group. I think this is great to bring variety to the group, as MOTU fans as fond of creature like characters, so he fits in nicely! Again, he too matches his vintage counter-part in classic origins fashion.

Pig Heads MOTU Origins 4
Pig Heads MOTU Origins 5

Pig Heads MOTU Origins front
Pig Heads MOTU Origins back
Pig Heads MOTU Origins right side
Pig Heads MOTU Origins left side

About Pig-Head

Pig Head, the Wicked Enemy of Sun Man is more or less a direct translation of the vintage figure but with much brighter colors. The pinks, greens, and blues definitely pop more on this figure and more more loud, which goes along with the other MOTU Origins figures.

According to Pig-Head’s Origins story:

Zegor was the rich and villainous Prince of the House of Shadus.  He was known throughout the land as the devious and spiteful lord who spread despair among his workers.  He used his wealth to build torturous chambers in which to punish those who did not obey him.  The workers who remained of purest souls fled, to live among the House of Dynus.  Once a man of handsome features, Zegor was transformed, by the Ruler of the Sun, into a hideous creature – half-man/half-hog and was forever to be called “Pig-Head.” Pig-Head is an angry creature.  He lives with one burning desire – to bring dishonor and shame to all those who live among him.  He has trained his demons to follow his evil plan.  He and his followers will always lurk beneath the sun and never shall they dwell in the land of paradise. Pig-Head was banished into the dungeons of Hades, where he forever tries to harness the sun’s beautiful rays and use its power for his evil doings.

Rulers of the Sun Online Toyshow

Will they make a Zegor figure? Probably not but he’s on the card art so it’s definitely in the realm of possibility. If they did, this would open the door to more figures that were not in the main MOTU Vintage line and it would be cool to see more Origins figures beyond the 10 we might be getting if they build the entire line out.

Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Pig Head Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure
Pig Head Vintage Figure from Olmec


Pig-Head Masters of the Universe Origins style card has the 40th Anniversary sticker in the upper left, which looks like it will be the standard moving forward this year. Also, the figure has the Rulers of the Sun logo, like the single carded standard release of Sun-Man!

Pig Heads MOTU Origins Package Front
Pig Heads MOTU Origins Package back

The Pig-Head art is a long shot for a figure tease but if we look at the definition of the work Origins, it reads the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. If you look at Pig-Head’s backstory, we could concevibly see Zegor, the villainous Prince in the very distant future if Mattel decides to make spin off figures from the Rulers of the Sun. This would be akin to a Rise of Evil Two Pack situation where we saw a Keldor figure even though there was not a Vintage figure created for him in the 80’s. Then the battle for the chalice that controls the power of the sun begins! 

Pig-Head Masters of the Universe Origins Card Art Wave 9
Source: Axel Gimenez Facebook page
Prince Zegor Rulers of the Sun MOTU Origins Pig Head Card Art
Prince Zegor Rulers of the Sun MOTU Origins Pig Head Card Art
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Geared Up


Pig Head’s head sculpt looks fabulous and matches almost exactly to the vintage figure. He is wearing a teal helmet with light purple-colored horns. He has a very pig like face in a lime green color with a huge snout and tusk coming out of either side of his face. On the right side he has one tusk and on the let there are two. His face has some nice detailed sculpted into it which help bring out the pig-like features in his face. He has piercing yellow eyes with beady little red pupils, and I just love how it makes him look!

Pig Heads MOTU Origins head front
Pig Heads MOTU Origins head back

Chest & Back

Pig-Head’s chest is made of the standard Origins buck in a teal-colored plastic. His chest and back design are the simple muscular torso that is common to most of the Origins figures. He is wearing a burgundy-colored spiked chest strap that clasps on the right side. The spikes wrap around the front and back and look just like the vintage Pig Head action figure.

Pig Heads MOTU Origins chest
Pig Heads MOTU Origins back close up

Arms / Waist / Legs

Pig Head’s arms are both symmetrical and are a bright lime green color, with pink wrist bracers. His arms are made of the standard Origins body arms common to the human figures like He-Man, but his wrist bracers are a new mold, with 3 little rivets along one edge. His hands match his torso color and are the same teal as his torso. I think having his hands a different color than his arms make for a nice contrast and a more interesting looking figure. This is also just like the design of the vintage action figure.

Pig Heads MOTU Origins right arm
Pig Heads MOTU Origins left arm

His waist is a new design to Origins as it looks like Pig Head is wearing light yellow colored scaled looking shorts, rather than the furry looking shorts of the rest of the Origins figures. His belt is also a new design, dark burgundy in color with 3 red circles on the front.

Pig Heads MOTU Origins waist front
Pig Heads MOTU Origins waist rear

Pig Head’s legs and boots use the standard human buck leg and buck design just like He-Man. His legs too are of a bright lime color, and he is wearing teal-colored boots with a pink furry lining on top.

Pig Heads MOTU Origins legs front
Pig Heads MOTU Origins legs back
Pig Heads MOTU Origins right leg
Pig Heads MOTU Origins left leg
Pig Heads MOTU Origins boots
Pig Heads MOTU Origins boots back


Pig Head comes with 2 accessories. His shield and his spiked mace. These looks just like the ones that were included with the vintage action figure. He looks super cute holding his weapons and the color choices really make them pop!

Pig Heads MOTU Origins accessories


Pig Head’s shield is design after the vintage shield and is made of a teal-colored plastic with pink trim around the edge and center. He holds it just like He-Man’s shield by clipping it onto his wrist and his hand grips the handle on the back.

Spiked Mace

Pig Head’s Spiked mace is a really fun design with it’s curved post. When Pig Head holds his spiked mace in his hand, it’s fun to pose him ready to attack as the curved design makes him look both silly and fierce at the same time! This weapon too is modeled after the vintage version.

Mini Comic

The mini-comic that comes packed with all the Wave 9 figures is “The Horrors of Pig Head”. The cover features Pig Head trying to obtain the Sun Stone and 200X Skeletor by his side, with Sun-Man and 200X He-Man ready for battle. We will cover a summary of the mini-comic below, so if you don’t want to know what happens and what to read it for yourself, skip this section and keep going.

MOTU Origins The Horrors of Pig Head Mini Comic Cover
MOTU Origins The Horrors of Pig Head Mini Comic back

In this issue, 200X He-Man battles an evil green monster, when suddenly darkness falls onto Eternia. He-Man confers with the Sorceress at Castle Grayskull to see what is going on, and she says that the sun has disappeared from the Solar System all together. She calls on Sun-Man to help answer what has happened to the sun. Sun-Man tells He-Man and the Sorceress that his greatest enemy is behind the disappearance of the sun.

Back at the Cavern of the Defiled ones. Skeletor and Pig Head both exiled from society plot their next evil scheme to take over Castle Grayskull. Pig Head says he knows how Skeletor can gain control over Castle Grayskull but first Skeletor must do him a favor, the sun must die!

Back at Castle Grayskull, Sun-Man explains that Pig Head was banished and now he wants to harvest Eternia’s sun. Sun-Man tracked down Skeletor’s spy and pulls out Mantenna from a bag! They force Mantenna to tell them where Skeletor and Pig Head are hiding!

MOTU Origins The Horrors of Pig Head Mini Comic pgs 1&2
MOTU Origins The Horrors of Pig Head Mini Comic pgs 3&4

Sun-Man and He-Man head to the Temple of the Sun in (spoiler alert,…. can this be a tease??) the Talon fighter. Pig Head get’s a hold of the powerful Sun Stone, an ancient Eternian artifact that generates incredible power by absorbing the energy of the sun. Amplified by Skeletor’s magic, the Sun Stone has absorbed nearly all of the sun’s energy, of which they can use to take down Castle Grayskull. But at that moment, He-Man and Sun Man appear at the Temple of the sun. Skeletor declares that with the combined power of himself, Pig-Head and the Sun Stone that He-Man and Sun-Man are no match for them. But Pig-Head, greedy as he is, tries to take off with the Sun Stone for himself and escapes to Castle Grayskull with the Sun Stone in his grasp.

Suddenly Sun-Man appears and with all the Power of the Sun reins down his might on Pig Head, knocking the Sun Stone out of his grip and knocking out Pig-Head in the process! Finally, Eternia is safe and the warmth and light of the sun return as the evil warriors were conquered.

MOTU Origins The Horrors of Pig Head Mini Comic pgs 5&6
Pig Heads MOTU Origins instructions

Photography Fun!

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! We have a special guest star for Pig Head’s photo shoot! Sun Man and the rest of the Wave 9 gang have decided to graciously make an appearance!

MOTU Origins Wave 9 Melee 5
MOTU Origins Wave 9 Melee Pig Head Sun Man 1
Pig Heads MOTU Origins vs Sun Man 1
Pig Heads MOTU Origins vs Sun Man 2
MOTU Origins Wave 9 Melee Pig Head 1


Rating: 7 out of 7.

Rating: 7 out of 7.

Toy Sorceress


I was lucky enough to acquire all of Wave 9 at once, and I have to say that in a surprise move, Pig Head turned out to be my fav of the wave! His amazing back story coupled with those bright colors, cool mace weapon and something about those beady little yellow eyes just captured my heart! I love the simplicity of his outfit and his paint applications were just perfect! Articulation was great and everything about this figure for a standard release met and exceeded my expectations! For these reasons, I give Pig Head a perfect 7.0 out of 7.0 stars!

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Pig Head

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