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She-Ra Princess of Power Coming to Mondo

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Adora, He-Man’s Twin Sister and defender of the Crystal Castle is coming to Mondo! Fabulous secrets were revealed to us today by the MONDO Instagram page. For the Honor of Grayskull, She-Ra is coming to Mondo as a 1/6 scale special edition action figure on July 12th, 2022! And from the looks of the silhouette teased to us today, She-Ra will look spectacular. The Great Rebellion can now strive to free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak!

Princess of Power Crystal Castle Filmation
She_Ra as seen on the opening of Filmation’s She-Ra Princess of Power cartoon

7/11/2022 Update: She-Ra 1/6 Scale 48-Hour Preorder

The 1/6 Scale She-Ra figure preorder starts July 12, 2022 at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET so make a reminder for yourself if you don’t want to miss out! The preorder, which carries the price tag of $250, will be available on Mondo’s official website and will only be up for 48-hours so be sure to go there on the 12th! Looked like they had success with their He-Man 24-hour timed preorder and they are continuing this trend with She-Ra! Here is a link to the official news drop from Mondo!

She-Ra Mondo 48-Hour Timed Edition Preorder

From the look of the silhouette, and from what we just saw with the latest Mondo He-Man, this She-Ra looks like she is going to be amazing! You can see that iconic She-Ra tiara on her head, the sword of power, gold arm bracers, gold boots and her signature red cape! From this silhouette, we get quite a bit of information on what she may look like! If the Mondo He-Man is a benchmark for design and quality, this She-Ra is going to be absolutely spectacular!

She Ra Mondo Coming Soon

We had previously gotten a hint of She-Ra coming to Mondo from this image below that was also on the ¡Yo tengo el Poder! Instagram page last week. We got a sneek peek at She-Ra standing in the background at the jaw bridge of Castle Grayskull in this spectacular image!

Mondo He-Man She Ra Tease

We also got a look at the prototype model of Mondo She-Ra at last years 2021 Power-Con at the Mondo Booth. If you take a look closely, you will notice She-Ra’s trusty sidekick Kowl accompanying her! How exciting will it be to get a scaled Kowl with She-Ra! I can’t wait to see what this Mondo figure looks like when she gets unveiled! From the grey model, you can see the amazing details of She-Ra’s tiara, chest armor, skirt and shield. Her boots look amazing as well. The look of this She-Ra is very reminiscent of the vintage style and captures the classic look of She-ra. Kowl looks very closely to the original vintage / Filmation style and is super exciting to be getting him as well! We can see that Monod is already planning for a Battlecat, can that mean that maybe we will also get a Spirit one day too?

She Ra Mondo as seen at Power Con
She-Ra, Kowl, He-Man and Battlecat Mondo Prototype figures as seen at Power-Con 2021

She-Ra Princess of Power

She-Ra was released by Mattel in 1985 was an iconic action figure of the 1980’s. With real routed hair and soft goods skirt and cape, kids were able to enjoy her as both a doll and an action figure. I can still remember the day when my mom took me to Toys R Us and bought me my first She-Ra doll! I loved that She-ra, and even though I don’t own my childhood figure, I was able to add her back into my collection many years later. Now it seems She-Ra is making a reemergence into pop culture and her popularity is stronger than ever!

According to She-Ra | Wiki Grayskull:

She-Ra is the principal figure of the Princess of Power brand, the heroine alter ego of Princess Adora, and the twin sister of He-Man (Prince Adam). She is featured in the animated series of the same name, an attempt to make a version of the Masters of the Universe cartoon series that would appeal to young girls.

She-Ra is introduced in the animated movie The Secret of the Sword as Force Captain Adora, an agent of the Evil Horde that rules the planet Etheria. However, she then discovers that she is the long-lost twin sister of Prince Adam of Eternia, having been kidnapped by the Horde’s primary Commander on Etheria, Hordak, as a baby. In the same story, she is granted the Sword of Protection – which parallels He-Man’s Sword of Power – and gains the ability to transform into She-Ra. As Princess Adora, she then joins the Great Rebellion that seeks to free Etheria from the Horde. Only a few characters know that Adora is in fact also She-Ra, her twin brother Prince Adam/He-ManCringer/Battle Cat, The SorceressMan-At-ArmsOrkoSpirit/Swift WindLight HopeMadame RazzKowl and Loo-Kee.

She-Ra | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Swift Wind or “Swifty” as She-Ra affectionately referred to him, was the other big star of the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation cartoon! My favorite character as a kid and now, Swifty was always there to assist She-Ra in fighting the Evil Horde and came to the rescue whenever she needed him. I loved the sound of his voice too; it just fit him so well! The animators chose to color Swifty in a beautiful color scheme, by coloring him as a white horse, his multicolored wings and pink and blue mask really stood out and gave him that signature look that everyone knows and loves!

The Mattel Princess of Power version of Swift Wind, released in 1985, also did not resemble the Swift Wind from Filmation, but rather was a shimmery pink colored horse with gold, white and pink wings, a gold mask and saddle with pink rooted hair. Just like Arrow, allowing kids to comb and style Swift Wind’s hair, which was a pivotal part of the play pattern for the Princess of Power toy line.

Shown below is the vintage Mattel Princess of Power She-Ra and Swift Wind, from the personal collection of the none other than the Toy Sorceress! Love my horsie!!! She-Ra and Swifty sit proudly on the shelf over my desk where I am currently authoring this article!

She-Ra Princess of Power Swiftwind vintage She- Ra standing
She-Ra Princess of Power & Swiftwind Vintage figures
She-Ra Card Princess of Power Swift Wind Filmation
She-Ra & Swiftwind as seen on the Filmation Cartoon

Where to buy:

We will be sure to add the official link and information on how to pre-order She-Ra as soon as we find out, but for now we know it will be on

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