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Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listings Found on Target

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A huge thanks to The Full Force on Facebook and 80’s Toy Boy on Twitter for find these new Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listings Found on Target! There are some major deep cuts in this latest wave from character’s from the Palitoy action force line, to army builder favorites of the ARAH vintage GI Joe line! Let’s take a deep dive into what they found and what new characters we have in store! Since we only have name only listings and no photos of the figures yet, so we will use reference images below so you know what they characters look like, especially the deep cut ones!

New figures on Target system are shown below, they include:

  • Serpentor- DCPI 087 26 4320
  • Cobra Skeleton Warrior Glow – DCPI 087 26 6162
  • Red Jackal – DCPI 087 26 2683
  • Cobra Snow Serpent – DCPI 087 26 0734
  • Daina Oktober Guard – DCPI 087 26 2621
  • Cobra Mortal Vintage – DCPI 087 26 9813
  • Cobra Sabre Tooth – DCPI 087 26 6713
  • Scarlett Purple Variant – DCPI 087 26 3681
  • Lady Jaye Teal – DCPI 087 26 6808
Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listing Found on Target 4
Source: 80’s Toy Boy
Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listing Found on Target 1
Source: 80’s Toy Boy

Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listing Found on Target 5
Source: 80’s Toy Boy
Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listing Found on Target 6
Source: 80’s Toy Boy

Super7 GI Joe Reaction Wave 8 Listing Found on Target 3
Source: 80’s Toy Boy
Source: 80’s Toy Boy


Serpentor has got to be the most exciting name on this wave 8 listing! Now we don’t know if he is coming single carded, for the first time or will he come with his air chariot? In either case, he is very exciting to see on the listings! See as these ReAction figures were supposed to be Sunbow inspired, it will be interesting to see to see if he will look like the Sunbow cartoon or the vintage ARAH figure?

Serpentor on Air Chariot GI Joe 1986 Figure & Vehicle
Serpentor Sunbow cartoon

Red Jackal

The Red Jackal Destro also pays homage to a vintage exclusive figure that was available in the United Kingdom and Europe around 1984 by the Palitoy toy company. He was also available packaged with the Hyena tank – a repaint of the H.I.S.S. Tank.

Source: eBay
Palitoy Action Force Red Jackal

Cobra Skeleton Warrior Glow

This is one that eludes is as we don’t know which character this belongs to but will be for sure a wonderful glow in the dark army builder! Maybe Cobra’s version og MOTU Skeleton Warriors!

Cobra Snow Serpent

The Cobra Snow Serpent is a fan favorite and recently released in the Classified Series. The Vintage Snow Serpent was released in 1985 for the A Real American Hero line. He came with a small missile launcher, rifle, snow shoes, and a cool blue fanny pack!

Snow Serpent Vintage Gi Joe Cobra Figure 1985
Snow Serpent Vintage Gi Joe Cobra Figure 1985
GI Joe Cobra Snow Serpant vintage
Snow Serpent Vintage Gi Joe Cobra Figure 1985

The Snow Serpent was featured in the 1980’s Sunbow cartoon and went up against Alpine in one of the episodes

Sunbow Snow Serpent vs Alpine

Daina Oktober Guard

Daina Oktober Guard is the next name on the list and a very deep cut character. Featured in the GI Joe Comic book issue #6. According to Daina | Joepedia | Fandom: “She is the one Oktober Guard member with a multitude of talents. She is a skilled helicopter pilot, a knowledgeable fixed wing pilot, a marksman, a competent diver, a brilliant tactician second to Brekhov, and probably more intelligent than most of her teammates.”

Daina Oktober Guard

Cobra Mortal Vintage

The Cobra Mortal was one of the original vintage Plastirama Argen7 figures from Argentina. This is a deep cut if I ever saw one! The Argen7 was a way to group the 7 straight-arm characters from Argentina series 1 and series 2 figures that were completely different from those available in the US. These figures were available both in Argentina (made by Plastirama) and later, in Venezuela (made by Rubiplas).

GI Joe Cobra Mortal
GI Joe Cobra Mortal Argen7 vintage

Cobra Sabre Tooth

A repaint character based on Firefly, Cobra Sabre Tooth had a more grey, brown, and yellow camo scheme. This will make a great repaint of the Firefly figure by Reaction ,Vintage figure and Super7 ReAction Firefly shown below.

GI Joe Cobra Sabre Tooth vintage
Firefly GI Joe Super7 reactin figure

Scarlett Purple Variant & Lady Jaye Teal Variant

We can only guess that these are repaints of the original Scarlett and Lady Jaye figures. Below are some variant images of Scarlett and Lady Jaye.

SUper7 Scarlett reaction
Scarlett Purple
GI Joe Lady Jaye Teal

Looking for more GI Joe ReAction, check out our GI Joe Super7 Reaction Figures shop page!

GI Joe Super 7 Reaction Shop page 12

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