Who is Despara Masters of the Universe Revolution Prequel Comic Announced
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Who is Despara Masters of the Universe Revolution Prequel Comic Announced

The Darkhorse Despara Masters of the Universe Revolution comic will be hitting book shelves on May 15, 2024

To set context, Despara was originally positioned as the evil alter ego of She-Ra! Also, back in August 2023, Mattel renewed Despara’s trademark so we expected something Despara related in the near future. While it’s not an action figure, Dark Horse The Masters of the Universe Revolution comic series will be delving into the question: Who is Despara! Looks like there is more than meets the eye with respect to her lore so can’t wait to find out more!


Mattel announced on their @masters Instragram page, “Evil meets evil in @DarkHorseComics and @Mattel’s newest Masters of the Universe prequel comic series, Masters of the Universe: Revolution! Coming May 15, 2024, available for pre-order now at your local comic shop.”

Despara Backstory

To accomany her trademark renewal back in August 2024, we put together a short YouTube video:

Despara Comic Lore

The story of Despara is told through the DC Masters of the Universe comics and what a story this has made! It tells a story of an individual dragged down by dire circumstances beyond her control, She-Ra, in true hero fashion, rose above those circumstances to become an inspiration to the world around her. The comic tells a story about She-Ra in dramatic retelling of her beginnings and delves into our her pre-Princess of Power’s past – before the Sword of Protection came to her, before she became the Most Powerful Woman in the Universe and before she ever uttered the phrase, “For the honor of Grayskull!” Kidnapped as a baby by the Skeletor, She-Ra’s alter ego Princess Adora – twin sister of Prince Adam (who later became He-Man) – was raised by the Hordak in the dark dimension of Despondos. Hordak renamed Adora Despara and brainwashed her into becoming a villain. Despara became a force captain in Hordak’s army and Hordak’s own personal assassin. Upon return to her birth planet, Eternia, Despara was initially Adam’s enemy.

Masters of the Universe Chapter 8 DC Comics

She Ra is a very powerful character whether she is on the side of good, or evil in this case. Her journey before becoming the Princess of Power is a message of strength, capability and redemption as Despara is a darker, more unusual take on She-Ra. The illustrator of the comic portrays her as detached and cold, rather than evil to the core. As Artist Drew Edward Johnson said in an interview, She wasn’t born as this deadly Hordak enforcer but was made one, and over the course of the story, we can see how she’s been kept in line and made to do things that are against her nature. I tried to show in a couple of close-up shots that her eyes are not those of a killer, and in those shots, divided her face down the middle with the panel borders to show her split nature.”


Despara MOTU Classics Figure

Dark and deviant, she’s the evil alter ego of She-Ra, who is the alter-ego of Adora. Kidnapped as a baby and raised by Hordak, Adora fights for the Horde until twin brother He-Man reveals her true identity. Later, after the defeat of Hordak, the spirit of Horde Prime possesses her and the evil persona of Despara emerges once again. Despara is armed with two swords, battle staff, and an alternate evil head. Her figure was made for the MOTU Classics line and from what we’ve seen from Mattel lately, they are creating figures in the MOTU Origins line based on MOTU Classics figures. Fang-Or is a great example of a recent figure that was first made for the MOTU Classics line for the Origins line!


Despara’s MOTU Classics bio reads, “As a Horde Force Captain, Adora donned armor to resemble her “father” Hordak and became the fearsome warrior Despara. Enchanted by Shadow Weaver to forget inklings of mercy or independent thought, Despara was a living weapon for the Horde until her twin brother He-Man gave her the Sword of Protection and helped her become the heroic She-Ra. Many years later after Hordak’s defeat, she destroyed his brother Horde Prime, whose spirit then possessed her. The Sword of Protection prevented him from truly corrupting Adora’s soul, but left her with amnesia fighting for her freedom in a galactic arena for years. Gradually Prime recreated the persona of Despara, who desired revenge for Hordak’s death. Eventually she returned to Eternia where contact with the Sword of Power restored the Sword of Protection and expelled Prime’s spirit, destroying the Despara personality forever.”


We did a small Despara photo shoot since we have the MOTU Classics figure and she is truly unique in form and design. You can see the alternate head sculpts that comes with the figure, which ads some variety to your MOTU display.


Her two swords can stow away in her shoulder armor in the two slots on the back!


Depsara MOTU Origins Concept

We often feature the work of talented and amazing customizers when we do not have official images for a figure reveal or tease yet. We got an infusion of character names that were either teased or listed for trademark renewal. We recently came across a MOTU customizer, adamsheracustoms on Instagram and his work is out of this world! In fact, the world he is focusing on is Etheria and designing Masters of the Universe figures for mainly the Princess of Power line but he has also translated some of work over to Masters of the Universe Revelation with his Skelesorceress Evil-Lyn concept. We were scrolling his Instagram feed and came across a Despara custom he created and it looks outstanding! Adam specializes in creating figures that resemble the MOTU vintage line but we can also imagine what these figure concepts could look like in MOTU Origins!

Adam says on his Instagram post, “Force Captain Despara struggles under the spell of her adoptive mother Shadow Weaver.” This custom shows Despara with short rooted hair, as she is portrayed in the comics and concept art. Her uniform is made of up silver and black paint apps with some material that reflects light, creating a multi colored effect.

Despara-Masters of the Universe-Origins-Concept-3

In an alternative design, adamsheracustoms created a longer haired version of Despara with a Horde symbol on her chest, a mask, and a soft goods cape, resembling her MOTU Classics figure.

Despara-Masters of the Universe-Origins-Concept-1

Despara has an alternate look, which really shows the dark side of Adora. Rather than creating an alternate head sculpt, adamsheracustoms created a mask that can pull down over her face. If this figure was created for the vintage line, this would likely be how Mattel would design a figure with a alternate personalty as the heads were not swappable back then. If she was ever to come to the MOTU Origins line, she could be designed with an alternate head sculpt.

Despara-Masters of the Universe-Origins-Concept-2

We truly hope Despara is created for the MOTU Origins line as this would continue the Horde line of characters, much like the Snake Men are doing for that faction.

Despara-Masters of the Universe-Origins-Concept-4

Despara Trademark Renewal

On August 22, 2023, Mattel filed to renew the trademark for Despara, which could mean one of two things! First, they could simply be renewing her trademark so that they do not lose the naming rights for the figure and, second, it could mean that a Despara release for the line is in the works!


Motherboard Box List of Characters

In a shocking twist of events, friend of Toy Habits @silverkayyy (also cohost of the Geek The F Out YouTube Channel) and Toy Habits Crew member Danny Phillips have made a shocking revelation (or is it Revolution???). The Motherboard Masterverse Mattel Creations box has been hiding a list of what we think are future Masterverse figures and vehicles. This list also could very well be a mix of lines from Masterverse and MOTU Origins and it’s crazy to think that these names are printed on the underside of the Motherboard Masterverse box. This could very well just be a list of trademark names that could be appearing in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netlfix series but it’s always fun to speculate what might be coming down the line and Mattel has given us this list on a silver platter by printing it directly on the Motherboard Mattel Creations Mastersverse box!


The List contains the following:

Figure Names

  • Evilyn Morgan Powers
  • Flogg
  • Modulok
  • Queen Marlena
  • Songstro
  • Maddame Razz
  • Dylamug
  • Flutterina
  • Entrapta
  • Desprara
  • Bow
  • Eldor
  • Heroic Masters of Weapons
  • Scorpia

Vehicle Names

  • Battle Ram Chariot
  • War Sled

Places in the Masters of the Universe

  • Despondos

Keeping on top of Mattel’s filing for trademark renewals can give us a window into future figures that could be coming down the line. In addition, there were a slew of trademark figure names that appeared on the Masterverse Motherboard shipper box and Despara was one of those names that appeared on the box! Coincidence? We don’t think so! Also, Toy Habits Crew member Danny Phillips recently asked Mattel on social media about the list of names that appeared on the Motherboard box and their response was, “Stay tuned for future releases.” In fact, we surfaced the trademark renewal for Vykron and a week later the Vykron was announced and is now in the hands of collectors.

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