MOTU-Mattel Creations Exclusive Wun Dar 2nd Run
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Wun-Dar Masters of the Universe Origins 2nd Run Preorder and Official Images

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MOTU Origins Wun-Dar is getting a 2nd run and goes up for preorder on September 28th at 9am PST, in all his savage glory!

UPDATE 8/23/2022: 2nd Run for Wun-Dar Coming September 28, 2022

Mattel is listening to fans and they will have a second run on Wun-Dar coming September 28, 2022! Here is the official announcement:

“Coming in September: Wun-Dar! You asked for more Wun-Dar and we listened. Starting Sept 28th we will open up a made-to-order sale for a second chance to add Wun-Dar to your collection! Made-to-order period: Sep 28th at 9am PT – Sept 30th 8:59am PT”

Wun-Dar Mattel Creations 2nd Run Preorder
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations 2nd Run Preorder
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations 2nd Run Preorder MOTUesday
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations 2nd Run Preorder MOTUesday

UPDATE: June 22, 2022

Unlike the Mattel Creations Sun-Man and Mini Comic Tri-Klops, and Kol-Darr, Wun-Dar has a limit of 3 person with an anticipated ship date to be determined. You can preorder this amazing figure starting June 24th 2022 at 9am PST.


Wun-Dar sold out in about 2 minutes today and we know there are a ton of unhappy collector’s out there! Hopefully Mattel will see the demand and make more but not likely!

Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Sold Out
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Sold Out

Where to buy

Since Wun-Dar sold, your best bet is to get this figure on the secondary market!

Wun-Dar Hands On Review

Although this figure is going up preorder this Friday, June 24th at 9am PST, we did obtain an early copy of the figure so check out our hands on review!

Wun-Dar Background

Vintage Origins

There are many theories about where and how Wun-Dar came to be, ranging from an actual Wonder Bread promotion to a buy 3 Mattel figures get one free deal so if you are not familiar with Wun-Dar or his origins, here is more about him:

The figure of Wun-Dar is an homage to the original promotional figure given away through the mail in 1981. In the late 1990s an unusual repaint of He-Man began appearing on eBay. He sported the same color scheme that Wun-Dar would come to have.

For many years there was much uncertainty about the origin of this figure and it was long believed he came from a promotion with the Wonder Bread sliced bread company however more recent research since the release of the Classics figure has disproved this. This He-Man variant was available through a promotion where you could buy 3 figures and get one free in the mail, this figure was savage He-Man.

Wun-Dar Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Front
Wun-Dar Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure

It seems like, after much debate (and time), the consensus is that Wun-Dar was part of the Buy 3 Get 1 free promotion back in the 80’s and Scott Toy Guru Neitlich has made two YouTube Videos on the history of Wun-Dar entitled New evidence comes to light on a 35 year toy-mystery. The Wonder Bread He-Man’s origin solved! and Wun-Dar the Wonderbread Savage He-Man. His remaining mysteries reviewed and solved. Apparently the figure that was shipped was a color variant of He-Man with dark hair, a black belt, and a brown loin cloth. Now, today, there is a president for figures coming without armor (think Mer-Man from the Revelation line) but this definitely would have been a surprise in the 1980’s.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Mattel 1980's Promotion
Buy 3 Get 1 Free Mattel 1980’s Promotion
Wun-Dar Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure With Accessories
Wun-Dar Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure With Accessories

Dear Mattel…

Here is the letter that Scott Toy Guru Neitlich referenced in his YouTube video that helped shed light on the mystery of Wun-Dar and this was from a disgruntled parent who apparently did not know she was getting an “incomplete” figure with some random accessories. Thank goodness this person mailed this to Mattel as the mystery might have been unsolved or the speculation on the bread promotion might have prevailed.

I recently took advantage of your buy 3 get 1 free offer on Masters of the Universe figures. I must say it was a very disappointing experience not only for my myself but my son(s) and nephew too.

What we expected was a complete person, with equipment. For that reason, we made sure not to buy any duplicate figures so that any one that we received would be all right between the boys they now have the Castle, Battle Cat, Mer-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Zodac, He-Man, Man-At-Arms. Imagine their dismay with the figure they received. They asked who it was and I explained he was a special edition He-Man…

Wun-Dar Letter to Mattel
Wun-Dar Letter to Mattel

MOTU Classics Origins

Wun-Dar MOTU Classics Figure
Wun-Dar MOTU Classics Figure

In the Classics Line, The Wun-Dar figure is an homage to this mysterious He-Man variant and the the loaf of bread and the “savage” descriptor are clear nods fans thinking this had anything to do with Wonder Bread. There is also an easter egg paint app on the back of the armor of figure that pays tribute to this as you can see a a symbol consisting of three colored circles that is very similar to the Wonder Bread logo.

Another curious detail is the backstory given on the card. The premise of a “savage” He-Man saving the Goddess and then being given his weapons by her and tasked with defending Eternia is very similar to the original origin of He-Man presented in He-Man and the Power Sword.

Wun-Dar MOTU Classics Bio
Wun-Dar MOTU Classics Bio

Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Figure

According to Mattel’s product description:

An ancient hero returns! 100 years before Prince Adam was born, Wun-Dar saved the Goddess of Eternia and became one of the first Defenders of Castle Grayskull. This character was a rare promotional figure released in the 80’s. We’re bringing him back as the newest figure in our MOTU Origins line. For savage battle-worthy displays, this Wun-Dar collector figure is articulated and comes with weapon accessories to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

Wun-Dar pack out Mattel Creations Exclusive
  • MOTU Origins Wun-Dar Figure
  • 5.5 inches tall, can stand alone
  • Comes with a removable chest armor, sword, axe, and blaster
  • 16 points of articulation for battle-worthy poses
  • Includes mini comic
  • An old ally joins the fight for Eternia!

Wun-Dar Figure

Wun-Dar comes in the same type of exclusive packaging as we got with mini comic Tri-Klops, but we will cover that further below, with a brown shipper box with pencil art and a special cart back with front artwork and a full art work image on the back. The figure of Wun-Dar as to be expected, which is basically a re-paint of the vintage head version of He-Man. He has chocolatey brown hair in that classic vintage head style, with a darken, more brown and less orange skin tone then the He-Man Figure. He also comes with the black Zodac chest armor, black wrist cuffs, a black belt, brown shorts and black boots that tie the figure in nicely with the armor too!

Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Exclusive
Wun-Dar front Mattel Creations Exclusive

You can see that the vintage accessories that came with the Vintage Wun-Dar slightly resemble the ones we get with the Origins Wun-Dar, but are still vastly different. The vintage Wun-Dar came with packed with recolored Grayskull Weapons rack accessories as we mentioned above. Vintage Wun-Dar included an axe, shield, large blaster, mace and sword. The sword is similar but has a different hilt. The axe too has a totally different handle, and the vintage Wun-Dar never came packed with a blaster.

Wun-Dar rear Mattel Creations Exclusive
Wun-Dar rear Mattel Creations Exclusive

Box and Card Art

We did not see official images of the card art posted today but we included this from our review. We love that we get the beautiful front card back artwork on these exclusive figures! Here we can see an illustration of Wun-Dar holding his blaster (colored in black on the illustration) and also holding his brown sword. Axel did a great job on this illustration, and it makes me wish that they included a character illustration on the front of all the packages because it is just so nostalgic to the 1980’s packaging! But for now, I guess we will just get it on the exclusive figures.

Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Origins rear artwork
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Origins Shipper box & MOC

Like Kol-Dar and Mini Comic Tri-Klops, the carded figure is similar to the Mattel Creations releases with the extra illustration of Wun-Dar in the upper right of the card, where you can see him holding black Zodac blaster. On the back of the card, you can see Wun-Dar taking on an army of glowing skeletons with Sharella who is readying her bow. The setting appears very Castle Grayskull’esque.  Axel Gimenez’s beautiful illustrations on the back of the card back gives us glimpse of several new characters teased to use that could be future action figures. There is Sharella, none other than the Goddess herself, those infamous glowing green skeletons we first saw on the MOTU origins Castle Grayskull box.

Wun-Dar shipper box dio Mattel Creations Exclusive
Wun-Dar Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe Origins Shipper box front

Where to Buy

Wun-Dar goes up for preorder on June 24th at 9am PST and will set you back $17! Preorders are found on the Mattel Creations website when the countdown timer hits zero!

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