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Leonardo Turtles of Grayskull MOTU TMNT Crossover In Hand Images and Video Review

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Check out the in hand images of the Leonardo Turtles of Grayskull figure from Wave 1 of the ToG TMNT MOTU crossover line!

The one and only Mr. Home Arcade strikes again and sent us these exclusive amazing in hand images of the Turtles of Grayskull Leonardo figure! One of the other bonuses with the version of the figure he bought was the language is the U.S. card back, so we can read all of the text and read the cool story from the mini comic. If you recall, he recently sent us images of Mutated He-Man so we can finally answer the question on everyone’s mind regarding how translucent (or not) the figure was (check out the Mutated He-Man in hand images). Leonardo makes the 4th figure from the wave where we get to see first hand how the figure is designed and now it came out from a production standpoint. So far we’ve seen Man-At-Arms, Donatello, and Mutated He-Man, which completes the Wave 1 assortment. We are eagerly awaiting to see who gets their hands first on the deluxe figures, which are Krang and Mouse-Jaw but, for, let’s enjoy the amazing photos Mr. Home Arcade sent us! Also, you prefer to watch his video review, you can view it below!

Leonardo Packaging

Like the other Turtles of Grayskull, the colors really go well with the figures and the blending of the MOTU rock bursts with the TMNT flair is incredible. On the back of the card art, we can see Leonardo in a fierce duel with Shredder and it looks like Leo has the upper hand. Also, this is our first in hand look at the U.S. packaging as it has Leo as the “Heroic Ninja Turtle Leader!”


Figure details

The figure bucks for these Turtles blend really well with the MOTU aesthetic. Leo has a light baby blue ninja mask and he has white irises, which gives him a fierce demeanor. Couple with his gritting teeth, it helps complete his look as he’s ready to kick some Shredder and Foot Clan a$$! The back of the turtle shell has a nice chocolate brown paint app and it has a black strap going across it. Like Man-At-Arms, Leo comes with a faux fur piece that is molded into his armor straps and the turtle shell tucks neatly under it. Unlike Man-At-Arms, he’s also got a proper piece of armor to cover the turtle jewels! he also has an L shaped plate of armor on the center of his chest with sliver straps!


From the side views, you can see his blue armor with turtle plating. He has an extra elbow armor piece because…why not lol? Maybe he has tennis elbow and he’s able to kick some more a$$ with it on!


With his armor off, we can see more of his turtle bod and the figure buck without the armor. With the amor off, you can see the modifications and design of the chest and back of the figure.


Weapons and Armor

In this shot, you can see how Leo looks all geared up with his two swords and his armor. You can also see the ports on both halves of the sword and how they fit together.


With everything off, you can get a good look at the armor pieces. The swords are actually silver but they are catching the light of Mr. Home Arcade’s cool setup!


Here is Leo all geared sans armor clutching his turtle shell ready for battle! Like the late great Prince said in the song, Elephants and Flowers, “strip down, strip down.”


Turtles of Grayskull Mini Comic

The mini comic that came with Mutated He-Man is the International version so it does not contain text so the creative Toy Sorceress has fleshed out an amazing story!


The mini comic starts out with He-Man, Man At Arms, Moss Man and Ram Man in Man At Arms workshop. Suddenly Teela and Roboto run in and Roboto projects an image to them that seems like there is some sort of dangerous portal they need to go respond to. They all rush off from the Palace of Eternos, He Man on Battle Cat, and the rest of Stridors, While they are gone, a change begins to fall over Eternia. So our first teases here are both Teela and Roboto. As we saw in Mouse-Jaw Turtles of Grayskull Box Reveal BAF Teela Tease, we saw Teela dawning Turtle clad armor! They arrive at the portal and an evil presence arrived. Suddenly what looks like Trap Jaw comes out of the woods, but wait, it’s not Trap Jaw, its Mouse Jaw followed with a bunch of mousers!


The mousers attack the Heroic Warriors and they try to fight off the mousers the best they can, but they begin to get overwhelmed. Suddenly some help comes from out of the blue! Its the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The mini comic shows the Turtle bros in their cartoon style illustration. Mouse Jaw didn’t know what hit him!


Our Heroic Warriors capture Mouse Jaw and start to take him away through the swamp land. As they make their way back, Man at Arms finds a strange canister.


Meanwhile, back on Dimension X, we see Krang and Shredder with a portable display where you can clearly see Castle Grayskull! The Castle is the source of great power, and they wonder how they can get their hands on it! They open the dimension portal and suddenly the Ninja Turtles attack! Do they all get sucked into the world of Eternia? Because on the next page we see the Turtles all clad in Eternian armor along with our Heroic Warriors Man at Arms, Teela and Roboto! Here again we see Teela dawning the same Turtle armor she was illustrated in on the Mouse Jaw Box Art! Yet another tease, confirming she must be coming to the line in a future wave! On the center left panel on page 8, you can also see Mouse Jaw in a jail cell, but now his colors have changed. He looks like he is now in his Mini Comic color way, can this be yet another tease? Suddenly we get a close up of Michaelangelo outfitted in Battle Armor and wearing a blonde wig! This again is another tease for the yet to be revealed fourth brother who undoubtably will be coming in a future wave! Of course, Mikey has to whip out a pizza pie for the gang to enjoy!


Pages 9 and 10 bring us to Snake Mountain where Skeletor sits on his bone throne and is joined by none other than Shredder in Horde armor and a Megator inspired Krang! Suddenly we see in the next animated cell, none other than Leatherhead and he is struggling to hold onto a prisoner! Who is that, but Mutated He-Man! So here we have yet another tease for Leatherhead!


About Mr. Home Arcade

Mr. Home Arcade runs a YouTube channel by the same name and creates some amazing action figure content! He is also a very talented customizer so be sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe!


Leonardo Card Art Reveal

The packaging for Leonardo looks freaking amazing!! Inspired by the traditional red rock burst packaging of the MOTU Origins line in Turtle inspired colors, this new packaging includes additional illustrations on the front of both He-Man and Leonardo dawning his new MOTU gear! Masters posted a large image of only one half of the rear artwork as it shows Leonardo battling Shredder!

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leonardo Package front
Turtles-of-Grayskull Leaonardo Package rear

I absolutely love all the additional illustrations on the front, new color scheme and both the Masters of the Universe and TMNT logos on the front of the bubble! This one is titled ” Leonardo Heroic Ninja Turtle Leader!”

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leonardo Package front close up

We only get to see one half of the rear artwork as it shows Leonardo battling with someone who seems to have a purple cape waving near by, can that be Shredder! I’m sure they were keeping the second half of the artwork hidden until they reveal the next wave of characters! But we have the entire image! He is of course battling Shredder!

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leaonardo Package artwork 3

Here is a beautiful close up of the images as well!

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leaonardo Package artwork 4
Turtles-of-Grayskull Leaonardo Package artwork 5

And here is the cross sell from the back, as you can see this confirms Wave 1 for us! Donatello, Leonardo, Man At Arms and Mutated He-Man!

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leonardo Package cross sell

Here is the bar code, but we will continue to try to track these down for preorders.

Turtles-of-Grayskull Leonardo Package UPC

Leonardo looks more like a typical Leonardo figure, but with a MOTU style buck. He has his signature blue bandana, and he is wearing blue shoulder armor. He also has cool chest armor with an “L” in the MOTU style in the center of his chest armor.


Taking a closer look at Leonardo’s armor, he has a gray harness that holds the ‘L’ chest armor in place. The ‘L’ is set off by a light gray backdrop helping it to stand out. The straps are a dark gray and have a turtle shell integrated into the piece. The loin armor has a turtle shell towards the top of the belt with some nice rivet detail adorning the armor.

Leonardo-Turtles of Grayskull-MOTU-Origins-Crossover-1
Leonardo-Turtles of Grayskull-MOTU-Origins-Crossover-3

He also has two separate pieces of arm armor that cover his forearm and his bicep. The armor resembles that of a turtle shell (surprise) and the armor has straps that hold into place. The forearm armor looks like it fits nicely over his writ bracers. Given that these are turtles, we can see that a new hand design was created especially for line, which consists of a thumb and two fingers. The sword design is unique to the line and the blade has a feel of a sabre with one crossguard!

Leonardo-Turtles of Grayskull-MOTU-Origins-Crossover-2
Leonardo-Turtles of Grayskull-MOTU-Origins-Crossover-4

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