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Mystery MOTU Origins Deluxe Walmart Listing Found

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Mystery MOTU Origins Deluxe Listing found on Walmart, what recently announced or leaked figure could this be? Let’s explore the possibilities!

An unnamed MOTU Origins Deluxe Listing has been found on Walmart online, and it is a mystery as to what newly leaked figure it could be? We have 3 top contenders that this Mystery MOTU Origins Deluxe Listing could possibly belong to: Moss-Man, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, and Snake Face. Moss-Man is said to be a Walmart exclusive, and Dragon Blaster Skeletor, and Snake Face listings were recently found on the Collectors Bay Website for Preorder. Let’s take a look at each and see who this listing below could belong to?

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MOTU Origins Deluxe Unknown Walmart listing

The Product Details on the page do not give us any specific clues either to who this listing could belong too, but let’s explore each below.

MOTU Origins Deluxe Unknown Walmart listing product details


Moss Man (Walmart Exclusive)

Moss Man is our biggest contender for this mystery MOTU Origins Deluxe Listing! He was revealed at the Mattel 40th Anniversary Press and Influencer last October, so we know he is definitely a confirmed figure coming to the line! It’s been 5 months since his reveal, so the timing might make sense. And out of the three figures we are considering, Moss-Man is the only one said to be a Walmart exclusive, so this one gets the best chance!

MOTU Origins fans have been asking for Moss Man for the longest time, and now our requests have been answered but with a slight twist. We are finally getting a freakin’ FLOCKED MOSS MAN in the MOTU Origins line and we personally cannot be more excited!! After all this time, I have been waiting for Moss Man to join the Origins line, and in the Fall of 2023. When this was announced at the presser event, it was announced that he will be a wait for it….. Walmart exclusive! The Lord of the Forests pine smelling friend will only be available through Walmart. So, this could very well be the unnamed listing!

Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure Reveal

Moss Man will be a deluxe figure give that he will be fully flocked, come with an alternate LOP Style Beast Man head. Mossy’s head looks to be based on the Beast Man head, but he is much more friendlier looking with a big smile on his face looking very Filmation like! They nailed it with this head sculpt! He will also include his vintage style club, yellow Beast Man armor as an homage to those that used to put this weapons pack armor on their Mossy’s, and also a brown Pig Head club as well.

Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 2
Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 1
Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 3

To see more reveals from the Press and Influencer even, read more here:

Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary Press & Influencer Day Reveals

Moss Man is one of He-man’s closest allies, the ever so gentle friend of the forest, Mossman! As his name reveals, he is a man made of moss, who can camouflage himself into foliage and other green vegetation, as well as control all plant life. The figure is essentially a green repaint of Beast Man, flocked with “moss” with the fangs painted over and a pine scent added to the body. He has a mace that is a recast of a weapon from the original Castle Grayskull.

Masters of the Universe Mossman vintage action figure
MOTU Mossman Vintage Figure
Masters of the Universe Mossman Filmation
Mossman Filmation Appearance

We first saw Moss Man on Stinkor’s card back where he looked like he was emerging from the bushes to take on the evil warrior with the power of stink! You an see him with a fierce look on his face, armed with his mace and ready for battle!

Masters of the Universe Origins Stinkor Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Stinkor Card back Artwork

If you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed the arm coming out of the ground from the side of the Eternian Palace Guard box with the classic mace busting through the ground. We then saw Moss Man on the Flying Fists He-Man card art, ironically holding a torch, and as well all know, it was fire that did him in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series, but I am sure this battle turned out great for him!

Masters of the Universe Origins Flying Fist He-Man partial Card back Artwork
Flying Fists He-Man Card Art
Masters of the Universe Origins Eternin palace guard package side
Palace Guard Card Art

Dragon Blaster Skeletor & Snake Face Leaks

Next we will look at Snake Face and Dragon Blaster Skeletor have been leaked and confirmed by our trusted “Mega” Toy Habits source to be coming to the line. You can read more about that in our MOTU Origins Wave 13 Assortment Update & Release Dates ( article. Their release dates are slotted for July 1, 2023, coinciding with the release date of MOTU Origins Wave 13. The listings for both have been found on Collectors Bay Website for Preorder, so that means these figures might be imminent releases as well! They have a very fair chance of being the Mystery listing on Walmart!


We don’t have official images of Snake Face or Dragon Blaster Skeletor so we are using their vintage or MOTU Classics counterparts as a stand in.

Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Dragon Blaster Skeletor makes sense to be a deluxe figure for the next Wave 12, as only the single release figures have been revealed, but only time will tell. The vintage Dragon Blaster Skeletor action figure was released back in 1985 as a part of wave 4. Leader of the Evil Warriors, Skelly included his dreadful dragon with the paralyzing spray perched on his shoulder!

Dragon Blaster Skeletor Vintage on card
Dragon Blaster Skeletor Vintage Action figure

Dragon Blaster Skeletor was also released for the MOTU Classics Line in 2012, and was an incredibly cool and popular figure in the line! You can see how a highly articulated version of this character would look.

According to Dragon Blaster Skeletor Wiki | Fandom

As the ruler of Eternia® following Randor’s banishment, Skeletor® created a new magical armor infused with an Eternian Dragon, giving him the power to paralyze his enemies at first glance. His rule was cut short, however, when Skeletor’s former master Hordak® returned from Despondos™ with the help of Evil-Lyn®. Hordak® not only overthrew Skeletor®, but drove the Snake Men™ into hibernation. Forced into a war on multiple fronts, Skeletor® continued to lead his Evil Warriors into battle, often having to fight side-by-side with his former enemies – the now renegade Masters of the Universe®. Perched on his master’s armor, the Evil Dragon “pet” of Skeletor® stops his enemies cold with his paralyzing jet spray of venom

Dragon Blaster Skeletor (MOTUC) | DC Hall of Justice Wiki | Fandom
MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Dragon Blaster Skeletor Preorder on Collectors Bay

You can preorder the Dragon Blaster Skeletor on the Collectors Bay website:


Snake Face

We already covered the teases for Snake Face in More Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023! – ( and MOTU Origins Wave 11 Rise of the Snake Men Card Art Teases ( Unveiled during the CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS live stream last year, they revealed the first of the Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023 and they were totally right! They had also revealed the additional Snake Men – King Hiss, Snake Face and Sssqueeze were also coming to Origins later in 2023! Please note, that this new wave of Snake Men have not yet been confirmed by Mattel nor any official images released, but our friends at @canaldosrosmineiros were right about the first wave of Snake Men, She-Ra and Beast Man Masterverse teases, so there is a really good chance we get these Snake Men  figures!

According to the Wiki Grayskull:

Snake Face first appears in the minicomic “Revenge of the Snake Men!“, where King Hiss summons him and Sssqueeze from the dimension where the Snake Men are trapped. Snake Face’s powers are the main focus of the comic, since he uses them against Prince AdamExtendar and The Sorceress, who disguises herself as Queen Marlena. He-Man uses his Power Sword to revert the effect and, not long after that, in a battle in Viper Tower, He-Man turns all the Snake Men into stone, by reflecting Snake Face’s power of petrifaction back at them. Snake Face also appears in the minicomic “Energy Zoids“, where he transforms Rotar into stone to capture him and later makes him fight against the new Evil Warrior, Twistoid.

Snake Face | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Masters of the Universe Vintage Snake Face front MOC
Vintage Snake Face front card back
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Snake Face Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Geared Up
Vintage Snake Face Figure Geared Up

Snake Face was also a very unique character and all new sculpt for the vintage line. Released in 1987, this most gruesome of the Snake Men Warriors featured an eye & mouth popping snakes feature which would turn his enemies to stone! Activated by the action lever on his back, the snakes would pop out of his mouth, eyes and shoulders! Due to this action feature, Snake Face did not have the waist twist feature, nor neck articulation. His arms even had snakes wrapping around them. His body was a completely new sculpt with intricate details on his chest and arms. He also sported the Snake Men logo on his chest. Snake Face came packaged with the usual snake staff in green, and a snake themed shield as well.

Snake Face Preorder on Collector Bay

You can preorder the Snake Face on the Collector Bay website:


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