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Star Wars Retro Collection 6-Pack 2 Multipack In Hand Images

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See in hand images of the Star Wars Retro Collection 2 featuring C-3PO, R2-D2, Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, a Death Squad Commander, Jawa, Tusken Raider

UPDATE 03/19/2023

So I (The Toy Sorceress) made my own pilgrimage to Frank and Sons this weekend with the Baroness of Toys, and we had a fantastic time! We went with one specific mission in mind, to bring back a set of the Star Wars Retro Collection A New Hope #2 6 Pack set! And I am happy to say, mission accomplished! We were able to score this set at a hefty premium from the Toy Hide Out, booth # 207! It didnt come cheap as of course they were selling the set well over the retail price, but I am happy to report that they made it back safely and I now have them in hand! Since this set was so expensive, I will need to keep them carded until I can acquire a second set to open, so for now, you will only get to see on card in hand images.

Star Wars Retro Collection A New Hope #2 - 6 pack in hand 2

Below you can see my own in hand images of the 6 pack, and further down this article you will be able to read about each of these characters. What I can see from having these in hand is that the cradbacks are definitely thinner than the first six pack, and that is a shame. I was able to remove the “retro” stickers from the first 6 pack and they look incredible! I am very bummed that i won’t be able to have a First 12 set of these with the stickers removed and this is a huge missed opportunity from Hasbro. Given the huge price hike on these, Hasbro should have packaged them with the thicker cardbacks. I understand that the vac metal process on R2 and C3PO cost more, but still. But I’m still over the moon to have these in hand!

You can see a comparison below and the first set looks so much better with the slightly glossier thicker card back and no Retro sticker. You can also see the thicker cardback stands straighter and sturdier.

Star Wars Retro Collection A New Hope #1 - 6 pack

Star Wars Retro Collection A New Hope #2 - 6 pack in hand long







Amazing score by chaztheguru as he obtained the latest Star Wars Retro Collection 6-Pack #2, which features the next wave of figures from Star Wars a New Hope. Inspired by the original 1970s Kenner Star Wars action figures, this inspired by their appearances in Star Wars: A New Hope. Revealed at SDCC 2022, Hasbro revealed the remaining six figures from the original wave of twelve Kenner figures from 1977/78 as part of the Retro Collection arriving in Spring 2023 but, as we know, Frank and Sons has struck again allowing us to get views of these figures way before they are released.


This was the opening salvo from chaztheguru as he held the precious in hand at Frank and Sons!


Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is amazing to see a vintage Obi-Wan Kenobi with an intact lightsaber and a cape that is minty fresh! This figure was packed a blue telescope Lightsaber and a brown vinyl cape. In the original vintage line, the Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi figure’s only major variation in the figure itself was the hair color, coming in either gray or white. This version in the Retro Collection has white hair and it would be amazing if they made a variant run with gray hair as a nod to the vintage line.


Death Squad Commander

This figure is packed a black Imperial Blaster and, in the original vintage line, had no variations aside from the packaging. The Death Squad Commander first appeared on the Star Wars 12 back card and, when the Empire Strikes Back figures released, it renamed to the Star Destroyer Commander on The Empire Strikes Back 31 back card. The name has stayed and has stayed on every card printed so it is great to see that Hasbro used the original name of the figure instead of the going with the more PC Star Destroyer Commander name.



With the Jawa originally coming with a vinyl cloak in the vintage line, it is curious why Hasbro chose to include the cloth cape for this Jawa release. In the original line, The Jawa’s vinyl cape was replaced by a cloth cloak. He comes packed with his signature Jawa blaster and if they ever decide to make a run of this figure with a vinyl cape, we won’t complain!


See-Threepio (C-3PO)

As chaztheguru said in his IG post, “VAC IS BACK!” This figure came out amazing and the color has a beautiful gold tone to it!


Artoo Deetoo (R2-D2)

Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) was originally offered as a mail away Early Bird Certificate Package before making its first carded appearance on the Star Wars 12 back. The vac metal on his dome looks fanatic and we hope he comes with his clicking head, just like the vintage figure we grew up with.


Tusken Raider

Originally named ‘Sand People’ on the vintage Star Wars card, it would have been great if they used this name as well since they used the original Death Squad Commander name. The paint apps on this figure came out really well and this will be a very sought-after figure.


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