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Super7 Ultimates Silverhawks 2023 SDCC Booth Reveals

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The incredible reveals from 2023 San Diego Comic Con keep coming, and that is no exception when it comes to the Super7 Booth! Super7 revealed Wave 4 of their Super7 Ultimates Silverhawks line! This time they thru us all for a loop with Toy Variant freakin Vac Metal Quicksilver, Vac Metal Steelheart, Monstarr and Buzz Saw! Quicksilver and Steelheart look absolutely stunning in a vac metal finish with their Silverhawks logo on their chest, just like the 1980’s toys! Monstarr and Buzz Saw are also their 1980’s toy variant colors as well! We want to thank The Toyark – News for bringing us these incredible photos! So let’s dive into these Super7 Ultimates Silverhawks 2023 SDCC Booth Reveals!

Super7 Ultimates Silverhawks Quicksilver Steelheart Toy Variant 1
Source: SDCC 2023 – Super7 Ultimates TMNT SilverHawks and ThunderCats Booth Images – The Toyark – News

The Vac Metal on these figures look absolutely stunning! We are finally getting the vintage style SIlverhawks we always wanted!

Vac Metal Quicksilver Toy Variant

This new toy variant version of Quicksilver is an absolutely stunning peice of art! The vac metal finish of his suit looks incredible! Brian Flynn confirmed that this is indeed a vac metal finish just like his vintage counterpart! He comes with a masked and unmasked head, winged and unwinged arms, alternate hands, and his trusty bird companion, Tallyhawk! This version of Quicksilver even includes the green Silverhawks logo on his chest, just like the vintage figure had!

Quicksilver Vintage Figure

Released in 1986, Quicksilver’s vintage action figure was the star of the line with it’s shinny vac-metal finish and being the leader of the group, it was the figure that every kid wanted! It showcased his distinctive appearance from the animated series, including his metal wings and cybernetic enhancements. The vintage Quicksilver was designed to resemble the character and featured his signature colors and details. He came with his trusty bird friend, Tally-Hawk! Pictured below is Quicksilver from my personal collection, the only vintage Silverhawk I own, but I love him!


Vintage Quicksilver Silverhawks

Steelheart Toy Variant

Steelheart looks just as stunning as Quicksilver! She is done in the same incredible vac metal finish as Quicksilver but with a more bluish purple tone, just like her vintage figure! She comes with a masked and unmasked head, winged and unwinged arms, alternate hands, and his trusty bird companion Rayzor as well! Steelheart also includes the green Silverhawks logo on her chest, just like the vintage figure had!

Vintage Steelheart

Steelheart was released by Kenner in 1986 as part of the Silverhawks toy line and came packaged with her companion bird Rayzor. According to Steelheart | ThunderCats wiki | Fandom: Sergeant Emily Hart is Will Hart‘s twin sister. They are the “scientists” and “gearheads” of the team. They share an empathic bond in that when one sibling feels something, the other feels it as well.  They are the only SilverHawks who have had real stainless steel hearts implanted during their transformation.  She and her brother were the ones who created the four Fighting Hawks.  Her weapon-bird is Rayzor.

Silverhawks Steelheart vinatge carded
Steelheart Silverhwaks vinatge

Mon*star & Buzz Saw Toy Variants

Mon*star and Buzz Saw seem to be repaints of their original Ultimates releases but in their 1980’s toy variant colors. Mon*star is more of a matte red color, and Buzz Saw is his vintage green color. Mon*star comes with alternate hands, his bird companion, his rifle, and it looks like an alternate non transformed head.

Buzz Saw comes in his green toy variant color, and looks incredible!

Vintage Mon*star & Buzz Saw

Mon*star and Buzz Saw were both also released in 1986 as part of the Kenner Toy Line. According to Mon*Star | ThunderCats wiki | Fandom : Mon*Star is the Mob Boss and the main antagonist of SilverHawks and especially Stargazer. He is known to ride Sky-Runner, a giant squid. Later, Hardware develops a fighting hawk for Mon*Star, the Sky-Shadow. Buzz-Saw is a robot henchman of the Mon*Star gang.

Monstarr Vinatage
Buzz Saw Vinatage

If you want to see more details about these new Vac Metal Silverhawks, you can watch Pixel Dan’s interview with Brian Flynn here:

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