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Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3 Cardbacks Tease The Fright Zone & Castle Grayskull

The website, Funky Toy Junkie, has uploaded three out of the 4 Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3 cardbacks for your viewing pleasure. the cardbacks for Michaelangelo, Skeletor, and Teela how off some amazing art from the MOTU team! Thanks to The Man Child who sent us the carded images of Casey Jones, the entire wave is present and accounted for! The cardbacks also feature some very cool teases of the Fright Zone and Castle Grayskull but I am not sure how likely it is that we’ll be getting those playsets but it’s cool to think about the possibilities.


Teela’s cardback shows off a cool scene as she is scrapping with Mer-Man in a water scene with Castle Grayskull in the background.


Teela is looking amazing all decked out in turtle armor!


She comes with removable forearm gauntlets, a turlte shell shield, and a large sword that has been reused from other figures.


You can dress Teela up in all of her armor


From the back you can see that her shell attaches to her back like the rest of the figures in the line!


Fright Zone Tease

It is not very likely that we will see a Fright Zone made for the Tog line but it would be very cool if they did! If you recall, last October, The Fright Zone was one of the choice during the Eternia’s Choice Crowd Fund Fan vote, where Lady Slither’s Snake Lair won the vote. But that did not satisfy fans who were still wanting a Fright Zone Playset. Well maybe this is just the tease we all needed! You will also notice Mossy climbing up the side of the cliff to help his friend out from the dreads Fright Zone Snake! It’s amazing to see this beautiful comparison to a vintage poster art and the stunning homage this new card back art pays to the original!

A vintage style Fright Zone is as it brings us the Fright Zone we all know and loved as kids, but embellishes it to another level. Complete with Snake puppet coming out of the cave, dead tree with the crows and cave jail cell, this set pulls at those nostalgic heartstrings! Below you can see the sketches that were part of the Eternia’s Choice Crowd Fund Fan vote.

MOTU Eternia's Choice Fan Vote Traditional Fright Zone

The Fright Zone playset was released by Mattel in 1985. More of a diorama piece, the Fright Zone was a simple looking playset that consisted of that famous green colored craggily stone, a rustic dungeon door, a tunnel for a puppet snake to come thru and a scary looking tree complete with scarecrows. This playset was a huge departure for the vast environments that Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain brought, but I think it holds a special place in the hearts of Evil Horde fans. It didn’t resemble the techno-future location depicted in the Filmation cartoon at all, but it was still cool!

Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage box rear
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Box rear
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Snake
Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Vintage Snake
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


Michaelangelo is fighting Hordak in a cool scene out in front of the Fight Zone!


You gotta love the hairdo on Mikey as he is sporting a classic surfer look and vibe that his character gives off.


He comes in a nice bronze battle armor with some orange accents plus a pair of nunchakus!


You can also remove the toupee to give him his classic TMNT look!



Skeletor is mixing it up with Donatello as the art shows Skeletor with his Havoc nunchakus!


Skeletor looks amazing as he comes decked out in armor and the neon’ish green they used really goes well with the design of the figure.


He comes with a very cool neon green havoc axe that is on a chain and this weapon is off the chain!


Another cool accessory he comes with is a vile of mutagen!


Special thanks and shout to The Man Child on YouTube  for sending us in hand package images of Casey Jones from the Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3 figure assortment. We knew that Casey Jones was coming to the line and he was revealed during the MOTU March Madness 2024 figure drop! It’s awesome that collector’s are getting the Wave 3 figures in hand as this line is getting better by the wave! So let’s take a look at the Casey Jones Turtles of Grayskull Wave 3 In-Hand Package Images. Also be sure to check out The Man Child on YouTube as he does fantastic reviews!


The artwork on the cardback looks amazing and features the Sorceress at the steps of Grayskull, and Mouse Jaw.


Casey Jones Official Images

Casey Jones is a very cool TMNT character to include in this line. He includes his hockey gear that has been incorporated into Eternian battle gear with a barbarian style.


He also comes with a classic MOTU style axe and spear, and all of that can be carried in his hockey bag! He also has a Jitsu style glove that I believe is removable! He also includes his signature hockey mask which is removeable as well!


You can also dress Case Jones down to his classics TMNT look!


Wave 3

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