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Mutated Mer-Man Deluxe Turtles of Grayskull In-Box Images

Special thank to The Whole Shebang for posting in-box images of the upcoming Walmart exclusive deluxe Turtles of Grayskull Mer-Man. Recently revealed at MOTU March Madness 2024 event, official images were shown but not the box so it is great to see our scaley friend in his package. He is dubbed the Mutated Mindless Leviathan and he is one of the stand out figures in the Turtles of Grayskull line hands down! We also came aross some of the official images of Mer-Man, which you can view below.

Mer-Man In-Box Image

Mer-Man looks amazing in-box and the colors of the box compliment his paint app so well! We can see that he is packed with his trident on the left side of of the box and his sword on the right side of the box. We can also see extra illustrations of Mer-Man in his mutated for and his regular form. This figure is such a great use of the Lady Slither tail that was made for the MOTU Origins line, which is packed on him in the box.


Mutated Mer-Man

The standout figure in the line is Mer-Man! The translucent plastic and the color scheme are truly a site to see! We also have an extra detailed close up image of Mer-Man where you can almost see through the figure’s plastic, which is a very cool effect!


The mutated translucent plastic design of Mer-Man is outstanding!


The figure is very versatile as you can give him a look with legs and and he comes with a sword and a trident!


Reusing Lady Slither’s tail, you can turn him into his mutated form!


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