MOTU Origins January 2023 Leaked Figures
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MOTU Origins January 2023 Leaked Figures

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According to our trusted Toy Habits source, we got the beat on who is coming down the pipeline for MOTU Origins in 2023! As we’ve said before, Mattel reserves the right to change figure assortments so we are not going to get hung up on which Wave these figures will be in but rejoice in knowing that some really cool figures are coming down the pipeline for Origins! Also, since these are leaked and rumored figures, we are using their vintage or other previous releases as stand-ins for now until we get official images.

MOTU Origins Single Carded Figures

Snake Armor He-Man

It looks like Mattel is making more 200x variants for the Origins line, as He-Man and Skeletor were introduced in brand new sculpts back in mid-March and we just saw their carded images for the first time back in April. First introduced in the MOTU 200x line, Snake Armor He-Man features a brand-new design based on the Mike Young Productions Masters of the Universe Cartoon Series that aired back in 2002. With a pronounced piece of shoulder armor plus his right arm wrapped in protective armor, he can fend off any attack from the Snake Men. He-Man has to lead with his right as his entire left side is exposed but we are certain he will prevail! His special pincer attachment on his right wrist guard will also give him the upper hand! In addition to his armor on his upper body, his torso and right leg are also wrapped in armor with some very cool texturing and designs. The addition of the Snake Men symbol completes the look and is set off in a nice red and gold color palette. He-Man also received an upgraded power sword that features a hidden projectile that he can stow on the back of his armor. This oversized sword has a the same hilt and cross guard design as the first release of 200x He-Man but this one is oversized to accommodate the projectile. We are looking forward to Snake Armor He-Man joining the Origins line in 2023!

Snake Armor He-Man MOTU 200x Figure
Snake Armor He-Man 200x Figure on Card
Snake Armor He-Man 200x Figure Back

If you want more backstory on Snake Armor He-Man, his MOTU Classics bio sheds some light on this new version:

When the Snake Men returned to Eternia from their banishment in the Void, Adam used the Power of Grayskull to create upgraded armor more adapted to combat his new reptilian enemy. Equipped with a venom-proof shield and a cordite snake pincher. Adam is now fully protected in his Snake Armor, ready to fight off King Hssss and his army of snake warriors! Eventually, Adam was forced to used his armor to battle against his former friend and mentor Duncan who had been hideously transformed by the Serpent’s Ring into a Snake Man. Refusing to kill Duncan, Adam’s Snake Armor was destroyed by Snake Man-At-Arms’ newly invented neutralizer blaster which could disrupt the Power of Grayskull itself!

Snake Armor He-Man MOTU Classics Bio

Bolt-Man (Rulers of the Sun)

Continuing with the Rulers of the Sun line in 2023, Bolt-Man is making his first appearance in the MOTU Origins line. Released in 1986, Bolt Man has the power to heal and recreate the life force of molecules. He can regenerate and restore that which has lost its energy force and people only need to touch this band to do so. Doing this, two bolts of lightning will pass through his chest like a stroke of light. Speaking of bolts of lighting, it looks like he carries these strapped to his back armor, which makes him appear taller and more a more formidable force.

Bolt-Man Vintage Rulers of the Sun Figure Front
Bolt-Man Vintage Rulers of the Sun Figure on Card
Bolt-Man Vintage Rulers of the Sun Figure Back

If you want to learn more about the backstory on Bolt Man, here is a transcript written in the “Rulers of the Sun” booklet by Michael Brown that came with the figure:

“The Legend of Bolt-Man, Molecule Regenerator:  Joe Red Eagle, an Indian student at Iowa’s Black Hawk School, often wondered about the great heroes of his heritage.  In competitive sports he often dreamed he was a great Indian Chief or Brave, Joe Red Eagle’s thoughtful dreams came true one day.  Joe Never knew his biological mother and father.  He had been raised by his great-great-great-great grandmother.  She often told him stories about what the old West was like.  She told him how the pale-face cowboys came in with guns and stole the land from the Indians.  Joe and his one hundred-and thirty-nine-year-old “mother” as he called her, were of the fighting Apache Bloodline.  The old woman’s longevity was a local miracle and the village loved to hear her tales of bravery and courage.  She brought new understanding about the proud legacy of the Indians.

One day she became sick.  On her death bed, she revealed to her young Joe, who was called “Bolt” by all his friends because of these quick athletic abilities, what his nickname would mean to him.  She asked Bolt to pull an old wood box from a wall where it was concealed.  Out of the box she plucked an old turquoise cloth.  It looked plain blue, but it began to glow in her hands.  She placed it around Joe’s head and said: “Feather Man, our tribe’s last medicine man, gave this to me.  He told me to present it to my sixth generation grandson.  He told me you would be known as Bolt-Man.  Feather Man called this the circle of the great spirits.  It holds the souls of all the great chiefs and Indian Braves of honor. Their spirits passed through the band as they rowed across the lake of death.  For you now have their power and the ability to heal and recreate the life force of molecules.  Molecules are tiny substances of atoms.  Atoms are a source of potential energy.  You can regenerate or restore that which has lost its energy force.  You need only touch this band to do so.  When you do, two bolts of lightning will pass through your chest like a stroke of light.  Then the spirits of the past will fly over and float above your head and you will be able to change into anyone of the great Indians of your heritage.  The bolts have special powers because whatever you touch with them will be restored.”  With those words, his “mother” fell into a deep sleep.

Bolt-Man knew in his heart he would do only good with the power from his head band.  He saw himself standing on a mountain and around him he saw chief Black Hawk, the Fox and Saux leader; Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa; Sitting Bull, chief of the Dakota; leader of the Sioux and his immediate ancestors Geronimo, the brave Apache and his tribal leader Cochise.  He looked around and there was Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Navaho, Crow, Ute, and Mohawk all wish him well.  Bolt-Man’s confidence, strength, and ability to achieve blossomed.  He heard the pound of drums and war yelps from a distant past, and all the warriors smiled and nodded at their SuperHero.

Kobra Khan

According to a leak that Kobra Khan and the Snake Men were coming in 2023 that we helped cover back in mid-March, an image shared to us directly from CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS shows a grainy image that is tough to pick out the finer details, but it is clearly Kobra Khan! Fans have been clamoring for the Snake Men to be produced for the Origins line and it is amazing to see these leaks verified by our sources at Toy Habits. Who knows if he will come with his water gimmick and only time will tell? Will he get a similar treatment as the MOTU Origins Snout Spout where they packed in the water feature into an oversized backpack? Your guess is as good as ours, but at least we can count on seeing Kobra Khan early in the new year!

Masters of the Universe Origins Kobra Khan Teaser Image
Kobra Khan Vintage MOTU Figure on Card
Kobra Khan Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure


Unveiled on March 19, 2022 during their live stream, CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS, revealed the first of Snake Men coming to Origins in 2023 were none other than Rattlor and Tung Lashor, although this current information we have is just Rattlor slotted for a January 2023 release! This is very exciting news since fans have been clamoring for Snake Men to be included in the line for a very long time now and it is great that Kobra Khan is getting a buddy to pal around with to conduct his Snake Men hijinks. A completely new sculpt, Rattlor’s body is a little smaller than the standard MOTU figure to accommodate his cool extending neck action feature. He features a similar tail, like Whiplash, but it is attached at his mid back versus his shoulders. The snake markings on his arms and legs add some depth and dimension to this mostly maroon red snake and he’s got a gaggle of yellow abs in classic MOTU fashion.

Rattlor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Neck View
Masters of the Universe Vintage Rattlor MOC
Rattlor Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure Back Tail View

MOTU Origins Deluxe Figures

King Hiss

Joining Kobra Khan and Rattlor is none other than the leader of the Snake Men, King Hiss! This was also a leaked that was unveiled during the CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS live stream on March 19, 2022, where they also revealed that King Hiss, Snake Face and Sssqueeze were also coming to Origins later in 2023! First introduced late in the Masters of the Universe line in 1986, King Hiss had a human, almost crash test dummy like appearance but rattle (pun intended) his cage and underneath that protective body armor was all snake. The King Hiss action figure was made of several parts of a human head / torso and arm shell pieces that would clip onto the figure to conceal the slithering snake body underneath. His legs were human shaped as well but did not transform. He wore green armor with golden yellow gloves. His accessories included a red shield and a green snake staff. This was the same staff as came packed with most of the other Snake Men. King Hiss was an all-new figure sculpt due to the transforming nature of the character and was released much later in the line, when there were tooling dollars to pull off such a new character.

King Hiss Masters of the Universe 1986
Masters of the Universe Vintage King Hiss MOC
Vintage King Hiss accessories

Thunder Punch He-Man

Teased on the Horde Trooper card art in the Wave 8 assortment, we speculated that Thunder Punch He-Man would be punching his way into the Origins line! It always baffled us that Thunder Punch He-Man was kicking the living daylights out of the Horde Army on their own figure card art, no less!

Masters of the Universe Origins Horde Trooper Card back Artwork

It is not surprising that Thunder Punch He-Man is a deluxe figure as he came with caps and a backpack that could house them for a very thunderous action feature that would set the caps off! With toy regulations these days, we are unsure that they will actually pack Thunder Punch He-Man with caps or if they will just pay homage to the vintage figure where he can just stow them. The updated H design in the middle of his armor, introduced by the Battle Armor He-Man figure, has a shiny silver metallic look to it, that goes great with his redesign oblong, shield. He also got a new Power Sword in a gold color that goes great with the color palette they chose for this figure.

Thunder Punch He-Man Masters of the Universe 1985
Masters of the Universe Thunder Punch He-Man Vintage figure MOC
Thunder Punch He-Man Vintage Figure Back

What’s Next Post January 2023?

Who knows but what we do know is that there are a gaggle of Origins figures still yet to be revealed and released from Mattel’s March Madness reveals so please take a look at all of the official, rumored, and leaked articles to find out what could be coming to Origins in 2023!

Be sure to check out our recent leaked and rumored figure reveals as they are a fun read (at least we think so lol!) Check out our articles and YouTube videos below.

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