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Walmart Collector Con 2023 Dates and Possible Preorder

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Walmart Collector Con 2023 is happening from March 16 to 17, 2023 starting at 7am PT / 10am ET so let’s see what might be going up for preorder across Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, the WWE Superstars line, and the GI Joe Classified Series.

Walmart Collector Con 2023 is LIVE

Access Walmart Collector Con here or click the images below!


GI Joe Classified Series Preorders

Range Viper and Night Force Big Ben went up for preorder:


WWE Superstars Figures

Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan went up for preorder


Star Wars Black Series

Clone Commander Jesse Star Wars Black Series went up for preorder:


Walmart Collector Con Teases

Walmart is notorious for teasing preorders and figures that will be going up for preorder during preorder and the silhouette of Clone Commander Jesse is featured prominently on image. We already know that Clone Commander Jesse will be going live for preorder during WM Collector Con 2023 on March 16 at 10am ET so be ready!



We are unsure of these are all of the categories of figures that will be going up for preroder during the event but here is a list with some of the links directly to the pages:





What is curiously missing is the MOTU category but we are still hopeful that Moss Man could go up for preorder either on March 16th or March 17th 2023.


Night Force Big Ben GI Joe Classified Series Figure

Night Force Big Ben was leaked today and given that he is a Night Force figure, he is he the most likely candidate to go up for preorder for Walmart Collector Con 2023! Big Ben was revealed as a digital render during London Comic Con 2022 and the actual production figure came out fantastic! He comes with a gaggle of heavy weaponry and an alternate gas mask head sculpt. It’s amazing to see that Hasbro is finally diving into the Night Force line but it’s an odd choice to kick off the line but the deco for Big Ben definitely suits the figure.


The official production photos for Big Ben are outstanding! You really get a sense of the look and feel of the figure and the face sculpt came out amazing!!! The dark greens and blacks are well suited for a Night Force figure!


The straps continue around the back of the figure and he looks amazing!


Previously revealed at MCM, we got a very blurry look at the digital render image for Big Ben. Thanks to G.I. ShArK on Instagram, we got an official image release of the Big Ben. Here we can see the Big Ben and the tons of weapons and accessories he comes packed with. He includes a semi-automatic side arm pistol with silencer, a rifle, and a machine gun, both with removeable cartridges and a gas mask. Big Ben’s face paint camo looks amazing and the chest straps full of bullets completes his classic look!

This figure was a pipeline reveal from August 2022 and we finally get to see the official images of Big Ben and he looks fantastic! He comes with a alternate head sculpt that has a gas mask and his signature weapons!

Big Ben GI Joe Classified Series Reveal
Big Ben GI Joe Classified Series Reveal

Big Ben originally came out in the GI Joe A Real American Hero in 1991 as part of Wave 10. Big Ben being one of the later characters in the line is a more obscure choice from Hasbro as they have not completed their core line up yet. But given all the neat accessories Big Ben came with and his amazing camo deco. Will he include his face paint and furry hat? It will be really fun to see what he looks like in the Classified Series scale and detail.

Big Ben 1991 GI Joe on Card
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe on Card
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe Loose
Big Ben 1991 GI Joe Loose

February 26, 2023: Walmart Collector Con 2023 Preorder Speculation

During the Star Wars live stream held back on February 2, 2023, the team announced that the Star Wars Black Series Clone Commander Jesse will be going up for preorder on March 16, 2023 at 10am ET. Aside from Clone Commander Jesse, what other figures could be going up for preorder? We discuss what could be in store for Walmart Collector Con 2023 across Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, the WWE Superstars line, and the GI Joe Classified Series.

Star Wars

Clone Commander Jesse

Officially announced to be going up for preorder during Walmart Collector Con 2023 on March 16, 2023 at 10am ET, this is the only figure we know to be confirmed from the Star Wars Black Series line.


This clone is a commander and had a role in the Season finale of the Clone Wars with a direct confrontation with Ahsoka Tano herself. This is a redeco of the ARC Trooper and uses the bald headed clone. The blue color is consistent with the ARC Troopers in the Black Series and the Vintage Collection. He comes with a removable helmet and two blasters. The packaging is a direct reference to Clone Wars Season 7 on the side of the box and the back.




WWE Superstars

We might also expect the WWE Superstars Series 5 assortment to go up for preorder as well! Remember, we believe that this assortment will also contain figures from Series 4 but the new figures we could see go up for preorder are Ravishing Rick Rude and Earthquake, which would make up Series 5.

Ravishing Rick Rude

Rick Rude, who was announced at SDCC 2022, will be joining Series 5 so let’s check out the official images found on! Mattel even captured the smug look on his face, which was a common expression as his gimmick was a chauvinistic, arrogant man that often out the crowd down as he undressed out of his entrance attire. Rude as was also known for wearing elaborate, long robes to the ring as he performed a mock strip tease as he took it off so it will be great to see what his robe, if they include one) looks like in the coming months.

Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 6
Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 7

Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 3
Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 4
Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 5

It is very apropos that Mattel decided to use Rick Rude’s wrestling tights from his Intercontinental Title Match with the Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 5. What made this ring attire so special was it was Rude’s first and only IC title win in WWE history. Rude was known for creating special tights when he wrestled against various opponents and for this pair of tights, he included the IC Title on the front and an illustration of the Ultimate warrior on the back.

Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 2
Ravishing Rick Rude Wave 5 WWE Superstars 1


Earthquake, also announced at SDCC 2022, will be a part of Series 5! It is amazing to see Mattel adding their first tag team to the WWE Superstars line and it is an intersting choice (on the surface) that they chose the Earthquake as one of the first wrestlers. Actually, the Earthquake was part of a very successful tag team with Typhoon (featured below) so the opening salvo makes total sense! They did create the NWO faction with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hogan as they wrestled as tag teams in the WCW but we have our first official WWF tag team! Because this line features the use of soft goods, we are expecting the black, red, and white ring attire to be soft goods to reveal Earthquakes singles competition in blue. He looks like he will also come with an extra set of set boots and kneepads so you can remove them and swap them out for both looks. They have also introduced a new figure buck to the line as not everyone has 20 pack abs lol. The only way Mattel can pull off both looks is make a one piece soft goods leotard as the figure would look odd with just a tank top and blue trunks.

Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 7
Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 8

One of the cooler aspects of Earthquake’s figure is that he can strip down his his original Earthquake character in the blue and you can dress him up in his soft goods to form 1/2 of the Natural Disasters tag team.

Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 1
Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 5

Earthquake WWE Superstars 2 Wave 5
Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 6

Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 3
Earthquake Wave 5 WWE Superstars 4

GI Joe Classified Series

If you recall Hasbro is celebrated GI Joe Day, February 1, 2023, as they know how; by releasing digital render reveals for upcoming GI Joe Classified Series figures all day! For their upcoming live stream, that was rescheduled to March 8, 2023, it is highly likely that they will be picking from their growing list of GI Joe Classified Series pipeline reveals OR they could be showing us new product as the leaked list of retailer exclusives is growing with unnamed and unknown figure codes. We have also yet to see preorders for the digital render reveals from Hasbro Pulse Con 2022 so hopefully we will see some of those on the 14th as well! For now, let’s run down the list of potential preorders from GI Joe Day 2023 and Hasbro PulseCon 2022 to see some likely preorder candidates for Walmart Collector Con 2023.

Tele-Viper & Trubble Bubble (Flight Pod)

The reveals just keep on coming fast!!! The fourth reveal of the day is the G.I. Joe Classified Series Tele Viper with the Trubble Bubble! This figure /vehicle pack gives us our first retail release figure vehicle pack (not counting the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Serpentor & Air Chariot) that isn’t another RAM Cycle! This new set harkens back to the vintage A Real American Hero Trubble Bubble and Tele-Viper design! This set is definitely getting the deluxe treatment with 2 alternate heads, one with a different skin tone and one with a techno visor, giving you the opportunity to army build this sucker! You also get several accessories with this set, a futuristic looking rifle and backpack. The Trouble bubble looks amazing with a set of seatbelts, missiles and a couple guns attached to the flight pod!

Here is the announcement from Hasbro: #GIJoeDay is in for some trouble…wait, we mean TRUBBLE! That’s right, the final render reveal for today is none other than the G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Tele-Viper and #TrubbleBubble vehicle! Available for pre-order later this year!

Steel Corps.

The third reveal of the day is the G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. and now this connects the dots with what Lenny and Emily alluded to a pipeline reveal Troop Builder 2-Pack that could “handle land or sky.” This pack harkens back to the Steel Brigade and what an amazing pack out with weapons, blast effects and jet packs! Hasbro is on a roll today! It also looks like we are getting a female Steel Corps figure too, which is great as we need more lady Joes in the line!

Here is the announcement from Hasbro: “You didn’t think we were done, did you? The #GIJoeDay celebration is still in full swing and bringing some reinforcements in from the sky! The G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. are the next render reveal we’re bringing you. These Joes are coming in hot with their jetpacks, alternate heads, and an array of weapon and blast effect accessories that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against #Cobra! Pre-order later this year!”

Tunnel Rat

The character’s facial appearance is based on G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama and was introduced fairly late in the line in 1987. Tunnel Rat has black hair, a bandanna, neckerchief, and paint on his face and arms. He is wearing a green short-sleeved shirt with ammo belt, black gloves and pants, a dark grey belt, and a brown holster. The pack out on Tunnel Rat was quite impressive as he had a very large, olive-green backpack with holes on top for two removable flashlights, a large black machine gun with long grip and huge scope, and an olive-green TNT pack.



The new digital render of Low Light is a complete homage to the ARAH version of Low Light! He is completely the classic version in his grey outfit with red googles and he looks incredible! He comes with a huge pack out of accessories! He has a ginormous sniper bag and a ton of gear so let’s check it out!

Some of the features of Low Light Include:

  • Classic Colors
  • With the grey outfit and red googles
  • 20th Anniversary version of all the sniper gear
  • Rilfe bag
  • Googles do come off
  • Goes into the rifle bag and sniper comes apart and goes in the bag and backpack can peg on as well

Shadow Tracker

Shadow Tracker came from the GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra line in 2011 and he is a rather odd character choice but if his Classified Series sculpt is anything like his figure, he will be the most unique one on the line! His bio reads:

SHADOW TRACKER works for COBRA as a wilderness hunter and guide. Scorning conventional firearms, he uses traditional weapons from around the world. He tracks his prey using primal instinct: He hears the dark whispers of the jungle, senses distant footfalls in the earth and tastes his victim’s fear in the wind.



We finally got to see the updated (or more OG) Firefly they have planned for the 2nd release of this figure. You will see some familiar accessories, like his gun, but some more updated accessories like his backpack and his remote control car.


Pipeline Reveals and Unannounced Figures

If you have not caught upon the mile long list of GI Joe Classified Series digital render reveals, check out our Full List GI Joe Classified Series 2023 Pipeline Reveals and Full List of Unannounced and Named GI Joe Classified Series Figures Updates articles to get up to speed!

Full List of GI Joe Classified Series Pipeline Reveals Updated 2023
Full List of Unannounced and Named GI Joe Classified Series Figures

Masters of the Universe

Moss Man (Walmart Exclusive)

Moss Man is our biggest contender to go up for prerder for Walmart Collector Con 2023. We also discovered this mystery MOTU Origins Deluxe Listing on Walmart’s website, so maybe they are gearing up to put him up for sale! He was revealed at the Mattel 40th Anniversary Press and Influencer last October, so we know he is definitely a confirmed figure coming to the line! It’s been 5 months since his reveal, so the timing might make sense. And out of the three figures we are considering, Moss-Man is the only one said to be a Walmart exclusive, so this one gets the best chance!

Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure Reveal

Moss Man will be a deluxe figure give that he will be fully flocked, come with an alternate LOP Style Beast Man head. Mossy’s head looks to be based on the Beast Man head, but he is much more friendlier looking with a big smile on his face looking very Filmation like! They nailed it with this head sculpt! He will also include his vintage style club, yellow Beast Man armor as an homage to those that used to put this weapons pack armor on their Mossy’s, and also a brown Pig Head club as well.

Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 2
Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 1
Moss Man MOTU Origins Deluxe Figure 3

To see more reveals from the Press and Influencer even, read more here:

Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary Press & Influencer Day Reveals


Don’t shoot the messenger but we have heard from our sources that Duplico, the MOTU Origins sleeper Rulers of the Sun figure, will be a Walmart Exclusive. We know this is bad news for many mint in card collectors out there as Walmart has a tendency to stuff perfectly good figures into boxes half their size or stuff them in bubble mailers. We’ve seen the Duplico craze start when Paulmart got a shipment of them at his physical location at Frank & Sons in Southern, California but it does not stop there! Duplico has been going bonkers on the secondary market on eBay, getting upwards of nearly $500 for this figure. There is one seller that sold this a “reasonable” price but recent ended listings tell the story of how wildly popular this figure is. In actuality, aside from these nutty prices of $400+, most sellers are getting between $50 and $60 for but DON’T FRET!


Although we are the bearer of bad news, there is a sliver lining in all of this. We don’t know the exact release date that Walmart has for this figure yet but we are speculating that this figure will be widely available, like the other MOTU Origins figures. We discovered the listing for Duplico on Walmart’s website back in late January and now, when you put two and two together, it makes sense that he would be a Walmart exclusive given our inside information on the figure. Be sure to check back to see when Duplico comes in stock:


February 15, 2022: Duplico Official Images

Duplico looks spectacular packaged on the Rise of the Snake Men card back with the Rulers of the Sun faction sticker on the front of the blister bubble! This newest addition to the line brings in another human character that helps to round out the Rulers of the Sun gang, and they are now filling out nicely!

There official images of Duplico look spectacular! Some say he looks like Laser, the American Gladiator, LOL!! I just think he is freakin’ cool and still bummed out about missing on the pre-order today! But we have all the retailers you can look for him below! He comes with a very cool looking laser pistol that is connected by a cord and holsers to his back!

Master of the Universe Origins Duplico Official image 1
Master of the Universe Origins Duplico Official image 3

Master of the Universe Origins Duplico Official image 4
Master of the Universe Origins Duplico Official image 2

Thanks to ¡Yo tengo el Poder! on Instagram, for posting the official card art for Duplico! They also posted the 200X King Randor figure for Wave 13, be sure to check out our article on that one him: 200x King Randor Leaked on MOTU Origins Wave 13 Card Art – ( Well, they are delighting us with yet another leak. They posted a leaked MOTU Origins card art showing an illustration of Duplico is an unproduced Rulers of the Sun character, going up against Snake Armor Skeletor and Pig Head! It’s a new year and new rumors are starting to swirl around about the next coming waves of MOTU Origins. As you know, Wave 12 was recently announced, which included Hypno from the Rulers of the Sun line, Tung Lashor, Snake Armor Skeletor, and Mini Comic Roboto. Also, MOTU Origins Wave 12 in hand images are surfacing in Malaysia! This new image provides more evidence that Duplico is also next in line for Wave 13.

Where to Buy

Duplico went up for preorder on Mattel Creations today, but quickly sold out. But don’t fret as we have located the Walmart Link to him! Be sure to save this to your list and check back often to see if comes up for preorder or in stock! We will be sure to update you as well when he does! You might be able to also find him randomly at

Here the following retailers that have had him thus far:

You can find the listing for Duplico on Walmart:


We also have Duplico’s UPC Bar code which you can scan an several retailer’s apps like Amazon and Target! So keep this handy as well!

Master of the Universe Origins Duplico Bar Code

This is how Duplico appeared in the original vintage Rulers of the Sun line, but he was never produced. You can see him here in a promo image below. He was supposed to be part of a Series 2 release, which included Hypno, Kikto, and Zap-Man.

Duplico unproduced RoS figure with Rulers of the Sun
MOTU Shop page

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