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Clawful Masters of the Universe New Eternia Masterverse Box Art Reveal

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The box and art for the new Clawful Masterverse New Eternia figure was revealed today and he looks lobstery hotl! RIght off the heels of the Grizzlor Box Art, Buzz off Box Art and the Classic version of Mer-Man box Art, Roy Juarez keeps surprising us with Mattel’s art team package reveals! So let’s check out the incredible Clawful Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eterinia Box Art Reveal Box!

Clawful was an exciting reveal and a welcome New Eternia version of a Masterverse character! With all of the accessories that Clawful comes with, you can display him in various different looks. The back blue crab armor and additional front chest armor design are a fresh take on a classic character. It is great to finally get to see the packaging and art for the figure.


Packaging and Art

Clawful comes back in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe New Eternia branding on it.

Clawful Masterverse-New Eternia Package

On Roy Juarez’s Instagram post, he said “The first of many beautiful paintings to come from the Master Simon Eckert. Thrilled to be working with him on the Masterverse packaging! And now it’s packaging time! Here’s a special preview of the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse New Eternia Clawful, the Warrior with a grip of evil!

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox today:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @scebiqu
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Clawful running thru a misty swamp like environment with a dark red sky in the background.


Rear Box Art ad Bio

On the rear of the box we can see an amazing illustration of Clawful coming out of the swamppy Eternia waters with the sunset sky behind him.


Clawful’s bio reads:

The nightmarish legends of Clawful are well-known among the sea-faring adventures of New Eternia. The king of the Claw People can shipwreck an entire vessel with a single snap. He has been rumored to pillage the wreckage and drag sea-fares to the deepest, darkest waters. Captains change course at the mere mention of his name. But they are only rumors…aren’t they?



New Eternia Clawful Reveal

This version of Clawful looks amazing with his new chest armor, extra armor piece, mace, and shield!

New Eternia Clawful MOTU Masterverse Official Image 1

New Eternia Clawful MOTU Masterverse Official Image 2
New Eternia Clawful MOTU Masterverse Official Image 3

New Eternia Clawful MOTU Masterverse Official Image 5
New Eternia Clawful MOTU Masterverse Official Image 4

Where to Buy

You can purchase Clawful and the rest of Wave 9 from the following retailers:

New Eternia Ram Man
New Eternia Clawful

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