Masterverese Masters of the Universe Day 4 Reveals
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Masterverse Heroes Reveals and She-Ra Debuts | Day 4

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We saw another huge Masterverse heroes reveal today, bringing CGI He-Man, Battle Armor He-Man, He-Ro, Sun-Man, and She-Ra from the PoP line!

Masterverse Heroes Masters of the Universe Reveals

Day 4 brings us a glimpse into the Masterverse line with a heroes reveal featuring some amazing and iconic characters to the line. The new Masterverse Figures unveiled today include 5 new figures:

  • Sun-Man
  • CGI He-Man
  • Battle Armor He-Man
  • He-Ro
  • She-Ra

Masterverse CGI He-Man

With the Masterverse CGI Skeletor reveal on Wednesday, it was inevitable that we would see the the He-Man version and it did not disappoint! The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe CGI Netflix series is a smash hit and it’s so great they are making articulated Masterverse Versions of the kids toys! Although I did buy the initial wave of CGI He-Man figures, I put that on pause as we were suspecting that Mattel would create articulated versions and they have done just that!

CGI Masterverse He-Man Reveal

This version of He-Man from the CGI Cartoon features metallic chest armor as well as brown and florescent green accents on the boots and shin armor. The hair sculpt has flowing hair is has a brown tone to it versus the first kids toy release, which features yellow hair.

Masterverse Sun-Man

We originally broke the news of Sun-Man coming to the Masterverse line and it is great to see he has finally made his debut as this was one of the first teases we saw the week prior. In sharp contrast to his Origins release, the Masterverse Sun-Man has been given a more angelic set of translucent yellow wings and he looks more like his version 2 release. His chest armor features a metallic gold and red color scheme that match his forearm bracers and his boots, tying everything together.

Sun-Man Masterverse Masters of the Universe Reveal

This Masterverse version comes with the same sun shield, red staff and signature yellow wings! He reassembles his vintage counterpart as you can see from the images below.

Sun-Man Masterverse and Origins Teases
Sun-Man Version 2 Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure

Battle Armor He-Man

Out Toy Habits informant was spot on again and we broke the news of the Battle Armor He-Man coming to the Masterverse line back in February! The Battle Armor He-Man is FANTASTIC and features and older, wiser He-Man! According to Mattel, Battle Armor He-Man has swappable chest plates and a shield featuring vintage art. The head sculpt is brand new and features a combed look for He-Man’s hair and a beard that is reminiscent of the Masters of the Universe Classics King He-Man figure. His loin cloth is clad in armor in almost all the right places, but it looks like Mattel is choosing form over function. The lower torso is also armored up and I LOVE the large piece of armor perched on his left shoulder, giving him a more fierce and warrior like appearance. His form bracer on his left arm has a new port for his shield, which is an upgrade on the typical shields that Masterverse has produced thus far

Battle Armor He-Man Masterverse Reveal

The rear image of He-Han from behind is the money shot! The shield is painted with vintage art and looks amazing! It also looks like his waist armor and shoulder armor is removable, giving him a more classic look if you choose to! They are already reusing parts from Viking He-Man with the loin cloth, boots, and dagger, the Power Sword, and Axe.

Battle Armor He-Man Masterverse Reveal Back

The art from He-Man’s shield is a muddied version of the vintage sticker art that was on the Dragon Walker. It would be amazing if Mattel decided to tease new toys in Origins through Masterverse figures but that is wishful thinking. Having this coat of arms reference on He-Man’s shield was a great surprise and a nod to the vintage vehicle! Could this be a tease for a future reveal?

Masters of the Universe Vintage Dragon Walker
Masters of the Universe Vintage Dragon Walker Shield Sticker


In a surprise move, Mattel unveiled a new He-Ro design and is under the Revelation sub line given he appeared in the Netflix series. According to Mattel, Revelation He-Ro carries a staff that opens to reveal a magic green gem! His face sculpt features a younger looking He-Ro than we’ve seen since he debut in the Masters of the Universe Classics line, with long flowing brown hair, a head band with a red jewel in the center, and an angular face design. He has silver and blue forearm bracers that appear to be removable but that remains to be seen! The waist piece reminds me of how they might pull off Roboto for Masterverse so we could see that same style coming down the line for more figures. The boots and shin armor match his gold chest armor, which features and H that resembles two arrows pointing away from each other. Finally, He-Ro’s staff has a basic visual design but can open up to reveal a green gem!

He-Ro Masterverse Masters of the Universe Reveal


She-Ra’s design is absolutely stunning and according to Mattel, She-Ra has extra shoulder armor with a longer cape and a mask-down look for battle! @canaldosrosmineiros called this one too as we helped him leak the concept art for She-Ra ahead of the reveal!

She-Ra Masterverse Masters of the Universe Reveal

They really leaned into She-Ra’s Filmation look for the Masterverse line and it looks beautiful! Her tiara is gold with a flared winged look to it that we know and love and he face sculpt has a stern look to it, similar to how we saw her in the Classics line. Her forearm bracers have an intricate design that matches her boots. She comes with two soft goods capes to give her many different looks. In addition, her masked look features an eyeless design with white accents, tying it into her clothing.

Previous Days Reveals

Mattel has been releasing new drops every day this week on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so be on the look out for more announcements the rest of this week! No release dates, nor order information have not been provided yet either. But as soon as we find out anything, we will let you know!



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