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Is Mattel Releasing Previous MOTU Origins Waves?

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Could Mattel be gearing up for MOTU Origins rereleases of previous waves or retired t figures in the future?

The Big Bad Toy Store just put the Maters of the Universe Wave 3 up for preorder today, which got is thinking that Mattel could be gearing up for refreshing the previously released and retired Masters of the Universe Origins waves in the future? Is this the first time we are seeing MOTU Origins rereleases?

Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 3 Preorder
MOTU Origins Wave 3 Preorder from BBTS

The Wave 3 figures up for Preorder include:

The Teela and Zoar 2-Pack that we broke the news of last month was officially revealed last week during a glorious week of product teases for New Masters of the Universe figures coming this Fall so for the nay sayers who are doubting the line will continue or is ending soon, we hope that week was enough evidence for you.

Masters of the Universe Origins Walmart Exclusive

Origins of Origins

The Masters of the Universe Origins line, announced at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, hit the shelves, sadly, as a Walmart exclusive in late 2020. The first figures released were He-Man and Skeletor, followed by Teela, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and Man-at-Arms. If you’re a collector of toys (or anything for matter), Walmart having exclusive rights to sell MOTU Origins usually results in massive price increases from from third-party sellers, which are still seeing today in the market. People who buy items to resell on eBay, loving referred to as Scalpers, buy sought after collectables in droves, then flip and sell them for massively inflated prices on eBay. I mean, just a do a completed items search on eBay for previous waves of Origins figures and you’ll find the prices for prices skyrocketing, and I am sure it is going to get worse as the line continues strong from the Day 1 and Day 3 reveals from Mattel last week.

eBay Completed Items Masters of the Universe Origins

Mattel’s intent for Origins was NOT to be a limited run and will hopefully keep making them until everyone has them, so they said way back when the limited retail distribution over the last year tells a different story. Luckily, someone wised up and yanked the license from Walmart so we saw a general retailer release of these figures on January 1, 2021, which seems like forever ago but it’s been great (and not so great) at the same time. Unfortunately, we still see supply and demand issues for the line, evidenced by the prices for earlier waves on eBay.

Masters of the Universe Origins Waves 1 and 2

Releasing Previous Waves of Origins?

We don’t have official confirmation but more of a hope that we will see past waves of Masters of the Universe Origins waves released so that collector’s who came late to the game have a chance to own them and add them to their collection. Could we see history repeating itself? Back in 1987, Mattel’s crystal ball was broken and they did not foresee MOTU’s success so they got caught in a nasty game of catch up, which forced a glut product on shelves. Littered with unsold action figures on the shelves, retailers took hit Mattel where it hurts (in the wallet), and that was the end of the line. Contributing this was the Masters of the Universe motion picture debacle, which was a disaster. Not even the New Adventures of He-Man could save the line in the early 90’s. I see a similar situation we are in right now! The Masters of the Universe Origins line is going gangbusters BUT we have an impending live action movie on the horizon so will the success or failure of the movie determine whether this line continues? I hope not and it would be amazing to see the ENTIRE vintage line in Origins style, preferably before the movie comes out!

Masters of the Universe Toys R Us Shelves

This begs the question, could we be seeing more MOTU Origins rereleases previous waves in the future? Maybe they are testing the market with a releases of Wave 3 to test the waters using Big Bad Toy Store as an experiment! Would Mattel sell more product if they offered previous waves to people that missed out and recently got into the line? If you have thoughts on the topic, feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment!

What’s Next for Origins?

If you have not checked out our coverage of the reveals from the week of March 14, 2022, check them out as they will reinvigorate you about the future and health of the line!



We also published videos of the reveals below:

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